Rooster Teeth Shuts Down - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.06.24 -

Rooster Teeth Shuts Down – Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.06.24

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News breaks mid-show about Rooster Teeth shutting down after more than 2 decades. Greg and Roger tackle it all.

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:03:58 – Housekeeping
– We’re an hour early because there’s an Xbox Partner Preview at 10 am followed by the Xcast LIVE!
Gamescast is up and it’s our WWE 2K24 review!
– Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Karl Jacobs, Kieren Hovasapian, Delaney Twining
– The Roper Report –
00:07:03 – Helldivers 2 Patch Out For PC, Soon for PS5
00:19:03 – Dragon’s Dogma 2 Preview Round-up
00:30:38 – BREAKING NEWS: Rooster Teeth Shutting Down
00:44:29 – Balatro is a Success!, PlayStack Games
00:45:36 – Alan Wake 2 LOWERS PC Specs, Tom Warren @ The Verge
00:46:42 – Wee News!
00:49:28 – SuperChats

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  1. ….Didn't work well…Didn't work well…

  2. Long time viewer but this was a wake up call to me to sign up for the patreon, hope you guys don’t suffer too much and are here for many years to come ❤️

  3. I was just telling my wife the other day that I don’t know where I would go to if Kinda Funny shuts down. 😢 Let’s support as much as we can. Love you all!

  4. RT is how I found Kinda Funny. Very sad to hear the news

  5. Sounds like borderlands nerfs got to love them😢

  6. Rooster Teeth shutting down is crazy to think about. I loved watching RT content with my friends back in the day. Sad

  7. R.I.P. to RT. I grew up watching Jack & Geoff on Achievement Hunter. They’re what eventually led me to IGN & Greg. Truly Pioneers & Legends.

  8. Sucks RT closed down, but to be honest, it feels like they've been on the way out for the last several years and just trying to cling on, so in no way does it surprise me

  9. hm how did RT start again oh Bungie Halo. after 343 bashed that game to death here we are at the end of it all. maybe just maybe if 343 Bonnie Ross and the 3 bozos was respectful to the gift they were given then thing would be a whole lot different for various parties. oh what does that have to do with anything? the nerds will say… keep playing on the surface don’t bother looking any further. go fourth RT employees. good be onto you all.

  10. RT has been in decline for many years now. Glad they finally put it out of it's misery. Had a good run but the many changes they thought would help actually killed it lol

  11. It's unfortunate for the employees, but Rooster Teeth was unfit to handle their IP and squandered it.

    I hope we get a Prime series or something out of RWBY and Genlock.

  12. Corona also really messed up Rooster teeth's viewership imo seeing the group seperated pushed most people to Vtubers instead.

  13. It was the GTA Every Bullet counts that first introduced me to Kinda Funny, which led me to What’s Good, which led me to No Clip and so many more. Thank you Rooster Teeth and best wishes to the crew and I hope you all make it through this.

    P.S.How about we meet in the middle and ya’ll make a Farsh sticker?

  14. What has me so puzzled about the whole RT thing is after all these terrible stories about bad internal employee abuse, clearly poor business decisions and overworking their animators, who should we be mad at? Who were some of these people who mistreated their co-workers, who were the executives who didn’t do anything to put a stop to all this bad behavior? Who was making these bad decisions that was preventing their remaining talented employees from doing other cool things? Some of it must be due to warner bros discovery but I imagine some of the bad actors must have been there before they were acquired? Who should we put the blame on?

  15. We need a new company that have the right ideas, buy the show like rwby, rwby Chibi, camp camp, death battle and fix it and make it great again and treat its employees with kindness and respect.

  16. Really got into Red vs Blue for a little bit a while age and really into RWBY.

  17. I don't see why everyone is so sad and I don't see because Rooster teeth isn't a company it was an idea and the people and without those two things it wouldn't even exist so could either just mope around and be sad that it shutdown or we could do something like make a better company and this to all the rooster teeth fans and employees in the world "don't give up".

  18. Whats gonna happen with rwby?man i hate watching a show without ending regardless of terrible or good the show is. Its better not to watch it in the first place

  19. "Sitting next to my son" gestures at Roger

  20. I'll never forget RTX 2014 when Greg picked me to go on stage to play destiny against Bungie. Unfortunately rooster teeth has had way too many controversies so I get it.

  21. Heart breaking to hear about roosterteeth. I know there’s a lot of shit that came out about them but their podcasts really did help me a lot. Hope the ppl there are okay.

  22. I didn’t realize they had been unprofitable. Especially not for 10+ years.

  23. I love your dry bones shirt Greg. And I didn’t realize you guys were still technically apart of RT. I hope you fellas aren’t effected by the closure. I think you guys will be fine though you guys do a great job.

  24. Thank you for using the real RT logo and not that new garbage.

  25. The writing has been on the wall for a while. Their acquisition was a blessing and a curse. It allowed for more big projects, by the channel lost its identity at its core which was mostly just a bunch of friends making content. Obviously RvB, RWBY, and other series were big hits, but their actual in-house content like the podcast started to decline. Especially when their big founding personalities like Burnie, Gus, Geoff stepped away. Which isn’t their fault. They built this successful brand from the ground up and they wanted to enjoy the fruits of their labor instead of grinding away.

  26. I LIKE Roger, but does he like games? Just seems to have negative/bad takes on a lot of quality games… I feel like his take on a small indie game would be 1/5…

  27. As they say "Go Woke Go Broke." Nonetheless, I'm gutted and will really miss RT I do feel really bad for the staff of RT. There were some great people at RT all the best for the future, thanks for the memories RT.

  28. Found Kinda Funny through RT.
    They've changed a lot over the past years, but still sad. 😥

  29. To bad bills are high this month. 🙁 I want to play Dragon Dogma 2 & Rise of the Ronin for my b-day.

  30. The Gauntlet season 2 was also my introduction to Greg. Watching Greg run smash through the Sonic obstacle course and throwing the plate of onion rings. And then of course him camping to win the Unreal Tournament Free for All and going full heel. I was an instant fan. Sad to see RT go

  31. they blamed consumers, they deserved to be shut down for going woke and destroying montys legacy.

  32. The one silver lining is that hopefully KF will stop being sponsored by BetterHelp

  33. Clicked on this assuming it would be the top story, but when I heard the discussion of the time, I realized it was going to be an on air update and dear reader it made me deeply anxious

  34. Sad news about RT. However! Does this mean Alfredo can come to Kinda Funny??

  35. The problem for rt was I think they ran before they could truly walk

  36. Job reviews on camera. Ok, ok, yall got me. Im sold 😂😂

    So achievement hunter is rooster teeth? Damn, hearing these names being brought up.

    I guess the only thing i can say/ask is, is indie the way to go? I know some sort of crowd fund or backing is needed, but if you love what youre doing and dont want to go into another career field, is indie the answer? Im talking across the board with all the layoffs, gaming and journalists alike.

  37. Im just said for all the people that stuck it out with roosterteeth through all the shit from cooperate and the controversys now being left in the dust. Im sure the writing was on the walls for awhile. But still a bunch of very talented people. Hope they can find there footing somewhere else

  38. I wouldnt be here if it wasn’t because of RoosterTeeth. I also got into standup comic after Nick’s Waiting for the Punchline documentary he did with them.

  39. Crazy that rooster teeth is no more. They’re the reason I decided to go to school for multimedia and production. Huge influence in my life. Still watch their content to this day. Also how I discovered kinda funny and Greg in the first place. Sad to see RT come to an end.

  40. Really well put by Roger. “Stripped for parts” is pretty accurate

  41. I'm also a simple man. Rodger=Me having a good time

  42. WB could have kept Rooster Teeth going with what they spend on executive lunches in a season but sure, blame it on external forces and not just the type of absorption and layoffs that WB does on the daily 🙄

  43. Hopefully some former RT get hired at Kinda Funny 😉

  44. Loved these guys when they were on IGN. Loved them when they started Kinda Funny. Lost respect when they couldn't even stand behind their friend over a joke.
    Same thing with Rooster Teeth loved their first things they did. Then they got to big and the corporate world got a hold of them and forever changed them (slowly). For the worse. Feel bad for all those people that worked there that were actually upstanding and respectful humans.

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