Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Revealed - Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 93 -

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Revealed – Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 93

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Mike and Gary are joined by Miles Dompier to talk about the newly revealed Star Wars Jedi game, Xbox passing on a Marvel deal, and more!

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Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:12:05 – Housekeeping
00:13:01 – Star Wars Jedi Survivor Revealed
00:42:03 – Xbox Streaming Stick Update
00:56:42 – Fall Guys coming to Xbox on June 21st and Free to Play
01:09:57 – Marvel and Xbox: The Deal That Was Passed On

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  1. while it is disappointing that Xbox passed but there were early in teh Xbox One cycle which was a dog's breakfast (aka a mess) so they could have made it, heck they could have pulled the same trick Sony did and gotten Spidey instead of Sunset Overdrive, but you guys are right they should be able to make some good hero games, like off the top of my head give Punsiher to id, give Blade to Arkane etc, either way I knwo we're getting good third party hero games, but would it be so bad for Xbox to have a first party one?

  2. Jedi Fallen Order was the first game I've ever quit a playthrough. I got lost so many times because of the map that I became so angry and frustrated I just quit.

  3. Jedi knight games were awesome back in the day

  4. Mike! You never played Titanfall 2?!? What are u doing with ur life? Play the 6hr campaign asap! So good.

  5. Jesus Barrett was drinking early on friday if he thought thay was the grand inquisitor

  6. From what I've read that was a Senator not the Grand Inquisitor.

  7. it is fun to see the guest sitting mouth shut and someone off screen rambling on

  8. After playing elden ring, would like if you could fast travel between the meditate sights. Also yeah a city area, maybe coruscant since we haven’t seen it really in the imperial era

  9. RPG where you create your own mandalorian. Maybe set it right after the mandalorian wars or do the story of stealing the dark saber back.

  10. Snowbike Mike got the 1970’s porn mustache going on.

  11. As far as Jedi: Survivor I thought I read somewhere that it was rumored for a February 2023 release but no specific date in February was in the stuff I read.

  12. I would be interested tosee Gary put pen to paper to do a Superman story.

  13. Haha. The cut from glasses on to glasses off to glasses on…smooooooth

  14. "We are not starving on superhero games " actually we are the last two good superhero games on Xbox/pc are Arkham Knight and guardians, and the next one coming is Gotham knights which looks like utter dogshit, so I do think Xbox majorly fucked up on that department

  15. SB Mike seems like such a nice guy

  16. With all due respect, Barrett, love your insights, but all the “uhs” and “uhms” are killin your takes.. almost made your first thoughts on Star Wars Jedi survivor too hard to sit through.. just tryna give helpful criticism to make the show better than it already is. Love what y’all do, keep up the good work!

  17. Sony was like we can focus on first party and huge IP deals. Who knew? Lol. The amount of studios didn’t matter Sony contracted Insomniac(they bought them later). Look at how many studios Xbox have now and they still contracted out Perfect Dark. Also it wasn’t just Spider-Man they could’ve had their pick.

  18. Did Parris quit?he barely on anymore.he only has to do 1 hour a week,is it that hard

  19. That guy looks like he’s going to fall asleep

  20. It would be cool if they made dual wielding permanent and not a move

  21. I imagine the thing in the box the grand inquisitor opens is a holocron with the locations of other jedi

  22. kinda fitting that xbox passed on marvel when they are the ones to be buying Activision the ones that marvel left

  23. I met Gary at that smaller convention he talked about. Was so awesome. Also I like the Spider-Man game over every other Batman game.

  24. Defining Duke and XCAST appearance from Miles OH BOY

  25. I don't like the name but I definitely want to play it

  26. Xbox streaming is starting to be alot like their first party games. Just vapourware!

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