Sonic Frontiers, Resident Evil 4 & State of Play Recap - Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.03.22 -

Sonic Frontiers, Resident Evil 4 & State of Play Recap – Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.03.22

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Imran the DAWN Khan makes his return to talk about State of Play, Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy XI, Sonic Frontiers, and more!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:07:27 – Housekeeping
Our Kinda Funny reacts to yesterday’s State of Play is up right now on the Youtube channel along with a full on episode of PS I Love You XOXO breaking down each and every announcement for you featuring Greg, Janet, Andy, Tim, and myself. That is up on and podcast services around the globe.
BUT remember we’re only at the very beginning of Summer Games Fest season. Summer Games Fest Live, Xbox Games Showcase, and more are happening in the coming weeks. Make sure to check-in to because we’ll be reacting to it all live along with you.
A new episode of Jurassic Park In Review is UP and if you want classic unhinged Greg Miller, you should definitely watch our review of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom on or on podcast services around the globe!
The Roper Report –
00:09:13 – State of Play Recap
00:43:23 – Ads
00:46:37 – PlayStation 5 sales reach 20 million worldwide
00:48:44 – Sonic Frontiers got a brand new gameplay trailer showing off combat
00:59:16 – Devolver’s Summer Showcase is Coming June 9
01:03:11 – Sega has announced a Mega Drive Mini 2, including Mega CD games
01:05:02 – Samoa Joe will play Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal TV show
01:07:56 – Out today
01:09:00 – You‘re Wrong

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  1. RE5 aged HORRIBLY and nothing they can do will change that in a remake other than completely changing the setting

  2. Sonic frontiers looks bad asf, vast ass empty open world 😭😭😭 sonic shouldn’t be open world!

  3. “Hold the game, Put in back in your pocket, and just polish it!” – blessing 😭😭😭

  4. This is a new low, asking for click? Maybe you should be focusing in creating a good gaming site.

  5. This Sonic Frontier gameplay is what open world anime games look like… They need to fill the world w/ more stuff.

  6. Anytime Imran is back it's like he never left. Miss that man, always happy to see him on KF content.

  7. Love how Imran just retconned The Last Remnant into being a PS3 release

  8. Imran telling us to go click randomly on his website to justify him keeping his tencent owned job is some of the most embarrassing shit I have seen in a long time. If nobody is clicking on your website which is filled with a bunch of bias and nonsense, then maybe read the room.

  9. This Sonic looks shit, it just does.
    Sonic fans would be better off clailing for more of Whitehead's sauce, Sonic Mania was actually a good game.

  10. Sonic looks like a bad bootleg looks like trash

  11. Damn, I thought the Sonic combat looked decent !

  12. lol he has no idea about SF , 6 is already faster than 5

  13. Capcom went full ArcSys on the character designs for SF6 and I am 1000000000000000% here for it.

  14. Yeah its safe to say Sonic will be garbage. Game looks even more uninspired than Arceus.

  15. It looks like a giant barren open world. shrugs

  16. sonic seems soo freaking slow. also i think if u nail the controls u should never be hit. like games like Bayonetta or a souls game. an expert with proper controls can beat the game and never be hit. sonic looks like its clunky to control and just looks off like ugly sonic

  17. Does anyone think that there will be Mercenary mode to get the Handcannon and other gun too or nah?

  18. that open world made Halo Infinite feel like it was teeming with life.

    i think it looked incredible barren and boring. guess some stuff could be fixed. happy for everyone who is excited but meh.

  19. If I'm not mistaken , MVC3 had an "easy" option to make it more accessible for new comers so hearing that SF6 will have something similar is an auto cosign from me.

  20. No guys, we aren't getting a new switch system until 2024 after the mario kart dlc is done
    Let's not be stupid

  21. Man, Frontiers looks so boring and uninspired. They also did it a huge disservice with how they chose to show it off. 6/7 minutes of repetitive gameplay with a real lack of fluidity. It’s almost like they felt confident that the gameplay would speak for itself…and it does just not in the way they probably hoped lol.

    I hate to be so harsh but that just wasn’t it for me.

  22. State of play was really boring. Hope they have another one soon with some big announcement’s

  23. I thought RE:4 was pretty creepy at times.

  24. I gotta admit. I actually enjoyed the combat trailer. Also I don’t feel like the music is final. Music is the one thing I’m not worried about for this game, rumor has it that crush 40 came back to do some tracks.

  25. After some research I realized the truth: Sonic fans have THE lowest expectations (aside from Pokémon fans.)
    There's no other answer for why people are in the comments saying the game "looks amazing".


    Look at videogames in the past 10 years, now look at this Sonic game. The game looks bad. It's bland, janky, empty, and soulless. The only thing going for is running fast around the world. But EVEN then, Sonic is still slow for some reason… like WHY doesn't SEGA just let you GO?? Literally just let people run fast and you have a good game.

    If you still think this game looks good for some reason, go compare it to some of the top fan made Sonic games and you'll see how much more fluid, polished, and fun those games look. And their made by way smaller teams… smh

  26. Devolver's I hope shows return to monkey Island. Aren't they publishing it?

  27. There's as many good Sonic games as there is good Sonic movies.

  28. it looks like they cut and pasted sonic into the environment

  29. Sonic looks rough and terrible , no speed shown atm and the combat looks like its missing animations . Plus the larger enemies when you destroy an arm sonic just face plants the floor while it does a sort cutscene…..

  30. For RE4 Remake, I kind of hope Capcom does a throwback and makes a chainsaw Dualsense controller. Haptics would be insane.

  31. Sonic frontiers is the Legends Arceus problem. Looks light on content but big world overall. This can be a great step forward but it’s a rough one. I need story, where’s Shadow, Knuckles,Tails, Eggman, Silver? We need more characters and more dense world building.

  32. 1:01:07 I would pop so much for Katana Zero content. I know they said something about DLC awhile back, but its been so long I wouldn't be shocked if it got expanded to just being a sequel.

  33. Inram needs to be on Games Daily more often. Bless the Don. lol

  34. I can’t believe that both Blessing and Tim looked at what seems like a fake fan-made Unreal Engine demo and thought “Yeah this is what I want.” It looks like the most generic un-Sonic version of an open world platformer imaginable. Never forget the Cycle – every time a new Sonic game is previewed we go “Okay it looks a little rough around the edges but this is a preview build.”

    It never is a preview build.

  35. Imran " soon to be out of a job for slamming his bosses " khan 😅

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