Suicide Squad’s Big New (Disastrous) Update - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.29.24 -

Suicide Squad’s Big New (Disastrous) Update – Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.29.24

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We’re here to talk about video game news!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:04:33 – Housekeeping
– A new PS I Love You XOXO is up right now where Greg and Joey give their Open Roads review, Bless gives Stellar Blade impressions, and the crew talks more about Helldivers 2.
– The Roper Report –
00:06:59 – Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s Joker Season Is Unbelievably Bad
00:29:22 – The Witcher 4: Polaris in Full Swing as CD Projekt Devotes Bulk of Its Efforts to Development
00:38:55 – CD Projekt Says 2023 Was Second Best Year in Its History While Posting $120 Million in Net Profits
00:41:58 – Capcom is seeking feedback on potential Dragon’s Dogma 2 DLC
00:49:10 – Embracer CEO says it’s ‘too early’ to start buying studios again
00:54:43 – Wee News!
00:56:00 – You‘re Wrong
Monday’s Hosts: Greg & Tim

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  1. "Bethesda games" are no longer Bethesda games. They have been going downhill consistently for years and starfield was just the icing on the cake. I have zero hope ES6 brings back the magic of earlier bethesda titles.Would love to be proven wrong.

  2. It's sad for the devs, but this is another Anthem situation (if not worst). Even worst is that few companies are in a position to buy them from WB. Maybe 2K?

  3. Does this live service game make it to 2026? 2025 even?

  4. Why'd they make the joker's design look like Finn Wolfhard.

  5. 54:11 the turn around is gonna have to be mid sized successful games. Remnant 2 is the best example of this. Even Dead Island 2 found pretty good success.

  6. I don’t blame WB for the game design I’m sorry. Rocksteady needs to wear this loss on their shoulders.

  7. At this point, they could simply learn from SquareEnix and what they did with Final Fantasy 14. Shut it down, apologize, revamp and correct snd blow it out the water. Sadly, i dont see that happening at all. Especially with WB over it all.

  8. Can never give HellDivers 2 enough flowers.

  9. How egotistical is Greg holy shit lol, I’m starting to get slightly annoyed whenever he talks or co-hosts tbh

  10. This had me looking back fondly at Avengers’ post-launch, where even with its problems we still had some great cinematics and free characters all the way through War For Wakanda.

  11. 1:00
    Greg: "Not your friend?"
    Bless: "…Yeah, sure, friend"
    Greg: "…"

    Hardest I've laughed in a minute lol

  12. Sassy Paul Tassi back at it again, baby

  13. The easy answer is DLC is dying, Expansions are back on the rise. Expansions are big enough to be games in their own right content wise and people get hyped for them. They often later even get physical bundle versions with the main game. Expansions are awesome and always sell well on PC, now on console. DLC though feels like its dying if its story or optional content, the story stuff will always be small. DLC now is different stuff from cosmetics to packs, expansions if are post game story content usually pop off.

    Sony have a massive expansion problem, every expansion they do is mid game never post game content. Last of Us and Uncharted did the smart thing in turning what was for sure DLC content turned expansion into its own game even.

  14. Diluting their own value makes a lot of sense for both Rocksteady and Netherrealm.

  15. It’s shocking that avengers did the live service better than Gotham knights or suicide squad. That game felt so bad at the time but wow I’m starting to miss it based off the crap we’ve been getting

  16. Never understood why gamers want more transparency from studios and publishers. Stop preordering and it won't matter.

  17. Avengers is a better game than suicide squad kills the justice league because atleast you played as the actual marvel heroes in that game

  18. Suicide Squad is why I was fine with TLOU Factions getting cancelled.

  19. CDPR is still on my shitlist. Released CP2077 in a terrible state and then released the PS5 disc version not completely on disk.

  20. DLC for me makes a complete edition worth buying. It's like a added bonus for a game I might not have played yet or want to give a replay. Knowing the burning shore is added in the horizon complete ed. makes a replay (which I plan some day!) have some fresh content to make it worth it.

  21. WB is really talented at making a mess with their games. MK 1 has a good story but season mode and the base roster is lacking. I can rant about how lazy that game mode is and how the alternate attires(most of them are just different colours) it’s baseline insulting. The game should have come out with another 8 to 10 more fighters to help round out the fights. Suicide Squad is another example of greed over quality. Harry Potter for all the controversy, has sold well. WB learns the wrong lessons and wants to go the way of greed and fail then go with a quality single player game.

  22. First time seeing the Wee News backdrop LOLOL

  23. Been playing SS and yes it's been a mess but the new season is not bad, is it a grind? yes but what live service game isn't, when Avengers released a new character with the exception of Black Panther there was literally nothing new besides here's the character.

  24. I’m over here getting wrecked by altitude sickness related insomnia. Yall are helping a lot lemme tell ya, quality content 👌

  25. In the meeting: "Hey Greg , are you Andy's long lost dad? Because you look like you have been kicked by a mule."

  26. Something obvious but often missed with these early announcements of games in development is that they're often not really aimed at players but on helping with recruitment. To me it seems one of the big lessons CDPR learned from CP2077 was to be much more lowkey and careful with how things like that cross over into the more mainstream coverage of games.

  27. Deadshot even says during the brainiac fight "you know you could have made the constructs purple right?"

  28. I'm tired of this new season issue that happens whenever you log in the game. It acts like i5s the first time everytime and if you go to nexus lex long-winded Luther won't shut up. Oh and if you want tutorials to not show how to do movement controls again, you have to turn dynamic tutorials on to make them go off lol

  29. Blessing having a real nervous moment on screen for the whole world to see 😅

  30. They just need to bring back DCU Online, that game was great!

  31. i'd expect nothing less than a chaotic clusterfuck around the one Batman villian whose entire existence is a chaotic clusterfuck. 🤣🤣

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