These Guys Have Funny Jokes! | Comedy Night Funny Game -

These Guys Have Funny Jokes! | Comedy Night Funny Game

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  1. Lol im from houston, that aquarium joke was cold

  2. yo side, these are really great, keep it up man

  3. Thanks for putting me in your video, more surveys to come <3

  4. what do you call something that's slowly dying?

    t̝̃ͧͪh̫͆̏e̘͌ ̙̱͓̂ͯcr̗͙͆ͨ͋e̷̝ͩ͐w̰

  5. Here's an amazing joke:

    How do you raise a baby elephant?

    With a forklift.

  6. Seriously laughed more at seedarms laughing than some of the jokes.

  7. I didn't understand what he was saying at the punchline of this joke. 4:21

  8. This is the perfect game for D20 with his one liners

  9. What did Cinderella say when she got to the ball?


  10. Why is Santa taking trips on a sleigh at night? Because he's Airborne!

  11. Knock knock
    Who’s there
    Painis who

    Painis in the ainis is not gay

  12. Why did Adele cross the road? To say " hello from the other siiide"

  13. Yo' Mama is so stupid, when you were born, she saw the umbilical cord and said, "Hey, it comes with cable."

  14. This game is nice if you have a ton of friends that own it. I bought it and returned it because it seemed like every lobby was a bunch of autistic kids making stupid noises. Funny thing is that they called me a faggot for kicking the assholes who made stupid ass noises out of my lobby.

  15. Back when Comedy Night was actually good…now there is a fucking toxic community

  16. I love how D4 gradually gives up on telling clean knock knock jokes.

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