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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 2023 Trailer Breakdown and Theories

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Tim and Barrett break down the new Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer to see what the game could possibly be about!

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  1. Zelda Dipshit or no I honestly think Barrett is possibly on to something with his death of the monarch/Tears of the Kingdom idea. As far as crazy theories are concerned I think this one actually has merit based on his educated speculation. I respect wild speculation grounded in evidence that doesn’t demand or put undo expectation on something. Good job speculating responsibly! Lol
    PS For the record Im not even a Zelda fan or a Switch owner but this was fun to watch as you guys nerd out! Cheers Boyos!

  2. The white dress seems like an "ultimate" fairy because she do be thiccer but the white object combined with the fog behind her could be a bowl or fountain. Like maybe she's the grown up version of Queen of Fairies from Wind Waker.

  3. Hell yeah! Breakdown with Tim and Barrett!

  4. I think the chick is the same lady from skyward sword. The first princess is going to tell link about the first hero and show him how to beat ganon

  5. Maybe the spotlighted towers are revealing the Sky Map…

  6. I think the blood moon may be some sort of Lovecraftian entity and is the source of Ganondorf’s power.

  7. It feels like Ganon having a voice is inspired by Elden Ring – the VO in this feels super From Soft-y

  8. wouldn't care if she is honestly

  9. Damn you guys went in on your set. Looks like a full tv set.

    I can’t believe a full new Zelda game, basically more BOTW, is coming out soon. Hype.

  10. So this seems to confirm the arm is the new Sheikah Slate. What did Link do to scar his arm like that? Also please let me use the arm like the hookshot. I remember for BOTW they talked about a build that had dual Hookshots and Link could Spider-Man his way around. New traversal options would make going through parts of the world we already know new and interesting.

  11. so if zelda's story ends in this game, does that mean if they make a 3rd one it'll be called "The Legend of Link"?????????

  12. If I could bet money on this I would; the displacement of pieces of the ground going into the sky will reveal dungeons underground that wouldn’t have been revealed until the earth is moved to reveal them below

  13. Always amazing content when KF lets our boss baby get in the drivers seat. Lead us off the edge!

  14. That was a fun hour. Thanks guys. Got me more hyped.

  15. What if link die battling. I feel like link is going to die in the end which we are going to cry

  16. Since day 1 of the title reveal, I assumed Tears of the Kingdom refers to a mourning in some way of Zelda's death. I thought of it more as an endgame event but with the new trailer footage I think Barrett's right on the money

  17. Without watching any videos, my theory is this game will be loosely based story-wise and structurally to Zelda 2, in the way BotW was to Zelda 1. BotW felt like a reboot of the series, and with the 'Return of Ganon' it's hard to not think Zelda 2.

  18. Plot twist, Link actually dies and you play as Zelda for most of the game until the Hero of Time is reborn/resurrected. I'm calling it.

  19. Last time we seen human Ganon was in Twilight Princess. Holy moly. Im old 😮

  20. In the frame that’s on at 59:17, it looks like an entirely different link was stitched into the trailer. His hair is a completely different shade of brown. Could be deceptive lighting or something, but its not the same color at all.

  21. Not me having the Hyrule Historia and still not understanding these damn timeliness. Lol. I just love the games.

  22. Barrett why doesn’t Nintendo give a fuck about Donkey Kong. Why must we stay stuck in limbo hoping for something DK to come out.

  23. Can someone clip out Tim saying Zelda is dead…thank u

  24. My biggest theory I haven’t heard anyone suggest.

    What if Tears of the Kingdom is pronounced the way you rip and tear something up. Not crying 😭.

    Tears in space and time. Zelda games are always related to Time and Time travel. Link to the past, ocarina of time etc.

    What if they haven’t shown it, but you go through tears in time to other time lines, and whilst in other time lines, you do a dungeon in that time line.

  25. That crazy hand better allow him to climb without slipping during the rain.

  26. Is that confirmed Ganon talking? There have been plenty of other antagonist.

  27. I’m new to Zelda thanks to BOTW but I’ve never heard of GannonDorff it was always just Gannon 😂

  28. What if Zelda dies and becomes Hylia and its not Ganon but Demise?

  29. What if that is actually Link dying? His hand is completely dead at that point.

  30. Dont think ive heard anyone make the tears connection b4,your prob right about that

  31. 3 headed dragon not Zelda? Does no one remember Gleeok from the original NES Zelda and from Phantom Hourglass?

  32. "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." -Lolly Daskal

  33. Piss of the Kingdom
    Miyamoto : thanks for giving me an idea

  34. "When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." –Audre Lorde

  35. Bruh I’m still convinced there will be TEARS, as in tearing paper… or TIME. Tears in the fabric of time would be the most Zelda shit ever?! They’ve not actually said it out loud have they? Is it possible we are all saying it wrong!?!

  36. Nah. The arm has a Cuff on it, with the soul of Zelda. And they will fight about nothing.
    But for real. The tri-force of Wisdom is Blue. And this is also the Power of Zelda. A Power that we see all over in Breath of the wild. We see not so much the tri-force of Courage. (green) But somehow we have a lot of green power in these trailers. Did you see that the Magnesis power is now Blue, and Green? Like the power of Zelda is inside Link. And another clue. The logo looks like the dragon Farosh. Like Farore, The Goddess of Courage. The green Power. Link's power. I say you are correct. Zelda gives her power to Link, and with that awakens Link's full power. In hope that he will be strong enough. Because as she said "But Link, I am not sure you will be able to stop him." And so, in the shot of Zelda falling. She said "Please lend him your power" She is pleading Nayru, to give Link her power. makes sense, No?

  37. Dehydrated Gannon looks like Mumm Ra from Thundercats.

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  39. The guarding legs section could be robbie new base of operation

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