Star Wars Outlaws Story Trailer Reaction - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.09.24 -

Star Wars Outlaws Story Trailer Reaction – Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.09.24

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– A new Kinda Funny podcast is up where we talk about the eclipse and conspiracy theories.
– This Friday, April 12th at noon, come experience Pokemon like you’ve never experienced it before, through the eyes of a 44 year-old man. That’s right, the one-and-only Nick Scarpino will be playing his very first Pokemon game but with a twist, it’s a Nuzlocke!
– The Roper Report –
00:09:41 – Star Wars Outlaws Story Trailer Reaction
00:25:04 – EA Insists Iron Man Game ‘Remains an Important Priority’ as Developer Motive Joins Battlefield
00:45:30 – Children of The Sun Review Round Up
00:53:41 – ‘Fallout’ Series Gets New Release Date on Prime Video
00:55:41 – Wee News!
00:58:06 – SuperChats
01:13:49 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Bless

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  1. As someone who works for an insurance company, please reverse into all spaces, this is the first time Blessing has ever been right.

  2. If the game releases early in beta fine, but if you pay extra to get the game early and it's the full release game then that's the release date. Everyone else just gets it later than the release date.

  3. It’s weird that it says Greg and Bless for KFGD in the community tab for today

  4. Outlaws just feels very safe. I’m still looking forward to it because I’m not sick of the Ubisoft gameplay loop yet. But story wise and character. Nothing really felt interesting to me.

  5. I'm gonna play it cuz it's star wars, but this trailer didn't really do anything for me. I know a bunch of people say they're tired of Jedi and sith, want more of the underworld… But really all I want from Star wars are Jedi and the force

  6. Interesting to hear that Outlaws is dropping on PS5! I promise it appeared as though it was more exclusive to Xbox. Pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition!

  7. It's going to be a Ubisoft open-world game – it will probably get an 8.

  8. It's weird hearing Tim talk about Star Wars sometimes, because he says he's a fan, and then dumps on most of what Star Wars is. It's okay to move om if you aren't enjoying something anymore

  9. Just please give an option to change the main character's hairstyle in Star Wars Outlaws, yikes

  10. Looks like solid 7/10. Also really don't understand why people are excited for Assassin's Creed in Japan. When it is in Japan, Capcom won't be the dev. It is gonna still be same repetitive Ubisof sh*t.

  11. The gameplay they showed looked much better than this story trailer. It's the most clichéd a story could possibly look. Was that their intention? To make the story look boring? How many people who didn't see the gameplay are going to see this and get turned off from playing it? Star Wars name recognition can't carry this alone.

  12. I like this discussion on the marvel characters. The Square Enix GOTG was such a good cast, they should be there own ensemble and ot so heavily compared to the MCU cast.

    What messed up Iron Man for the Avengers game is having Nolan North voice him. It should've been a more unique voice actor; in fact, all of the avengers voice actors should've been more nuanced just like the MCU cast was in their inception. Hopefully, what EA has cooking will be better and more put together!

  13. Y'all are weird. I haven't been as excited for a Star Wars game in a very long time as much as I am for this one.

  14. I fucking died at the shingles joke. Nick is a genius.

  15. As long as she doesn't end up joining the rebellion, im happy. I want a story about the underworld, not another game where you just become a rebel at the end

  16. The iron man game got announced like a year and a half ago and if you listened to Tim you’d think it got announced last generation

  17. While i'm still not a fan of it being set during the most overused time in Star Wars (Skywalker Era) The story and characters have me very interested. Still not sold on the gameplay yet need to see a lot more on that front but all in all i'm looking forward to Star Wars Outlaws.

  18. Greg watches too much fake wrestling.

  19. I’m so hyped for In Review after that tease! I was already excited for Mad Max in review but now I gotta see what Tim’s going to say!

  20. I disagree with Tim's worry about feeling like there are too many games set in Japan. People just have a really short view on history and don't realize that there are 600 years between Tsushima and Ronin. Red has a lot of space to work with and still unique.

  21. Squadrons did bad because its very niche. Its the most unpopular part of star wars. All the people really want is the jedi RPG (kotor) and a good decent supported battlefront game. Squadrons should be an add on to an already established battlefront.

  22. Qi'ra of the Crimson Dawn is confirmed to be in Star Wars Outlaws. So yeah, that's the character from the Solo movie.

  23. I'm pretty stoked for SW Outlaws because I've loved everything I've played from Massive Entertainment.

    I don't usually buy new games, but this might be a Day 1 full priced purchase for me.

  24. Not going to lie, when I heard it was between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, I wish this was a newly canonized Shadows of the Empire instead.

  25. I honestly believe with all sincerity that there's tones in the Wee News music that only Tim can hear.

    The only time I've ever seen any creature react to noise the way Tim does to the Wee News music is when a doberman hears a dog whistle.

    It seems to actually hurt his insides when he hears the song.

  26. Outlaws looks very safe in this story trailer, but so did the recent Jedi games, and i enjoyed them quite a bit. i like that they're getting into the side of Star Wars that's usually pushed to the side in favour of the Jedi/Sith, Rebels/Empire stuff. given that Massive "get" why us Avatar weirdos like that IP and made a really good representation of life on Pandora in their Frontiers game, i'm cautiously optimistic they'll also get what makes this part of Star Wars compelling as well…

  27. “When the floor you need to hit is 10 ceilings up”-Tim Gettys
    -Michael Scott

  28. Battlefield is way more successful than Titanfall. So, no, not happening

  29. Star Wars game should of went with a create a character.

  30. Battle Royales became the new hot genre because technology advanced to allow 100 people in a detailed world to fight each other in real time.

    What's the next leap of tech that could make the next type of genre?

  31. Tim and blessing Be like 😅 in a good way…the best representation of some very ..very background cameo media personell to appear in a 🎬 star wars movie ….I can see how they fit right in.😚

  32. "i dont think it would happen in a million years" when talking about Downey doing Ironman is quite a ridiculous statement. Oh Blessing.

  33. Only Robert Downey Jr can be Iron Man? This is John Stamos disrespect! (Jk I watch too much toddler TV with my niece & nephew)

  34. You guys need better analysts on the "show". The entire Battlefield section "should have been" APEX legends and getting corrected with sales numbers at the end is humiliating. 20 minute worth of talk with wrong data and feelings. LOL.

  35. I am really intrigued as to what Assassin’s creed Red will be like. Loved Ghost of Tsushima, so it does have a lot to live up to. I did enjoy the gameplay of the last few ACs, albeit found the maps too large. As long as they condense that down, and focus on the assassin side, something they haven’t really done properly since Syndicate, then we could be in for something exciting.

  36. Star Wars single player games have been good, but its also a Ubisoft game. So wait 3 months and it will be on sale

  37. I definitely disagree with Bless on the GOTG game. It was awesome, and those interpretations of the Guardians were perfect. They nailed it, and by then end, I might have liked most of them even more than the movie versions. Especially Starlord. (And don't get me wrong, Pratt is great in the role and defined what the character should be, but the Square Enix version just gave him even more character and complexity)

  38. Anybody else get mildly frustrated when Tim says he’s not into a certain type of thing so he won’t try it. I feel like he decided what he likes and doesn’t really explore outside of that much cause it’s happened a lot now where I hear him say that he not willing to try something cause he knows what he likes

  39. Star wars is such a large a rich world. Filled with amazing lore. An entire world built out…. But they keep coming back to familiar characterizations for example here the main protagonist is basically a Han Solo type. But also characters like Jabba showing up again. Idk. Just feels like rehashing a lot of things we’ve already seen

  40. Sorry you freaking simps this will be a bad star wars game they already have it over priced from standard being 70 bucks to deluxe being 110 bucks to ultimate being 130 bucks or this is what ubisoft will do to make you not play their games is subscribe to ubisoft plus for 18 bucks a month which is fucking stupid but you won't care you'll support bc your star wars shills not real fans don't support this crap.

  41. I don’t see how anyone who likes Star Wars wouldn’t be excited for Outlaws. So many people have been screaming for an open world game that isn’t a Jedi story, and this clearly does that. I am concerned about the gameplay, simply because it’s Ubisoft, but that’s my only hang up.

  42. Im with Bless. There nothing like a walking into hot car after being in a really cold building.
    Side note: I don't want to speak for everyone in "the Community", but as a black man, I understand the struggle of working with fairer skinned people that love the cold.

  43. I thoroughly disliked Monkey Man. For the revenge action genre, the movie couldn't decide whether to drip feed the backstory, or spoon-feed the audience, so they did both, making the movie 30 minutes longer than it needed to be. Dev Patel pleasantly surprised me with his action scenes, but Monkey Man was all filler, no thriller

  44. Early access is for the people that write “first” in the comments.

  45. Do we have to play as a chick that is lame and

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