Xbox's Phil Spencer Joins Us! - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 81 -

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Joins Us! – Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 81

Kinda Funny Games
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We finally sit down with the legendary Phil Spencer to have agreat time talking about video games. Follow Phil at

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:02:20 – Housekeeping
00:03:05 – What is Phil Spencer playing/watching right now?
00:12:23 – Xbox Showcases
00:17:10 – Preserving Video Game History
00:24:59 – Elden Ring
00:26:35 – Phil’s Shelf
00:31:12 – Working with Nintendo
00:43:49 – Bless Who
00:51:22 – Phil’s Most Important Moment in the industry

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  1. Big mistake not taking vr seriously personally. Quest 2 is smashing it out of the park. Games like sea of thieves,grounded,flight sim, forza horizon 5 and forza motorsport would be elevated by vr.

  2. What a blatant, pathological liar. The section about Video Game Presevation is so full of bullshit. Xbox doesn't care about it. Its consoles are full of online DRM.

  3. Blessing asking the real questions. Good job bless

  4. My most played game of all time is Destiny, and one of my favorite shows recently has been Ted Lasso. Cool to hear that a guy so much more successful than me is still enjoying the things that I love. Especially at a time when there seems to be a stigma that you have to give up your personal life to be successful.

  5. It's crazy, but if there was anyone to match or even be close to Satoru Iwata in terms of kindness and thinking about gamers/family, Phil is basically the closest thing to it.

  6. Phil is such a great guy. I’m not really a Xbox person at all, but I have a lot of respect for him.

  7. I'm not an Xbox guy by any means for me PlayStation is where the greatest games are that's just how it is but you got to love that guy his passion for the industry and he really is trying to make Xbox the best value in gaming no matter what happens to the Future gaming as long as Phil Spencer is involved the industry will always move forward in the best way that guy is great.

  8. Funny that Phil Spencer said that. To me it's all words that have no meaning.Thanks for killing my account after 20 years Microsoft. Every system bought multiple times. Over 400 games digitally owned. No info given beyond, "you violated the terms of service". I've done nothing of the sort and no one can or will tell me what I've done wrong. Worst part? It's related to something other than Xbox because I haven't been on my Xbox for the better part of a month before this happened. Warning to everyone, do not buy digital and do not put anything in the cloud. If you think you own or have ownership of anything (including 20 years of family photos and videos weighing in at nearly 1TB including pics and vids of my kids being born) you're in for a heartbreak

  9. I’ve been a PlayStation guy for a long time, but honestly Phil Spencer just seems like such a genuine and awesome guy. An enthusiast that wants to see good things for fellow lovers of this incredible medium we all enjoy so much. He’s turned Xbox around and has put the pieces in place to push the future of Xbox and gaming in general forward. An excellent thing to see. When anyone makes progress, we all win. Can’t wait to grab a Series X eventually and be a part of both the PlayStation and Xbox families!

  10. I'm all for supporting 'the preservation of 'old' or legacy games and console/pc exclusives we can't lose these og games they're what shaped the games we have today! On a sidenote bonus consumer points from me if Phil can get them on game pass like the old fallout games while a bit too old for my taste I love the options and if I can strap myself down I'd probably enjoy them as much as I do f3 and nv

  11. Phil is the kind of guy, you just can't help but love and respect.

  12. Phil and Greg have to share the title of “coolest dude in video games”. Such an interesting guy that really makes an effort to connect with the communities surrounding his platform. His wife is absolutely right he’s perfectly qualified for this job because he cares. Phil is such a wonderful ambassador for video games and a great leader at Xbox.

  13. There was a couple of time Rare was mentioned and I have been waiting for Rare Replay Collection to come to the Switch. I thought we were gonna have that asked to Phil, but no luck. I want that game(maybe with the upgraded games or even a few that missed the original release on My Switch pronto haha

  14. Phil Spencer is SPOT ON with this. Normally I don't buy into what competitors have to say, because they are largely pot shots and other companies, but I wholeheartedly agree with this. Since Shaun Layden stepped down from Sony and PlayStation, it's just gone downhill since Jim Ryan took his place. Which is a shame because I LOVE PlayStation. Even when the PS5 was first announced, it was SUPPOSED TO support FULL backwards compatibility, and even Mark Cerny said it was going to happen because that was his vision. But then it was scrapped shortly before release, not just because of the implementation of the SSD, but also because of Jim Ryan's GOD AWFUL excuse with saying 'oh who wants to play old games on a next gen console. They are just so outdated' or something like that anyway. Jim Ryan wouldn't know what game preservation was if it jumped up and actually sat on him. At least Phil Spencer actually gets it.

  15. Her dad plays videogames bro, and is CEO of fricking Xbox! Like the fucking easiest dad to connect with. Man I never dated a girl whose dad liked videogames instead I was given shit for not being all over sports nuts.

  16. As cool as I think PS5 is, Sony is doing basically ZERO community building or outreach like this. They must really hate Americans.
    Can anyone name someone from Sony?

  17. I see the Sony ponies have been…. watched…… saw the part when he spoke about getting rid of the bitterness in gaming and working together as a team to grow the industry as a whole…… disliked it, then disliked the video, and sat there like some dastardly villain rubbing their hands together speaking like Gollem, ''You aren't having our precious exclusives''.
    Love the direction he is taking Xbox and his views on the gaming future.
    This fanboy bulls##t has too stop but seems like it is getting worse.

  18. Buying my first XBOX since the original white 360 this coming week. They are doing something right!

  19. Great show fella’s Phil is a great guy very humbling to see someone of his position to be so grounded and switched on to the community and to top it off the guys a
    Led Zeppelin fan!! it doesn’t get much better than that folks 👍

  20. God damn it! Phil is such a cool dude! I want my series X so baaaad!!!!!

  21. Phil Spencer is the embodiment of the kind of perspective and attitude we want to see from the major players in the industry. He highlights how big of a mistake Sony made in losing Shawn Layden. I hope the slew of upcoming games from MS can rise to the level of quality that Sony's 1st party puts out, as I think that's the only thing they are missing.

  22. I'm impressed they didn't call him Phil Spector once. I'd have done it just by accident at least 5 times.

  23. Kevin kissing Greg for good luck was the best moment of the show.

  24. Phil is such a good leader, proper down to earth.

  25. Maybe phil doesn’t remember but a while back i saw him online and decided to join his game, was able to join and helped him fight the final destiny 2 boss. It was epic and he was super cool about some random dude joining his game. Will never forget that

  26. Pretty ironic if someone is talking about the importance of game preservation but also has the worst drm implemented and is also pro always online to have full control over you

  27. This episode was great! Hope to see more of these in the future, with other great figures in the industry! Good job guys!

  28. VR is important… and should be so even for Xbox! I am afraid, but Phil is really wrong there, unfortunately. I agree that we need not necessarily an Xbox device. But bringing Xbox, Quest 2 and Steam VR together even with support for Xbox Series X would be the right way. It is disappointing to see that Phil neglects it still. 😏

  29. My bold hot take: Phil Spencer…. Pretty cool dude!

  30. Phil seems like such an awesome guy, really good episode

  31. This dudes definitely not saving Xbox….. boring franchises and top down side scrolling indies will not save Xbox. Period.

  32. I really like Phil!
    Can't wait to buy a pc in the near future hope Xbox creates more linear single player story driven games or in general more single player games…

  33. phil spencer is a douche… he and microsoft will be the reason why console gaming is ruined

  34. Phil is amazing. A true voice in the gamer industry, and a guy that actually understands the gamer culture instead of being just the head of a gaming company (I'm talking at you, Jim Ryan)

  35. I love phil supencer he is amazing way better than Jim Ryan

  36. I got new console finally end up with one am happy take same games but dispooint a lot two things

  37. Xbox's pivot away from television the moment Phil took over makes a lot more sense knowing he doesn't watch a lot of TV himself.

  38. Had to comeback 9 months later to cite this video in my Organizational Behavior final paper

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