Rockstar Apologizes for GTA: Trilogy - Kinda Funny Games Daily 11.19.21 -

Rockstar Apologizes for GTA: Trilogy – Kinda Funny Games Daily 11.19.21

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Blessing and Janet unite to once again talk about GTA trilogy along with Halo Infinite campaign expectations, if Xbox could delist Call of Duty, and more.

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Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:05:54 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:07:08 – Rockstar apologizes – a post on Rockstar’s website
00:20:06 – Halo Infinite campaign co-op and Forge mode suffer further delays – Tom Ivan @ VGC
00:26:50 – Halo Infinite Campaign Preview Round-up
00:41:30 – Phil Spencer “evaluating” Xbox relationship with Activision Blizzard following Kotick allegations – James Batchelor @ GiBiz
00:49:26 – Forza Horizon 5 Had ‘The Biggest First Week in Xbox History’ – Jared Moore @ IGN
00:52:40 – Out today
00:58:00 – Squad Up:rocketguardian(Xbox/pc)
00:58:27 – You‘re Wrong
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  1. I don’t give them as much as a pass as you guys do. Here’s the reason why… The company that they hired to remaster these games had a history of screwing up ports. The fact is, using unreal engine 4, this should’ve been a breeze for them. They already had the underlying code, so it was essentially switching engines and doing the work to translate all of the 3-D models over with some upgrades. Along with upgrade to postprocessing to make things look a little more modern. But, in the translation, they may as well have just put in higher resolution textures to the original engine… Because they barely even touch the surface of UE4. There should not be any pop in on any version of this game. Yeah it’s 20 yards in front of your eyes. The lighting, I will say is pretty nice. But there’s too much inconsistency in the 3-D models and the texture work. Then you have stuff like the rain, which is inexcusable. When motors have done a better job updating the game, which happened years ago… To the point, where the game looks almost new… Why didn’t you just hire them or incorporate the mods and pay the molders? The point being, the game was in a better state with the mods than it is with the remaster.

    Which then begs the question, did rockstar even review the final copy of the remaster? Or did they just take the company they hired to do it’s word for it? Because if they had actually taken a look at it and seen what it look like and how it ran and the issues facing it, it’s hard for me to believe that as obsessive as rockstar is over damn near perfection… That they would not just throw it in the trash and redo it themselves. And again, they would’ve been much better off just incorporating the mods that were already out there and paying those moders for their work.

    As is, the games do look somewhat better. But, I think they would’ve done them selves and the community a much better favor by either completely remaking the games or hiring a company that was competent enough to get the job done right.

  2. Ugh pretty annoying. Yeah it sucks Campaign co-op delayed is a bummer, but we got the Multiplayer three weeks early, it's so much fun. And if it was released in a bad state they would have gotten eaten alive like GTA Trilogy is getting, or Cybperpunk got. They already changed how the Halo Battle pass works a bit.

  3. R* should release a rdr2 60fps patch for new systems. We all know they are waiting so they can charge $60-70 for some special edition

  4. No Yakuza characters is a little rough but that bracket should be fun. Kiryu and Majima got snubbed tho

  5. I bet blessing is just going through puberty lol

  6. I first read the title as rockstar apologizes – kinda lol

  7. I also would like to see you annunciate rooster teeth. It’s always roosteeth and I bet they don’t like that

  8. Developer releases a sub-par game to meet holiday rush, plans to update later and hope the heat blows over. Tale as old as time. Folks need to stop buying these games to let developers know this is not acceptable.

  9. I dont think Janet is interested in Halo. So IDK.

  10. If the Rockstar community wants better treatment… vote with your wallets. Stop supporting them and you will see the quality of the content improve

  11. Janet's signature "Yo, what's up" intro gives me life. It's as if Blessing just called her out of the blue while she was making lunch, and that's like, her phone greeting, lol. It's just so chill and comfortable – a great energy. Really love PS I love Fridays here on KFGD. Let's get Janet on a Kinda Funny Podcast episode soon! Much love to all the best friends.

  12. I'm sorry but, no, that is absolutely not a "good" statement. Rockstar farmed out these "remasters" to an inexperienced studio, using the mobile ports as the base, and clearly didn't give a shit about the quality because Rockstar is so far up their own asses that they figured the sheep will buy whatever crap we give them. The technical issues were not "unexpected", they knew full well how shitty these were, they just didn't care. This is not a QA issue, the QA team did their jobs, either Rockstar or Grove Street simply chose not to address the problems. We know that Cyberpunk had tons of issues, issues that CDPR assured the platform holders would be smoothed out at launch, to get it pushed through certification. If CDPR can do that, I have zero doubt a company as big as reputable as Rockstar can get away with the same. These aren't minor issues that can be chalked up to simple oversight, everyone involved with these remasters knew the kind of shape they were in, made the decision to publish them as-is, and Rockstar took zero accountability for their quality in this statement. I'm so goddamn sick of these complete bullshit "sowwy, we missed the mark" press releases when big studios can't be bothered to put in the bare fucking minimum of effort and shift blame to anyone but themselves, and if we don't expect more from them they'll keep pulling this shit.

  13. 2017: Mass Effect Andromeda
    2018: Fallout 76 – hold my beer
    2019: Anthem – hold my beer
    2020: Cyberpunk 2077 – hold my beer
    2021: GTA Trilogy: hold my beer
    2022: ______

  14. This doesn't pass for me in regards to rockstars apology and release of this game. People are doing the cd projeckt red thing in holding them to a gold standard and passing them since they made gta. This is a multi million dollar company who has broken record sells and has all the resources to make a great definitive edition. We can look at 2ks and hanger 13s mafia definitive edition was was incredible and those are games that people love but not the amount that gta has. Looking at the final fantasy remaster they took the time and effort to make them look and feel so much better. It feels they just took the mobile port and slapped it into consoles. They pulled it from pc also due to the copyright music which seems like an incredibly easy solution either pull the audio before or pay for the rights. They did not take the time with this game to fix issues and make it what it should have been. From looks alone I do not think it is an upgrade and looks like a group of friends messed with unity engine and remade it in a few months. The excuse that it will be better over time is baffling since it is just scamming people and excusing that behavior that you can release a 20 dollar game for full market price. A game being released by a massive company that is not new to making games or in the industry that is full of bugs and problems while also not looking that upgraded is inexcusable. A fully priced game or bundle released by a massive triple A company should at the very least have minimum bugs and glitches. Giving buyers the original editions is a lazy make up for it when the definitive edition should already replace those games. To take the original off the market is horrible too because some people want to play those and prefer them. They are money hungry and know people will buy their games since it is rockstar and they are the golden boy company who can do no wrong. Rockstar just got a tiny slap on the wrist when they should of been held more accountable for their actions since they have been in the industry for many many years and have made tons of video games.

  15. Everyone will keep giving them their money though. People never learn when theyve been taken advantage of. The people that continue to dump loads of money into GTA5 are the reason were waiting 10 years to get GTA6. Without Dan Houser Rockstar has become just another EA

  16. That PS bracket is as bad as the spiderman movie ranking list.

  17. Come out with GTA 6….simple..😕 Stop going for the quick money grab

  18. As always, I love when Janet is on because whenever someone says or reads something that at first doesn’t make sense or sound coherent, she always speaks up or calls it out to clarify!

  19. They should put the original games back on every storefront they used to be on.

  20. I encourage everyone to stop pre-ordering until they start releasing finished games again!

  21. “Sorry we don’t give a shit about our legacy.”

  22. The halo co-op is such a black eye for halo its crazy.

  23. Not a good statement to a certain degree seeing as they knew the state of the game as they launched it. Plus a road map to fix the game , just makes me think of 2077 road map of a road map 🤣

  24. 10 million for Forza is not Really big . It would be if it wasn't free on gamepass. And was only available to purchase smh

  25. prob my new fav duo.

    it's actually depressing how bad the gta ports are

  26. Probably not good to bring on Janet the playstation SIMP on a heavy Xbox News day. She's got nothing to ad to the conversation that's remotely valuable.

  27. The idea of match ups not being fair along the way of a tournament is actually pretty flawed because ultimately the character that should be crowned the champion in the end should be able to be held to of the others and win. If Mario can lose to Tommy Vercetti, then he shouldn't be the champ, even if he would be #2. It's sad, but having those match ups in the early rounds where top contenders are knocked out, is actually a great way to do it because then you're getting main events the whole way through.

  28. I think these guys got worked by this Rockstar apology. They're apologizing for the PC version that they had to pull. But they worded it in a way that sounded like they're apologizing for the game itself and how badly ported it was.

    At no point do they say they're gonna improve the game. Just that they're gonna make it right with PC people and fix crashes.

  29. They knew what they were doing from the start fuck Rockstar and Take Two

  30. Jeff Grubb comparing Halo Infinite to BotW is just LOL. There are literally dozens of open world games where you have the freedom to do things and it can cause chain reactions. These journalists love to make stupid comparisons. I don't even trust these reviewers. Can't forget that IGN praised the hell out of Halo 5 because Ryan is nothing but a huge fanboy.

  31. I still think the GTA Trilogy backlash is blown out of proportion but whatever. Good on R* for addressing it.

  32. I learned my lesson from cyberpunk to never preorder a game

  33. “Halo infinite is Gods gift to earth” -Previewers
    “Idk if I want to play this game” – The person on the right.

  34. Rockstar sucks in soo many ways lol why do people still support them

  35. Might as well talk about Forza's launch numbers while you can because they're about to get SPANKED this week by Halo

  36. 15:28 – I'm glad Blessing touched on that aspect of QA finding stuff and managers choosing to ignore it and make it "acceptable". You'd be surprised just how much that happens and is true. Unfortunately QA gets blamed for not "catching" the bugs. But in all software development, this is what happens instead!

  37. Unexpected my ass. Just take responsibility of it Rockstar.

  38. So many "likes" stopped listening five minutes into the episode.

  39. R* should've just hire blue point to do the remaster. Graphically, it looks too shitty for me to go back and play the trilogy.

  40. Overwhelming great responses in the Halo previews for campaign, and y'all bring brush over that and only discuss the potential negatives? Ok

  41. Whoa, Janet said "What's up?" instead of "What's good?" in the intro and I'm weirded out. 😅

  42. Here’s the thing regarding the statement it should’ve never had to have been made in the first place. Yes they had to say something but they only had to say something because they literally screwed up royally. Let’s remember these games were technically unplayable. If you played at night while it was raining you couldn’t function because your screen was messed up with rain that was not textured correctly. It’s kind of hard when you release a game so messed up to come out and make a statement and say hey guys we’re going to work on the issues there are tons of issues here across three different games. Not only do you need to actually fix the issues you didn’t need to improve the performance. Remember these are supposed to be definitive edition‘s they are supposed to be better than anything that came before that and many people argue these are the worst. So while yes they had to say something and it covers all the bases it doesn’t do anything to make people happy. The only thing I can say they did correctly was saying hey guys don’t mess with the development team leave them alone. Other than that there’s nothing they can say to make it better. Just think you bought this game $60 it’s going to take months maybe a year for them to fix this problem what am I supposed to do until then will go ahead and play the older version of the game we gave you I’ve already played that I might’ve already on that version of the game. Notice they didn’t say were giving out refunds that should tell you something. They didn’t even want you to think about getting your money back for a messed up product. Noticed I didn’t say they would give people some money back they don’t wanna give you back any money either even though this thing is not worth $60 isn’t the time I have to wait to have my game patched worth something the old titles aren’t enough let’s be honest I own them already. It’s just absolute garbage from beginning to middle to end they screwed up there’s nothing they can really do about it

  43. Racing games niche? Racing games are about as mainstream as it gets. Racing and sports games are generally played by more people than RPGs and action adventure games.

  44. All im hearing is 2 people making excuses and defending rockstar 🤣 the games shouldn't have launched its that black and white they released it because they know it sells and there gonna make a ton of money. And also they should have never removed the original games and the only reason they are putting them back is because it looks like a good gesture and takes the attention away from the broken mess that's the trilogy

  45. I dont know why the comparison of Cyberpunk is being used. Sony delitsted that game ONLY because people wanted refunds and or because CD offered them without communicating with Sony first. Their reasonings will only be for money NOT for the well being and safety of actual people.

  46. Not everything gets QA…there has been many companies that just bypass the QA process. I worked in QA for close to 10 years.

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