The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is $70?! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.08.23 -

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is $70?! – Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.08.23

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Blessing and Greg talk about Switch games possibly increasing in price, Judas from Ken Levine getting a launch window, and more Activision Blizzard acquisition updates.

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:08:49 – Housekeeping
– Later today we’re reacting live to the Nintendo Direct! That’s happening right here on and and right after, we’ll record a live Gamescast breaking down everything we just saw. And that’ll be up everywhere you can get the Gamescast,
– The Roper Report –
00:10:34 – Nintendo briefly listed Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for $70 on the eShop
00:27:48 – Nintendo says it’s not planning Switch price cuts as its console business ‘enters uncharted territory’
00:40:53 – Ken Levine’s new game now has an official launch window
00:46:48 – UK Government Says Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Deal Could Harm Gamers
00:52:48 – Forspoken is getting improvements
00:54:24 – Out today
00:57:49 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Bless & Tim

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  1. That's 100 bucks after taxes for Canadian prices… I hate it.

  2. Bring back Nintendo Select. Games like Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild should not still be $60. They are 2017 games for crying out loud! Bring them down to $20.

  3. im not opposed to $70 becoming the norm, as much as those extra $10 sting, but nintendo has done none of the work to earn that outside of just knowing they can charge that and people will still buy the games. but by that logic they could probably sell their mainline titles, pokémon, mario, zelda etc at $80 and still make just as much if not more money. bless was right that this is the middle of a generation and the switch’s technical side has been pushed since botw released at its beginnings. how much more of a jump will totk be? sure it’ll have revamped hyrule and some new mechanics but it’s a very similar sequel releasing on the same console as the previous one.

  4. If you're broke enough that $10 more dollars is a big deal, you shouldnt be buying games to begin with

  5. Of course you have no problem with this…..because you will all receive review codes for free.

    Another example of KF being out of touch with actual consumers.

  6. In Europe we already be paying 70 for Zelda….

  7. POV : Nintendo 👀” wtf are they talking about “

  8. POV : Nintendo 👀” wtf are they talking about “

  9. Nintendo is lazy and greedy, but don't get anywhere near as much criticism as other companies do for similar tactics… 😑

  10. Well ff7 is my favorite game. I bought 1st class edition, didnt open it so then i bought it digitally, then wen it came to steam i bought it again lol. So ya i would spend crazy for that game.

  11. Greg being introduced as a WWE SuperStar with smoke popping, you can’t make this up.

  12. $70.00 is $210.00 over here in some countries in the Caribbean. The $10 hike was brutal. And my worry is for games like Assassins creed is already a game that cost you $80. Because you pay $60 then buy the xp boost which is another $20. It's like highway robbery at the moment with ac games

  13. Not saying he was fat, but has Greg lost weight? He's looking good!
    I think I remember calling himself fat while discussing black shirts and hiding wrinkles and weight with Janet a while back

  14. I liked breath of the wild but i had enough problems with it that I'm glad it wasn't $70. Let's see what Nintendo shows regarding the sequel and how the reviews go in terms of it's pros and cons.

  15. Is it too much to ask for a Switch that can run every game at 1080p @ 60fps?

  16. I don't really believe that price increases

  17. I’ve never heard anyone say Bioshock Infinite was divisive, it was a unanimous GOTY contender right behind GTAV and Last of Us.

  18. $70 for the new Zelda?? We’ll be shedding tears for the whole kingdom 🥲

  19. regardless of how good the title is it is still an old gen title, 2 gens probably. 70 is too much. Nintendo never does sales either.

  20. These corporate shills need to stop justifying price increases.
    When companies have been making record profits, not revenue, not sales, record PROFITS, and the cost of making games is quickly declining with advances in technology and most devs switching to unreal engine there is no justification for a price increase. Especially in this economy.
    Inflation is real and things do go up in price of course but all the excuses they've used are just that, excuses.
    Comparing it to movie theatre prices or streaming service prices is a false equivalency.
    The correct comparison would be to DVD/Blu Ray prices and albums prices which have remained stagnant for years. VHS movies were around $20, so were DVDs, so were Blu Rays, and so are the current 4k Blu rays.
    They are only doing it because they are getting away with it and people like kinda funny making excuses for corporate greed to their listeners is seriously sickening. You should be seriously ashamed of yourselves. You say you represent and look out for your audience but your telling them they should suck it up and give a giant multi-billion dollar corporation more money so they can make even more money. None of these companies are failing they are all generating millions of dollar in profit!!
    Maybe it's just me but don't feel any sympathy if giant corporation goes from making $200 mil in profit to $150 mil. They are still making millions in PURE PROFIT.

  21. No offense, but the "it is a business and they want to make money, don you know?" angle, as if people don't know that corporations like money, is and always will be patronizing.

  22. A point I'm surprised no one brought up is how if Tears of the Kingdom is indeed $70, that makes a great case for the NSO Switch voucher system they brought back since Tears of the Kingdom is already confirmed as one of the titles you can use it on, and you can bank it for upcoming software too

  23. Nintendo needs to make another console, only for the sole reason to make it easier for Gamefreak to make a game

  24. I believe this game is worth the price but understand why people are upset

  25. Blessing no way I'd go above 100. Just no lol

  26. My favorite game is dragon age origins. If they made dragon age origins with full updated graphics I'd pay 80

  27. Price is a tough question to approach when it comes to Nintendo games. We have such nostalgia for these games and they are usually done well so there might be an argument for a $70 price being appropriate because of how good they are. However, many of us would argue for a $70 price point on a video game. We expect a game to be good, but we also expect a certain level of performance. There’s no way Sony or Microsoft could publish a first party game for $70 and have subpar graphics and not hear about it from us. There’s no way they could publish a game for $70 and it has trouble with loading screens or glitches or just doesn’t run at peak performance we would argue it should. We are arguing right now that for $70 we have settings where we can choose to play with 60 FPS with a slightly lower, visual quality or play with a very dynamic 4K visual quality at 30 FPS. Here’s the thing though Nintendo can’t deliver either of those. They can give you a great game but it’s built on last generation hardware and if I recall last generation we were paying $60 for video games. I understand Nintendo is having the same financial problems everyone else is having but you are game is being developed on old hardware. It does not live up to the current standards performance wise so why should we give you $70. You can pull this with a Zelda title. You can pull this with a Mario title, but what about your other games? Are you going to say you want $70 as well then? If they do people are going to look at them sideways.

  28. $70 for a game on extremely old hardware is ridiculous

  29. I wouldn't care if it was $70 either if I was getting free review codes…

  30. Love how the cma's investigation is just to repeat the same exact complaints Jim ryan said over again verbatim. Curious how much sony is paying them.

  31. Was Bless that positive on Sony's price hike? I can't remember.

  32. They really want people to use those vouchers if Zelda is $70

  33. Hogwarts legacy breaking twitch records yet no mention of it, for shame. yalll had Justin roiland the abuser on for irl chat, greg works for Vince at wwe, hypocrites.

  34. BOTW was great but it’s not a GOAT in my opinion $59.99

  35. Tears of the Kingdom looks great, but a price increase on a system that was outdated tech the day it dropped is insulting. Nintendo know how to bleed the wallets of their user-base, and their user-base is resigned to that fact, and pay up, no matter the price. i''d accept a price increase if it were new hardware, but a sub-Xbone console? nah.

  36. Do people really struggle to find another $10? I don’t understand the big deal.

  37. People spent over $1000 on an index just to play half life alyx.

  38. Cal got beefy, he must be using Staroids… am i right

  39. It's crazy how people are scared to talk about a game,. Hogwarts is just video game,. Nobody can tell you what to play or talk about,. People so lucky I don't stream,. I would hurt feelings in a way that I wouldn't get banned from streaming,. I would let people know what freedoms we have in America and the rights we have,. If you have an issue with J.K take it up with her,. Not a video game,. Don't try and cancel people when you yourselves complain about being canceled,. It's stupid,. This isn't against kinda funny,. It's with the situation in general,.

  40. Hogwarts Legacy is doing amazing!! 🙂

    Greg Miller and Tim Getty's staying hating, you're both toxic, hypocrites and frankly disgusting people.

  41. Usually I would never support any increase in price for something like this (Particulaly since I'm Aussie and rrp here is $$) but Nintendo recently increased staff pay by 10% That's unheard of for these big companies and it even more potent given the large amount of lay offs for alot of work industries all round.

  42. I know Totk isn't going to look or run good on the Switch and I didn't like botw enough to want to drop $70 on Totk. The only way I'll buy it is if I can get a special edition preorder, otherwise I can't justify to myself spending that much for the quality/performance it will have on the Switch.

  43. Really glad I don’t care for Tears of The Kingdom since BOTW was overhyped for me. Especially since they’re charging for a game on a 6 year old console and will never go lower than $50 on sale. Also I’m really enjoying Hogwarts Legacy.

  44. Y’all are tripping with this hypothetical. $1200 for a game? Gtfoh. If you’re having more fun in a game than during a vacation you’re doing it wrong!

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