The top 5 funniest games to play with a bowling ball -

The top 5 funniest games to play with a bowling ball

Chris Colditz
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    A new age of Jackass 💀

  2. this guy breaks almost everybone in his body including his penis to farm views.

  3. NO ONE is talking about the last one is when he broke his arm

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    “How to never do fuck”

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  7. You have no balls, and your head is now turned into … that big brain zombie from plants versus zombies because your head is now all the way up

  8. Please a moment of silence for #2.

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  10. “Dumb ways to die” on a whole new level

  11. Bro has a body that can be tougher than bedrock

  12. "The funnier it is, the more painful it is."

  13. Too 5 ways to injure both your feet and your fertility

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  15. See this is why people won't respect American.

  16. Why the hell would you play SOCCER with a BOWLING BALL ON LEGOS.

  17. If that man has kids I’ll be very very surprised xD

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