Touhou 8 is a pretty funny game -

Touhou 8 is a pretty funny game

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Apparently, the moon has been replaced with a fake. As the night of the Harvest Moon Festival in Gensokyo arrives, Reimu Hakurei teams up with Yukari Yakumo to bring the real moon back. Reimu is getting really tired of these incidents happening. Experience the magic of Sega’s iconic titles – dive into streets of rage 4 dlc.


  1. I never expected the number of views these videos would have gotten, thank you for watching 🙏The next big Touhou video, Touhou 9, is going to take a little more time to come out as I'm progressively getting more ambitious with what I want to do, and also because I hurt my wrist making the last 2 videos and I need to rest them a little bit lol

  2. The fire emblem bits were amazing, where can i find the og video?

  3. The fire emblem bits were amazing, where can i find the og video?

  4. Whats the name of the FE hack? The Touhou emblem one I know of is a memehack (of good quality though)

  5. If Yukari really can control all bounds, why can't she control the bound between fandom jokes and canon events?

  6. the dr mario gag takes me out every time

  7. I haven get je joke about dr Mario. Is she because she is literally a doctor or waht

  8. I like the joke of Yukari making Reimu do all the work but even though Yukari is over 1000 years old, she's in no way frail

  9. Why is Yukari on a wheelchair (0:20/4:44)? She deleted Sans so easily. I did not expect her to be on Reimu's side. It's like she's so old.

    No one is interested in listening to Kaguya (11:19/11:37).

  10. considering he added remis angy face on the thumbnail, i need to know

    who has the better angy face?

    touhou 8 reimu
    touhou 8 remi

  11. Lmfao what is this and why do I love it so much

  12. Whatching this after seeing touhou 8 makes me understand so much more…thank you for this masterpiece

  13. How come made to be night when said 11:00 a.m.

  14. Ever since the day i was born, i still can't comprehend the mind of a Bullet Hell Player.

  15. Alternative title : reimu makes her grandma see pain.

  16. Watching these videos makes me realize that I want a patch for THcrap that replaces the PICHUUN noise with just the bruh sound effect. 90% of the time, that's basically exactly the thought I have when getting hit, lol

    Edit: I think I can recognize who you based the GBA Fire Emblem-styled sprites on. Reimu is 100% Eirika, and I'm fairly sure Reisen is a heavily-edited L'Arachel. I'm not quite sure who Yukari is, though

  17. Me : Why there's extra start after start?
    The Dev : Yes…

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