The 10 Games We Need on PS5 - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 118 -

The 10 Games We Need on PS5 – PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 118

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Greg, Blessing, Janet, and Barrett talk about the games that are trapped on other platforms that they want on PS5!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:00:30 – Welcomes & Housekeeping
00:09:22 – Have you ever rented a game so much that you ended up spending more on it than if you had just purchased it outright? – Kozibear
00:24:42 – PS5’s Most Wanted Games
01:09:26 – Ads
01:12:22 – Could PlayStation acquire Square?
01:24:10 – What PlayStation announcements could appear at Summer Game Fest?
01:31:50 – PlayStation Picks
01:53:25 – PS We Love You: Send love to and

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  1. That deal does seem a little low. I haven’t looked at the metrics of all those companies but if you total things out and you go off with square has said and the recent performance of games they have released those studios those franchises why they hold historical value in our hearts financial value is different. The last tomb raider game was not the best in the series it wasn’t even the best selling in the series. Legacy of Kain when’s the last time we saw one of those games. Don’t get me wrong soul Reaver need a remake but when’s the last time we saw one of those games. Avengers on the PS4 generation systems need I say more it sucked. No not going to say that Crystal dynamics hasn’t delivered some great games they have guardians of the Galaxy was great but look at how much that game needed to sell to be truly profitable you had to pay for the license first and while the game sold well it probably didn’t sell enough to meet square expectations which were probably a little high but still even looking at it as a third-party you’re going to say it didn’t make a lot of money it didn’t blow the roof off of it when it came to profits. So you’re stuck back looking at these IP these studios and you have to say they haven’t turned out lots of money for the company in recent years. Certainly for square they were a drag because the other franchise that makes square money these don’t even compare. Now it is one franchise leading the pack for square FF 14 and they won’t be duplicating success like that all the time in the future but no company is going to admit that. I can assure you square is going to tell you that every final fantasy game that comes out in the future will sell 100 million copies even though they know it won’t. But they do have to trim fat and it’s best to do it now especially if you want to sell the company or even make the company appear more valuable to investors. So they did the right move they got rid of some fat they didn’t need good fat tasty fat full of flavor but for whatever reason they couldn’t make it work so why keep it.

    No there’s something interesting PlayStation shit it a lot if it’s Japanese studios moving west look what the headquarters is now founded in Japan headquartered in the United States that’s because that’s where the money is. But what if PlayStation wants to keep a foothold in Japan maintain that historical context. Now square has a lot of it studios just in Japan they sold off most of the American stuff so if Sony were to pick them up first it would cost some serious money they would not be spending $300 million they will be spending significantly more and secondly Sony would face a dilemma because while Microsoft can afford to go exclusive with titles would PlayStation be able to do the same with non-main stream Square releases. You can sell FF on PlayStation exclusively no problem but can you sell those other titles that square makes exclusively on PlayStation and hit those numbers you need to hit.

  2. I cant do vr,So, no interest. Man these games except for ori and rogue are not for me and I love indie

  3. This Bluepoint MGS rumor which may or may not be true, would be nice if it’s either MGS1 or MGS4 (just to get MGS4 out of the PS3 prison).

  4. I had the import Dragonball GT before the US release came out. Spent $150 on it at a mom n pop shop. Got stolen from me. rip

  5. I would want Shin Megami Tensei 5 on playstation

  6. Family Video really was the last remaining rental chain that targeted the rural towns of the Midwest. I had two in my town because we were a farm hub. Without it I would not have discovered so many games I would’ve skipped because of lack of money. A shame they’re basically going out of business now with how much they’ve closed recently. I do miss it.

  7. Speaking of Budokai Tenkaichi;

    new fusion unlocked: BLANET!!

  8. Does the FTC get involved if Sony is acquiring Square? Both japanese companies. Maybe this is why Square offloaded their western branches so the FTC wouldn't be involved. If Sony does aquire Square, I'd like Sony to give Square the task of making a handheld.

  9. Dragon Quest VIII for me. I think I rented it maybe 2-3 times and my mother realized and ended up buying it for me ahha

  10. Im doing a Yakuza playthrough right now! Like a Dragon became my favorite game of all time last year, (with Witcher 3 and Persona 5 taking 2nd and 3rd). Ive finished Kiwami, now Im on Kiwami 2 which is just excellent. Got alot more to go!

  11. If Mistwalker's Fantasian came to PlayStation after being on Apple Arcade, I would be super stoked.

  12. The number 1 game I wish was on PS4/5 is Inmost. Little indie atmospheric, story driven platformer with amazing art and an intense story. It’s on switch and Apple Arcade but I hear no one talk about this gem. Way more people should experience Inmost.

  13. I just want all the back catalogue of tomb raider, legacy of kain, and deus ex on the new ps plus.

  14. 1. Rogue Legacy 2
    2. Patrick's Parabox
    3. Inscription
    4. Half Life: Alyx
    5. Before Your Eyes
    6. Moon Glow Bay
    7. Ori & Will of the Wisp
    8. Wide Ocean Big Jacket
    9. Bear and Breakfast
    10. Assassin Creed: Syndicate

  15. Inscryption is such a phenomenal game and I also hope it comes to PS5, but man, people need to stop spoiling the twist when they talk about it. It’s something everything should experience for themselves not knowing what’s coming

  16. Cubivore is great. Wish i didn't sell my copy for $200 years ago so I could sell it for $600 and then wish i'd held on to it 5 years later when it rises in price again.

  17. I wish I still had all my pokemon games. Especially HG/SS. I still get the urge to play those every so often.

  18. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Greg Miller and next gen player…. You are pathetic…. Do any of you take Sony's stick out cha mouth for even 5 seconds

  19. Add to the list of games needed on PS5: Tunic! I've been playing on my Steam Deck and it's fantastic but I wish I was earning trophies.

  20. A bit random, but Greg, did you ever platinum Rogue Legacy?

  21. I thought Janet was only a temporary part of the show… can we just go back to blessing and Greg

  22. Assassin's Creed Syndicate let's goooo! Great pick!
    I worked on that game!

  23. Gauntlet Legends on N64. Rented that all summer with my best friend then got it for Christmas that year.

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  25. The fact that the Pixel Remasters and The First Soldier are not on PlayStation is just more evidence that Square Enix is dumb as hell.

  26. I still kept all my old games because I couldn't bear parting with them as a kid. I couldn't justify sending them off for a console that could already play them anyway. It meant I got my PS2/3 a year or two later, but in the end it was worth it!

    Also not surprised that Tenkaichi 3 is $200+, the retro game market has gone SERIOUSLY overpriced in the last few years.

  27. All that talk about a Versus and Greg is sittin' there like "we cancelled Debatable for a reason…"

  28. My answer is Half-life Alyx. It would be huge for PSVR2

  29. What is this, forced representation convention? Lmao

  30. Ouuuuu I like that thumbnail. I'm a simple man. I see Sunset Overdrive and I click.

  31. 55:29 Megalovania for as great of a song and meme as it is, still does not touch Confronting Myself or Reach For The Summit from Celeste.

  32. I wanna play Muramasa The Demon Blade on my ps5

  33. Is Tenkaichi 3 really that much? Dang, I should dig out my copy lol.

  34. I absolutely love the nostalgic discussion about renting games and being broke and reselling stuff, literally my life as a kid/teen too having a love for games.

  35. Wow! I didn't know Blessing was from Champaign!

  36. I got my PS1 chipped to play copied games purely to play Dragon Ball GT and at the time i didn't have a SCART lead so it would only play in Black & white for some reason…no other game did this. But as a massive fan of Dragon Ball and being 11 years old at the time, I had a blast with it. I felt very special to have a Dragon Ball PS1 game. I still have my C-DR copy of it (now with a SCART lead for my PS1 so it plays in colour) 🙂

  37. All yall picks were the usual picks youd expect from KF: all weird niche indie titles you play once and forget about, with the exception of Half Life Alyx.

    What about Valheim? Escape from Tarkov? Valorant? You know, games that are actually popular on other platforms and aren't available on PS.

  38. Bruh, I had Cubivore but I traded it in along with a bunch of other games for the special edition zelda phantom hourglass DS lite. I don't regret getting the DS but I regret trading in Cubivore.

  39. let be honest they need to bring back "legend of legaia" point blank peroid


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