Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase E3 2021 Kinda Funny Live Reactions -

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase E3 2021 Kinda Funny Live Reactions

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We react to Halo Infinite, Starfield, Outer Worlds 2, Forza Horizon 5, Redfall, the Xbox Mini Fridge, and more!


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Every day Greg Miller, Blessing Adeoye Jr., and Tim Gettys talk about the biggest stories in Video Games.

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  1. Did I watch the same conference a you guys!? This bored me so much. Nothing wowed me except for Forza.

  2. This was pretty average for me. These guys seemed really hyped, but nothing in this showcase truly excited me. The best looking thing was probably Battlefield. I still don't know what Starfield even is. Halo was a very low key showing. And there was a lot of pre-rendered and CG stuff throughout.

  3. I know that the vibe of Omen was left for dead, but they were clear it’s an open world immersive shooter

  4. The show itself would have hit a lot more had 95% of it not leaked ahead of time. Regardless you look at the games coming to game pass in the rest of this year alone and it’s truly incredible. Halo infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Flight Sim, Hades, Twelve Minutes, back 4 blood, The Ascent, Psychonauts 2, Sable, Yakuza like a dragon…. and many, many more. Plus 10 more Bethesda games added today etc. All that in 6 months. Crazy good deal

  5. yeah go back and watch the 4k replay all these games look incredible. Stalker looks insane in 4k

  6. That was the best 85 minute commercial I’ve ever seen. I’m sold. Time to buy a Series X to put next to my PS5 lol

  7. Its fucking hilarious how many people are saying "How did anybody like this? There was only like 2 games I'm interested in" as if the concept of opinions is entirely foreign to them 😂😂😂🤡

  8. It’s so wild watching live at 3am here and then seeing the upload

  9. I just noticed Pete Hines was wearing a Redfall shirt early in the show before the game was announced

  10. Guess my PS5 will stay unplugged, in the box, in the closet ..XBX killing it

  11. It is so crazy to me to see the amount of gaming content creators that have absolutely no clue how far Sea of Thieves has come since launch. Kinda Funny, Angry Joe, The Act Man, YongYea, etc. all stopped paying attention after their rocky launch (which I totally get)… BUT to have not paid this game it's dues is absurd because what they've done is an even bigger turn around than No Man's Sky, IMO… Like, when Andy said "ahhh, a little campaign action," None of the other hosts came back with "well theres actually 40+ hours of campaign already," which is crazy to me. SoT is a GREAT game in 2021, especially if you haven't played for a while, or at all. Am I the only one who notices this trend amongst creators on Youtube?

  12. Snowbike Mike is the absolute best. I had the biggest grin the whole time as he got hyped for the multiplayer portion. I wish the gaming community was a fraction like him

  13. Honestly, the Flight Simulator might be the ONE that will make me buy an xbox.

  14. They showed nothing of Starfield except a really small cinematic of somebody in a spaceship (in a game we already knew would be in space). Why you guys got excited for that confused me. They must have some idea of gameplay they could have showcased a montage of. Give us some idea what it's about. For all we know this could be like No Mans Sky.
    They literally show no actual gameplay of Halo's campaign, like wtf? The date will be late November, it doesn't matter. But why aren't they showing actual gameplay? Where's the gameplay to most of this? And where are their actual first party games. It all feels way way off, somewhere around 2023 and beyond. Forza looked like Forza, so that's great.

    If it was just a showcase of games, it was brilliant but for a XBOX showcase it's a bit crap tbh. It's clear how much they're pushing all in for gamespass because that's what the showcase was really about. Which I can't say I'm happy about tbh.

  15. The only one I actually have an interest in is Redfall so I don’t feel nearly as bad as I did being an Xbox player last Gen seeing all PlayStation players getting every good game and us getting Gears and? Yeah just Gears. So I switched to PS5. I’m glad they are getting games and Gamepass actually being worth it now but too bad it’s a little to late for this consumer. I’ll just have to watch someone play Redfall on twitch or something it’ll be fine. Halo hasnt interested me in years nor do a lot of the Bethesda games…but I’m happy for those who love those types of games.

  16. Dude in the middle, obviously is biased towards Xbox. Annoying as hell.

  17. It's funny to me the same people not impressed because of the 2022 release dates are the same one's that will be stupid hyped when playstation announces games that are 5 years away lol.

  18. I loved seeing the reaction from Tim when the piano plays the halo theme in the trailer… never change buddy!

  19. I always go with Playstation first, but still tended to own all consoles. But this is the first gen I'm skipped Xbox completely. My Xbox One sat around unused the entire last generation.
    I'd get a Series X, but I have a great PC with a new gen RTS video card. Thankful for Microsoft for putting ALL of their titles out on PC on the same date as the console versions. Plus Gamepass. They are crushing it. So is Sony. No need for dumb console wars. Both sides are eating. And if you can eventually own both consoles, or a Playstation and a good pc, you are covered and don't have to whine about shit.

  20. i agree with Gary, when is a new command and concur read alert coming?????

  21. Luís Antonio's Twelve Minutes looks hella cool 🇵🇹 Tuga Represent!!

  22. Still havent seen what Starfield is as a game idk why people are excited about it yet. Hope its good

  23. Well that was disappointing on so many levels.

  24. E3 has been disappointing but it’s okay I kind of expected it, no good gameplay footage of Star field, no elder scrolls 6 (As expected) More 1st person shooters probably linear story same gameplay 🙄 I did like how halo multiplayer looked and stalkers graphics looked pretty but that’s probably all I can say. (DGAF about another pretty graphics racer) Elden ring and Replaced are the only games that’s stood out to me.

  25. I got chills multiple times throughout this stream and I don't even Xbox.

  26. Gary lookin' like Scott Storch. Thats a compliment.

  27. You got to give it to Phil Spencer. Leagues ahead of Jim Ryan. Hopefully Sony can do something close to this.

  28. Xbox can talk the talk now it's time to walk the walk

  29. I really don't get the mentality behind celebrating the fact that everyone won't be able to play a game

  30. xbox conference 4/10🤣🤣🤣🤣jk jk damn xbox you went hard bro the future looks great cant wait. xbox literally said everyone can suck our big green [email protected]$k😂

  31. Stalker inspired Metro, not the other way around

  32. Forza announced Mexico Last month, come on KF get up to date. You guys still doing a great job 🙂

  33. This legitimately got me thinking into getting an XBox

  34. Man Blessing in them Shades is a deadly combo

  35. Mike during the Shredders sequence may be the best thing I have ever listened to during a reaction 🙂

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