The smartest and funniest game ever made -

The smartest and funniest game ever made

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The Stanley Parable is one of the funniest and smartest games ever created
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  1. I have been here since 2016, i was 13… now im 19 still watching jack. 😁

  2. Yesssssss!!! Ive missed this intro. Always made me smile before the gameplay actually began!!

  3. I knew this was Stanley Parable just from the thumbnail

  4. Is no one talking about the nostalgia from the old outro? 😭

  5. omg no way…. i just watched over 1 hr of jse running around playing this game and it felt like 5 minutes… time really does fly when ur having fun🤣🤣 now my gut is sore from the laughter

  6. On a serious note you really are you of the most loved YouTube creators and my favorite thank you so much for all the amazing content you make

  7. that last one made me sad… they was alone for so long…

  8. When I first saw the intro, I had to relook at when this video came out because I thought that this was an old video, but then I thought “hey he brought back the hat!” And then I realized, no he didn’t, that was an old video and it was a very clever intro

  9. The narrator sounds like the narrator from Peppa Pig no joke

  10. So, the word bucket just holds no meaning anymore

  11. I wonder if the game purposefully crashes at some point so you can realize restarting the game actually advances gameplay

  12. "you were in dippers back then"
    Me 8 yrs ago: crying over maths problems

  13. Try falling asleep during this video and waking up several times when jack shouts. Now that's trippy.

  14. Fun Fact: In Non-PC Versions of the game, they remove the website’s name mention and changed Steam to Pressurized Gas

  15. yep been here sense the start im now 32 years old woman now 😀

  16. its so weird watching these and being named stanley

  17. 21:06 how wild is it that my 'next up' video is "This Bucket Will Change Your Life"

  18. I like the narration, gameplay on any device :v


  20. true i do things because i want to. i dont care what others think about it. and i watch you all the time and im 35 lol. another great video!

  21. You went through the skips way too fast you didn’t hear any of what he had to say like I get that was the point but he was actually giving some insight

  22. My name is Miles and i relate what you said around 55:16. That's me and my grandparents. i found it really funny and just wanted to mention that.

  23. I was 18 8 years ago I remember watching your videos everyday before and after highschool

  24. Eight years ago, I would have been in kindergarten or first grade. I remember watching the Stanley parable video i don't remember much from it though.

  25. The narrator gives me ciuo vibes. I spelt that wrong so bald 5 year old who everyone wants to punch and he's Canadian

  26. They- they thought you were for kids? Curse words are a major part of your vocabulary and you make dirty jokes and play very terrifying games and stuff and people think you're for kids? People are dumb. Sure, a lot of kids watch your content (including me) but that's not the main target audience.

  27. De magische wereld van Alexander & Jayden says:

    20:21 "what did my granddad say before he kicked the bucket?" "How far do you think I can kick this bucket?"
    Comedy gold right there

  28. It's more Just cause with the constant leaderboard stuff. Didn't help 4 from being crap.

  29. I have never hear the word bucket come out of someones mouth so many times lmaoooo WE LOVE YOU SEAN!!!!

  30. I love how jack talks about the reality of what reviews can convey to creators, they can be good or bad but the bad ones can sometimes be taken very deeply and that's just true, this game portrays that very well.

  31. I remember Jacksepticeye playing this back in 2013 good old times along with games like happy wheels and other great games

  32. I haven't seen many of these comments, but that's why I am gonna make one myself. As a response to what you said at 2:48, no I was not in dipers, I was exactly 8 years old when I started watching you and I remember this game very well from back then. I don't watch you as frequently anymore, but I do make sure I come back, and I always will. And to see this video again, gives me so much nostalgia. And to see how much I have changed alongside you (and every single youtuber I watched since I was 7). I am now 16 and I am thankfull for every single video you made back in the day (and I am thankfull for every single video you are still making for people like me and the younger generations).

  33. Jack: you try to remember this from 8 year ago, you were probably in dippers
    Me : ummmmm i was 1, 8 year ago

  34. I'm watching Jacksepticeye at 44… Am I strange? 🤔

  35. The memory zone has to be a reference to The Giver right

  36. Crazy world, tons of smells – jacksepticeye 2022

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