The Last of Us Remake Reportedly Coming This Year - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.19.22 -

The Last of Us Remake Reportedly Coming This Year – Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.19.22

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Tam and Tim go over the latest Last of Us rumors, Call of Duty leaks, God of War’s Accessibility, and more!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:03:41 – Housekeeping
A new episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast is up featuring the one and only Jeff Grubb. We discuss the Steam Deck, emulation, and whether or not 2023 will be the greatest year in video game history. You can catch that on and podcast services around the globe.
ICYMI: We reviewed the new Kendrick album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. That’s up on the Screencast feed and over on
Speaking of Revenge of the Sith earlier, in anticipation for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series starting next week on Disney+, we had a new episode of Star Wars In Review post this morning with Tim, Barrett, Anthony Carboni, and Saige Ryan where they look back at Revenge of the Sith and talk about everything they love and hate about it. You can check it out on and on podcast services around the globe when you search for Kinda Funny In Review.
The Roper Report –
00:06:14 – The Last Of Us Remake Will Reportedly Launch This Holiday Season
00:20:23 – Marvel Snap Is A New, Fast-Paced Collectible Card Game From Ex-Hearthstone Devs
00:28:45 – Ads
00:30:52 – Jeff Grubb is HERE?!
00:33:13 – Witcher 3 For PS5 And Xbox Series X|S Release Window Narrowed Down For This Year
00:36:34 – New Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 And Modern Warfare 2 Leaks Surface
00:43:45 – Sony Says Bungie Deal Will Help Expand Its Multi-Platform Strategy
00:48:49 – God Of War: Ragnarok Will Include More Than 60 New Accessibility Features
00:53:00 – Out today
00:57:00 – “What Ubisoft live service games will last the longest?” – JakeBakesCakes
00:58:30 – “What’s going on with Konami?” – JordanLeeRowan
01:01:00 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Bless and Stella from IGN!

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  1. They shouldn’t change tlou 1’s story and definitely shouldn’t add Abby 18:33

  2. I'd much rather naughty dog work on new ip.or uncharted 5. Tlos im done with the franchise after sequel mess story

  3. Is it safe to assume that the LoU remake is here mainly for the new factions mode to drum interest for the show?

  4. Doesn’t need a remake at all. Still plays well and looks great. And are they still using Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson? Without them it’s pointless again

  5. My concern is blooper team working on sh2 remake

  6. I said it before and I’ll say it again:

    The best way to release this would Call it the last of us and release the first last of remaster and then add several hours of content between the first game and the second and then allow it flow right into the second and release it all in one package called the last of us.

    Maybe… make a new ending or a little more at the end.

  7. Always the worst shows when Tam and Tim host.

  8. Why are they making this remake? Who is asking for it? Is it to coincide with the release of the TV show so that people who watch that show look up the game and buy the remake for the PS5? Is that the strategy?

  9. Please no socio-political themes in TLOU remake

  10. Second half of the year looks pretty bleak in terms of game releases. Gotham Knights, Forspoken, Splatoon 3, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Am I missing anything else? God of War and Hogwarts Legacy don't have dates.

    Good to hear there's some hope for some surprises like this though. I bet Microsoft is also trying to bring Forza Motorsport out this holiday season too. And I'm sure Nintendo has something other than Pokemon for the holidays. Ubisoft will probably release Avatar whether or not it's ready for that "corporate synergy". And I can't see EA just completely skipping this year aside from their sports games so maybe Jedi Fallen Order 2 is coming this year like rumored?

  11. Tam sometimes talks too fast, hosts need to slow down

  12. Enough with the most overrated game of all time TLOU. ND went major downhill after Uncharted 3. They no longer compete even in the graphics department with Insomniac and SM smoking them left to right

  13. Damn. When the 2nd game didn't do so well. They have to remake the 1st one to redeem themselves. Or make the loss of profit back.

  14. People seem to be forgetting that ND annexed most of Sony bend in order to work on this game, and that the original ND team is still working on factions and the new IP. Artists like Neil Druckmann need to be allowed to work on what they want to. You can’t force art.

  15. maybe it would get released on september 26 which is last of us day

  16. I'm watching your MGS2 playthrough from August of last year and at some point Blessing mentions the Abandoned trailer and almost a year later and still nothing from Blue Box Studios 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Do we have any word/confirmation if Warzone 2 will be a separate launcher from MW2?

  18. Exciting to finally see what Ben Brode and the team at Second Dinner is up to. Can’t wait for Marvel Snap now!!!

  19. I am the target audience for Marvel Snap and I couldn't be more excited

  20. So I think for the TLOU remaster, they need to change the ending a bit. The fact that no one bothered to give Ellie a chance to make a decision before going under the knife always bothered me. Was there a time limit that they had to rush this surgery? They couldn't wait until she was conscious? It didn't make much sense to me. There needs to be a reason she wasn't asked, or she needs to be asked and Joel goes against her wishes.

  21. Thinking they're going to release this updated Last of Us version on the PC as the Playstation continues to reach into that huge market

  22. I love it when Tam says "getting your cheeks clapped". The way Tam delivers it is so funny lmao

  23. interested to see how much expansion to the original story is coming as everyone knows the gameplay and visuals will be enhanced greatly.

    will left behind be integrated into the main experience or remain a separate episode? would you splice in ellie’s “origin story” after joel and tess find out she’s infected, as the rest of left behind would be an easy drop into the already existing ellie section?

  24. The most important thing they need to do with The Last of Us remake is a PC release

  25. it is my birthday too, you can add that to the read next year ty

  26. Neil always said that they didnt have time to add fights were humans enemies were mix with the infected like they did in left behind and part 2 so they are going to do that for sure. I also pretty sure they will add all the cool stealth and battle features of part 2. And left behind will be incorporated in the main narrative so it will have a pretty good lenght. Also the doctor will look exactly like abby dad. The original was great but the structure wasnt the best. It was cutscene human fight plattaform zombie fight. Here they have the chance to do everything more organic. Hope they dont change anything of the story. They only have to do the same experience but more inmersive.

  27. What I want to know is what does this mean for the new last of us multiplayer? Is there a possibility that it could launch concurrently??

  28. But why a TLOU remake? Completely unnecessary

  29. Wow Xbox series s just outsold PlayStation 5 last week in Japan

  30. I bought TLoU on release day and my ps3 died before the opening scene ended. I haven't been able to play it since so I hope it's on PC and I can play that, seems good.

  31. I’m OK with some remix but this is one we did not ask for. If I recall did they remastered this game for the PS4. Why do we need a remake exactly? Oh wait they do have a TV show coming that’s why they’re doing a remake. Still I think it’s a waste of time and effort everybody that owns this game already purchased it and I don’t wanna buy the single player campaign again. Sure I loved the multiplayer I can’t wait for whatever the next iteration of the multiplayer is but I don’t think that’s going to be here in this remake so why would I buy this again?

  32. The takeaway with Sony’s multi platform comments is that their service/multiplayer games will be multi platform, which both makes them more money while also exposing their IPs to sell more consoles. Someone on Xbox playing Factions who then wants to play Last of Us will buy a PlayStation, 2 birds 1 stone.

  33. Maybe just stop leaking and supporting leakers and just be surprised and enjoy the games when the people creating them want us to.

  34. only reason mlb the show is on other platforms is because mlb was going to not renew the license with them if they did not put the game on more platforms.

  35. Can we please get rid of Jeff Grubb? Stop giving this man screen time. Remember when leaks were by annon Devs and not by Mr grub? Why have we allowed some guy to make a living out of pissing off his friends. He's the worst and he doesn't even get things right. And it's at the point where everyone takes his word as gospel.

  36. Am I crazy or is this like the 4th time this headline has been run recently? Really wish we could get done with this leak and rumor culture that has sprung up around video games.

  37. From my understanding the remake of Last of Us was intended to be a graphical showpiece for the PS5. It should therefore exceed the Last of us 2 in the graphics department which would be incredible. Can't wait, I haven't touched the original since I finished it on the ps3.

  38. Sorry LSM is the number 1 in games podcast not KFGD

  39. im still hurt by them killing joel off it makes me cry everytime i see the scene. why'd you have to do it neil!!? 🥺

  40. Remember when we got new games ? Not old games for the 3rd 4th time

  41. It would be cool if Left Behind was integrated into the story of the game

  42. As anyone played pubg on console recently?

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