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Trover saves the universe is probably the funniest game I’ve ever played!

Also sorry for the crappy camera auto focus issues. Please be nice to me, I’m new at this!

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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here



  1. I'm not Christian so does that mean u think I'm a bitch to? lol I don't even believe in God :p

  2. shiiit speak for urself I'm far from lazy I'm obsessed with tools n literally work for fun lol but I avoid helpin ppl move like it's the fuckin bubonic plague! lol it is the absolute worst thing to do outside of a hospital or police station :p

  3. The new season of Rick and Morty is really fucking weird.

  4. No worries about the focus, I only listened to it.

  5. I cant believe they created a firsnd person game

  6. why does like every npc sound like rick from rick and morty?

  7. WHAT HAPPENED TO "(*slaps desk*) TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADIES!!!!"!?!?

  8. trover: is the voice of blendan blendan from gravity falls

  9. pepole when they die in this game: i'm dead :I

  10. What's funny is he does murder his whole family

  11. i completely lost it when jack killed the things in the fenced area and the guy goes “those were my pet” like holy crap this game is peek comedy

  12. Jack I'm sorry I don't even look at you I only look at the game but I can look at you if want me too

  13. Jack: I’m off camera and of camera focusing

    Me: *doesn't look at face call unless it’s edited to fit the screen * in honestly more interested in the game no offense

  14. The funny part is that he missed one 😂

  15. Am I the only one that got jumpedscared by mr.pop up?

  16. Camera focus first 10 minutes: 👀
    Camera focus after 10 minutes: ⬇⬅↩↗↔⬆↘⬅➡➡⬇

  17. I do love the idea of this video, but it feels lost. Because I came into this thinking I would get to see the scene play a little more then a disruption.
    Still a great video!

  18. This game is actually the funniest game ive ever played. Nothing will ever come close

  19. Jack: trover if you don’t shut up I’ll kill your family 29:08 oh

  20. This is basically a Rick and Morty VR game that takes place in an alternate universe

  21. That’s Morty’s voice! Toby ate Rick & Morty!

  22. “What about m-e. MY ENJOYMENT” M-E fucking spells ME NOT MY

  23. What about me my enjoyment ads be like how bout no

  24. Plot twist they were actually Rick and Morty

  25. I love the fact that Rick and Morty are in the game

  26. 11:45
    Who wants to bet that Justin Royland will die of liver failure

  27. The voice of trover is the person who does the voice of Morty and rick

  28. At the beginning my lights began flickering O_O

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