Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase E3 2021 Kinda Funny Live Reactions -

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase E3 2021 Kinda Funny Live Reactions

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We react to Halo Infinite, Starfield, Outer Worlds 2, Forza Horizon 5, Redfall, the Xbox Mini Fridge, and more!


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Every day Greg Miller, Blessing Adeoye Jr., and Tim Gettys talk about the biggest stories in Video Games.

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  1. Xbox DID stream in 4k back when Mixer was up…

  2. great conference for gamepass. i think the only true console exclusives are starfield, outer worlds 2, redfall, flight sim, halo and forza. the rest feel like timed exclusivity

  3. I just came here to see Greg's reaction when Starfield was announced as XBOX exclusive.

  4. 6:02 they really do change the color of the stage lights for Greg. No one man should have all that power!

  5. Surprised there was no reaction from anyone to Starfield being day one on GamePass? Unless I missed it

  6. I’m glad Microsoft has finally done the smart thing to acquire studios and realize that games actually matter but overall this conference didnt have much that was exciting imho. Redfall looked really cool and Starfield should be good just because it’s Bethesda but seriously nothing else was exciting and most of the trailers were just like those 30-45 teasers that literally dont do anything for me. Also that one game with Daisy Ridley and James Macavoy looked sweet too. If you love Halo and Forza, those segments would have been great for you as well.

    I knew Snowball Mike would be pumped like most of the sony guys are for sony conferences but just have to call it like it is and this was pretty average

  7. Xbox nailed the conference. Really makes me want to get an Xbox now. Bravo Microsoft!

  8. I forgot how much you guys talk through all the videos. I know it's a reaction video, but man does it make it hard to watch. Reactions are one thing, but full-on conversations are very distracting. Anyways… love you guys.

  9. As much as I enjoyed this press conference it just makes me miss that Sony doesn’t have a showcase.

  10. The xbox guy is a rather typical xbox guy ie: a knob

  11. Battlefield looks amazing as always but there's always one thing that makes me nervous about buying a DICE game and that's EA. Can they for once in their life produce strong servers? I doubt it.

  12. Does anyone have a time stamp for when Gary talks about the B button??

  13. For battlefield what if the $70 price tag is for dedicated servers so the high amount of action does work well

  14. Stalker 2 has some uneven texturing. The environment has great details but the character models and faces are flat. I'm still looking forward to this game, though. The gameplay should be solid.

  15. Why don't they shut up when watching the trailers ?

  16. Obsidian and Insomniac are just insane for how much they can work on at the same time. Absolutely killer aquisitions for both MS and Sony.

  17. The theme of this video. Day one on Game Pass.

  18. Obsidian Games (Outerworld 2 trailer): "We only have a logo. We have literally put no time into this."
    Blessing: "Where do they find the time?? WOW. Where do they find the time??"

  19. Love Gary in the England shirt! It's coming home!

  20. Wouldn't it be Ukrainian for STALKER, rather than Russian, since is set around Chernobyl?

  21. I thought Plague would be a one-and-done. It'll be cool to go back, Amicia was dope

  22. This was super great but since I already have a ps5. I’m pretty sure that the time to jump into the Xbox ecosystem is like summer 2022.

  23. Didn’t Xbox say they cleared all the music? Why all the muted sections?

  24. Tim G. Is the most annoying person on the internet. The show was not f@&$)ing great….. it was average.

  25. Am I the only one here who thought this was pretty bad? LOL

  26. "when they find the time?"
    Obsidian: we don't even begin making the game yet lol

  27. Not sure why people think gamepass will save a game, plenty of games have failed. Bleeding Edge perfect example

  28. i always hate the ignorance of "it has metro vibes, tarkov vibes". Metro is the son of stalker but linear and exodus is linear "open world"

  29. Of course Greg looks like he has a stick up his ass. Anything xbox the dude can't take it.

  30. “The missions change…they always do” line by chief gave me straight chills with the lads on screen. Also can be said about them delaying halo infinite a whole year

  31. Andy nailed it, what an absolute joy. Just pure fun.

  32. I've just been hopping from reaction to reaction to try and find a satisfying reaction to Slime Rancher 2, and man, people just don't seem to care about it. I flipped out when I saw that, was a big moment for me.

  33. Jesus Christ Gary, do you even pay attention to videogame news, or the state of the industry in general? A million questions and/or inane chitchat talking over every trailer. I'd hate to be in a movie theatre with you.

  34. Felt when gregg dropped out he went to punch the wall.

  35. Bro you mocking a seaside town calling it poverty ridden neighborhood was disgusting. I know its a joke but still out of touch.

  36. Didn’t Microsoft get the music signed off for use by people who streamed the show? I was watching another recorded stream of the show and they mentioned Microsoft had done something about the music for streams.

  37. That was fun seeing these guys be so hyped during this conference.

  38. I love seeing the PlayStation leaning guys on kinda funny just sitting silent during the halo showcase haha

  39. No idea why people are hyped on Starfield.

    If that teaser trailer was from any other studio it would be fuckin DEAD reactions, more honest too like "…..that's it??"

  40. I feel like Redfall will be more like Borderlands then Left 4 Dead

  41. why the bloody fuck did they mute the contraband music, as well as music for other games like somerville?
    Microsoft literally bought the rights so the streamers don't have to mute it?????

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