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Rewind Scene Funny Games.wmv

James Rohan
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  1. it's officially not a movie anymore lol like what

  2. So this whole movie pulled a Life is Strange on us.

  3. This has to be the biggest bruh moment in movie history

  4. Damn I need to see the original. The remake killing the dad first def took away now that I seen this.

  5. I love this scene – Paul and Peter know they're both in a movie, they are doing this because without the antagonists in a horror movie we have very little. Hence they are initiating this, while also using that awareness of the fact that they're in a movie to know what the audience wants and not giving it when it comes to the horror villain's demise.Because it may have seemed like they're doing it for our benefit but they're not. They're doing it for their own. That and the story is entirely in the control of the person telling it, despite all their efforts to make it immersive and in one scene it just shattered that immersion.

  6. the killer rewound because the scene was in the wrong film and it had a wrong outcome on the plot. this isn't an action film, like the shotgun scene would belong to, also the 2 killers are tools that drive the plot forcefully forward and they can't have something go out of plan. also the WTF factor when first watching this is very prominent and is one of the many 'funny games' this movie plays around

  7. This is basically an spin-off of Click (the Adan Sadler movie) where a psychopath gets the control

  8. The director prefered 2007 you can all sleep now

  9. One of the most unfair and ingenious moments in movie history. The writer was playing a funny game with us…

  10. I swear, these guys were clearly the inspiration material for Utopia's two killers. I mean, Paul looks just like Lee

  11. Paul says CAREFUL in a language from Austria, but what language is it though someone tell me

  12. Not realistic. Does the movie explain this remote?

  13. Siempre me he preguntado de que va realmente esta película. Y me da un poco de miedo llegar a saberlo alguna vez.

  14. when your entire movie is a board game and you use the remote control you won that everyone else wanted to save your friend!

  15. I love this movie, it's basically showing you what would actually happen in real life, like the kid who couldn't climb over the border so he had to swim and his footsteps were visible, or when he grabbed the gun and it wasn't even loaded. This scene is like "you think he would actually be dumb enough to know you'll try shooting them??"

  16. Such an evil movie, the director is blantanly taunting the audience, you don’t get to leave this movie theater happy, no matter what

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