Touhou 9 is a pretty funny game -

Touhou 9 is a pretty funny game

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There seems to be a disturbing amount of flowers blooming. Reimu goes to find the source of this through the Phantasmagoria of Flower View race.
Wait, that’s not what happened. What also didn’t happen was me beating Hard mode.


  1. this is my favorite series ever, I hope you continue to do this for sidegames and maybe even books

  2. the dedication is insane, great work.

  3. Can't wait for the next installment… wanna see how my Touhou waifu gets brutally mauled by Reimu (will be near the end of said video, as she's Stage 5 (hint hint))

  4. it seems i found this channel just in time to see my favorite of the touhou games. subbed.

  5. I love your animations!
    I was laugh for a long time!, especially for Lilly White and Youmu parts.

  6. Zun: There’s a new game in town.
    Reimu: Ah, shite here we go again 🙁
    Yuuka: Did someone say flowers.

  7. Every other Touhou Extra Stage: I'm the hardest boss i'll ever see…

    Eiki: …1 Minute is all i have to spare to wipe you down

  8. I'm happy because Kaeizuka is my favorite Touhou game. You're a genius for incorporating a racing game theme into the plot! The whole thing was so funny and creative. Reimu continues to have no chill just like in canon… and of course you made Eiki short 😂

  9. if Reimu get a dollar everytime Lilly White get ran over she'd be rich by now

  10. You gave me the best fun as expected! Great job!

  11. I love the part where Reimu pulls off the 3/3 Weathertenko on Youkai Mountain after ~30000 attempts, thus completing the course in under 20 seconds.

    (this is a bad joke and nobody will understand it)

  12. Super funny just like all of these so far :3

  13. is this where the meme of the wheelchair racer came from

  14. This was AMAZING, GREAT!!! it was totally WORTH THE WAIT i love how you adapted the plot ot POFV as a race its pretty original and of course hilarious in execution, epic even, the animation was fluid as alway, every single character had its time to shine and i love how the climax feels like a legit climax like theculmination of everygame till now, it makes it stand out even more.

    so far one of my favorites and in general one of THE best touhou series i've ever seen, top 3 easily, thank you so much for making this, can't wait to see Mountain of faith since that's my favorite game, happy new year buddy


  16. Eiki, Kotohime and Komachi are the best cops, even better than the Springfield's police

  17. Eiki Shiki reminds me about Nino and I just wanted to make her feathers LOL

  18. I like how Youmu has the most frames when animated

  19. PoFV getting turned into a big race is really creative, absolutely loved this

  20. I absolutely love your work. Thanks so much for making the content you do. Have a Happy New Year!

  21. love everyone's vehicles
    youmu in the buggy is incredible

  22. That scream at 4:55… The original is such a classics…

  23. That's right! the only one that could get Yuuka out of the race was herself!

  24. These are awesome, I dont know what a touhou is, but I love these

  25. I love how Youmu's joke is being animated incredibly fluid. As in, most parts are animatic-ish, but hers are high-effort.

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