The Last of Us Episode 3 BREAKDOWN (FULL SPOILERS) -

The Last of Us Episode 3 BREAKDOWN (FULL SPOILERS)

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Tim Gettys, Greg Miller, and Blessing Adeoye Jr. break down the latest episode of HBO’s The Last of Us starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

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  1. Get that woke trash out of my screen 🤮🤮🤮

  2. Missed the cold open, but damn, what an affecting episode, a wonderful love story, had me totally enraptured, and gutted towards the end. Loved this, simply amazing TV.

  3. I found Bill was too likable & overall the episode dragged a bit. Still liked it overall though.

  4. Did not like it like some seem to. I thought it was a well made episode. But a bad adaptation. All I saw as a response to anyone that didn't like this on the same level was "you're homophobic " which is hilarious to me people can't accept that something can be bad just because a gay romance is also a part of it. But literally love ellie and Bill in game and in show. I just don't like the deviation to such a scale. There could be a better ways to keep everything almost the same as the episode but still have the games interactions with certain characters

  5. Oh yeah I also didn't cry at all. UP made me cry and I cry a lot watching other media/shows. This just didn't bring anything out.
    People are overhyping this episode. No issue with people liking it, players or just viewers. Imo just not that great. Good but not great. I've been frustrated since last night to seeing social media being divisive too.

  6. What a wonderful change from the game. It was just beautiful.

  7. In the game, Joel and Ellie don’t really start bonding till they get to the college after Tommy’s, and then the bonding is 100% cemented after the Left Behind/Winter segments. They’re already progressing faster than that in the show, Joel already cares about how certain sights might affect Ellie where as game Joel at that point probably wouldn’t had cared.

  8. I can definitely watch this episode over and over again. The last episode from a show that I can do that with is Watchmen's "A God Walks into Abar". I cry so much watching that episode.

  9. The multiplayer game will have character driven stories and not just be lore-driven. They told us to expect Naughty Dog storytelling, I expect nothing less no matter the genre. Crystal Dynamics couldn’t pull it off but they were never able to pull off Naughty Dog caliber to begin with, and they didn’t have Bungie live service experts on speed-dial, so no worries.

  10. I actually can’t believe how good this episode was.

  11. Ok so before I’m openly ridiculed as a bigot or a homophobic I am neither of them things and thought the actors who played bill and frank did an amazing job but for me this episode completely derailed the pacing and tension of the show… And all the critics are terrified to say otherwise because if they did they would also be lambasted as bigots and homophobes… Just my opinion

  12. Wtf, total shit gay romantic story 🤮🤮🤮

  13. Why is no one talking about how much Bill looks like Greg gone full crazy

  14. People really said this was the best episode lmao I’m not listening to y’all no more. But I get it y’all think Up is great because of 10 mins

  15. A couple growing old and dying together never seen that before 10/10

  16. Some of the best moments from the game were in this section. And every one of them are just fucking gone.

  17. Kinda funny how they start off by saying how this is the greatest episode ever made for TV, then go on and spend 20 minutes talking about the poor writing and

    how hamfisted the narrative is. Make you wonder if this episode is as great as everyone think it is. Hmmmm???

  18. Shit he hasn’t wanted Yellowstone. That show is phenominal.

  19. I was falling asleep on the Bill and Frank stuff honestly. Didn't care for this episode

  20. Nick is nuts. It will be a monumental task to cover the events and themes of part 2 in only 1 season without totally truncating and butchering the story but doing it in half a season? That would insure it would be crap. After the bar part 1 is setting, it really feels like 9 episodes aren't enough to do justice to part 2. 2 seasons divided between Elie's story, Abbies story and tying them both together seems about right. Which leaves time for a part 3 if Neil feels he has a narrative motivation to keep going with the game and show.

  21. You guys need to watch Euphoria, if you thought this was the best of all time

  22. I love you 3 guys on this show but I would def love to have Nick and Andy on as well! Totally understand if it doesn’t fit into the schedule for them but this show is so awesome would love a larger discussion

  23. Theories from Ep3
    When Joel describes shooting at and missing someone and them shooting back and missing him, I think that might have been him and Tommy, hinting at their bad split.
    When Frank tells Bill he traded Tess and Joel a small gun, I wonder if that was Joel's infamous small stub gun he carries around in the game from the QZ to the end of Part 1.

  24. Glad you guys shouted out the backstory episode of mythic quest was written by Craig too. That’s also one of the best and most emotional episodes of TV I’ve ever seen.

  25. I feel like they are doing a good job of remixing shit while including more than we ever even anticipated. Some major ‘gameplay’ beats seem to be up for show, which again is nice because the upside down trap can be done different just like how the hotel scene was out of place. They made this for fans and newcomers to be like what the hell is happening and that is a fine line to walk, but man they have done it thus far. The ironic inverse is that a newcomer might go play the game and have the same wtf is going on here as the gamefish man currently is having watching the show. Hell I even I want to go play the ‘remake’ once this wraps. Regardless they deviated, they have us a side quest hell I’m wanting an Ish episode at some point but I bet that happens next season. Feels like they could really have stretched pt1 into 2 seasons with how they have adapted things. Also the window shot of Bill/Frank seemed more like the end of pt2 with Ellie moving on as you see Ellie/Joel traveling vs the classic TLOU1 title

  26. Joel wearing Frank's shirt after the shower towards the end? Anyone else notice that? It's the shirt he wears through most of the game.

  27. Nick Offerman as Bill looked a lot like Greg Miller at times.

  28. Craig Maizin has already said that part 2 will have to be told over more than one season so Tim's right there. I cant remember where the clip of him saying it is but it looked like a red carpet interview

  29. There's a 5 year gap in between games. Why does everyone not even acknowledge the fact that this leaves room for a LOT of amazing story telling in the world that we know nothing about. People are ALWAYS just like "season 2 is part Ii". I think the showrunners they have at the helm leaves room for some stunning original stories. If HBO wants to get more mileage out of their brand new super hit show it seems crazy to leave that on the floor. I want original content so bad.

  30. Yes Greg, the word cairn originated from Scotland and were made as markers, typically as burial mounts. We have huge ones, and you can find smaller ones if you hike through the Highlands or further up North.

  31. Since this show started, I started watching Chernobyl. This guy knows how to hit you in the gut.

  32. Please make sure you guys continually mention the differences in the game and show. It’s my favorite part because I will probably never play the game but I’m so interested in what they changed.

  33. This episode will stay with me, very much like the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror.

  34. I enjoyed the episode. But I was upset we didn’t get to see Bill and Ellie interact with one another. It’s one of the best parts of the game imo. It’s the first time in these 3 episodes I can say I don’t agree with the deviation

  35. What if they make a new game and they wanna go back and explore more with bill but now a bunch of new fans think of bill as dead but in the game hes not dead this is what frustrations me about the episode. Good otherwise.


    Yeah the letter is ham fisted BUT imho it’s needed cause Joel needs a REAL reason other than the fact he doesn’t wanna lose another Daughter again why he’s gonna SAVE Ellie at the end of the game/season 1. For anyone who’s never played the game you have to give the Audience a LEGIT and REAL reason why Joel will DOOM humanity to save Ellie. The show had to give that and it does with that letter imho.

  37. Am I the only one who feels like people are now being too dramatic about this episode? To proclaim it one of the best episodes in any show ever is straight up absurd lol

    It wasn’t even the best episode of this show thus far and there has only been three episodes.

    I didn’t come close to crying, but I understand everyone is different in that regard.

    I felt like it was a love story that dragged on and the episode overall did little to move the plot forward until the end.

    Overall it just screamed, “Filler episode.”

    But I’m starting to feel like I watched something different than everyone else. Hopefully the next episode picks things back up.

  38. Lol Tim keeps saying “up to the room”

    The bedroom was now on the main floor because Frank was in a wheelchair 😢

  39. I commented earlier about how overrated I think this episode has become. But the amount of people calling other people “homophobic” is insane.

    Just cause someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t mean they are a bigot.

    It could be about a heterosexual and my opinion would still be the same: the side-story/love story dragged on, it did little to move the plot forward, and it just screamed “filler episode”.

    Some people have that opinion and others don’t. Doesn’t mean you hate gay people if you didn’t like this episode.


  40. I’m still reeling from that episode, so so beautiful and did anyone else notice they used the same music for the giraffes in the game? I lost it even more when they did that during their last day together

  41. Greg’s “Joel is the bad guy” take is so simple minded.

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