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Spider-Man Stops A Train

Kotte Animation
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Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is here! He spots a train while his web swing and say hi to the train driver. And things starts to go mad…

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  1. Wtf i just watched💀
    But the Animation was damn

  2. The cobweb is sticking on his butt 😂😂😂

  3. "…Miles, kill this reality, would you?"
    – A pissed off 2099

  4. Lesson learned, if someone flips you off, then you won’t have kids

  5. ت غاتتغلبققت❤فاتر

  6. I'm so confused! I'm never watching Disney Minus again! 😧😫

  7. That dying trumpet and face when he realized the friendly conductor was in fact not friendly at all 😂

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