Touhou 9 is a pretty funny game -

Touhou 9 is a pretty funny game

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There seems to be a disturbing amount of flowers blooming. Reimu goes to find the source of this through the Phantasmagoria of Flower View race.
Wait, that’s not what happened. What also didn’t happen was me beating Hard mode.


  1. Well Merth never disappoint us with mindblowing consept of Touhou 9 as Mario Kart racing game and also i get a detail about Lupin Reference where Youmu is Goemon and Youmu phantom is Jigen and 5:43 this. Also Mima here to help Marisa winning but failed (Marisa worried about Mima)

  2. Please keep making these, i love them so much. Especially the facial expressions, idk why but their simplicity is hilarious to me. You're doing an excellent job, pls keep it up. 💜💜💜

  3. When you do a bad charged boost starting in mario kart : makes your character stun for a few mins while the others are getting ahead of you. In touhou project 9 : YOU EXPLODE but especially if you play cirno :D! love it !

  4. 9:04 that was so lupintic….

    awesome work! can't wait to see more of your beautiful animations 🙂

  5. That sakuya CPU was styling and kicking your ass at the same time dayum, the AI sure is wacky in this game

  6. fairy on the right at 0:05 is a reference to the good ending of the makai route of highly responsive to prayers (very first touhou game)
    there are a lot more pc 98 references around the video too, but i just wanted to mention one many of you might miss

  7. Can't wait to see Sanae appear in the next few parts/games, hope you have some major time to relax/give your arm a break though before each new part!

  8. Amazing animation, I loved each second of it.
    I just wish I were good at the touhou games, I can´t pass the Dio maid girl of the first one.

  9. i want to wait for touhou 11 it's a fun game i hope the best of dank memes and explosions and see ls kohs

    Very good job I hope you keep on following them, it's a very entertaining series to watch

  10. Shiki face of "yo, what the fuck?" of what Reimu has done over the years. Is priceless.

  11. honestly this is my favorite piece of TH9 content because it isn’t just “GAME HARD D:<<<<“
    also why does reimu have revolver ammo in her ribbon-

  12. 7:08 and yet the same ai sometimes just actively runs into bullets. kinda like real players though ngl.

  13. 2:34 this is actually canon since the other sisters silently followed behind Lyrica because they were worrying about her going alone
    3:53 I like how you did the 'Reisen changed her (fur) coat' joke
    6:19 Touhou in a nutshell

  14. Absolutely incredible animation and very funny. Thanks for the brilliant Christmas gift; I loved it! 🙂
    (Also the Mario Kart game idea was genius!)

  15. Это просто гениальная херня, мужик. Просто Офигенно. Я буду вечно пересматривать момент с Юкой.

  16. Isn't it funny that the Primsriver sisters only targeted Reimu and not Marisa even though Marisa threw that piano at Merlin?

  17. This is amazing <3 that Reimu's flashback of Shieki seeing her sins while Spring lane was playing was beautifully done! really you outdid yourself with this video!

  18. Oh god can’t wait for the burning of hakurei shrine

  19. A continued series of smelly girls, magical difficulties, and aggravated assault.

  20. That transition into sacred stones sprites 😳😳😳

  21. I still cant get over that flashback with spring lane sounding. Specially how you included the bits from pc-98. It really adds to the character.

  22. good animations, i like lupin 3 references too XD.

  23. Mario Kart x Wacky Races: Touhou esition

  24. man I love Lupin iii references in these vids!

    Like the bomb scene in the touhou 8 vid referencing Castle of Cagliostro or in this vid Yuuka driving Lupin's cars and how Youmu slices her car like Goemon while Jigen is driving her car and and….

    just all of the Part 1 references make me giddy xd

    these videos are amazing

  25. Digging a bit of the Part 1 references in the video

  26. Good stuff, also love the scenes that we're reanimated from lupin part 1!

  27. Me: mom can we get srpelo at home
    Mom: we have srpelo at home
    Srpelo at home:

  28. Is it me or is Lilly the only person who got bullied alot I mean die alot

  29. Alright, I give up:
    Is there anyone who volunteer to explain me about PC-98 Reimu in the… Magic Mirror, I guess?

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