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  1. This is the moment the movie goes from bad to stupid.

  2. Everyones talking about how this scene subverts the audiences expectations of the ending of the movie but im still thinking about how its canconical that these two guys or just paul have the ability to manipulate reality and break the fourth wall by looking at the camera and rewinding time with a tv remote like in the Adam Sandler movie Click

  3. Let me just say this film was made to piss audience off, thats what the director said and i love this film.These two guys are sent by all of us (audience) to kill someone. We can stop them by turning the film off.And this scene with the remote is just a slap in our face for thinking this film will be the same thing we always watched in horror. director said : violence shouldnt be satisfying, it should be terrible and hopeless.Im a tarantino and violence fan but love this film cuz how genius it is.

  4. What would have happened if she shot and killed that guy again then broke the remote! I felt bad for Naomi watts! Should be a crime to kill her off in a movie

  5. Nah i don't feel any emotion like the original 1997 was better

  6. Wonder if she shot both of them? Would that resolved it? I haven’t seen this movie in awhile.

  7. Michael Pitt fits well into disturbing films.

  8. The best supervillain superpower. The ability to rewind no matter what.

  9. Very darkly comedic or satirical scene. Haven’t seen anything quite like it.

  10. One thing I think is interesting is contrast this with the original, he smiles and he sees the irony. But in the original he looks shocked and scared . Maybe haneke did this in purpose to fuck the US audience but that’s interesting

  11. This is the moment the movie goes from bad to stupid.

  12. 0:26 Hay más que un circo y un payaso para enrostrarle al mundo que no el mundo cual es la dinámica que no puede superar a la Realidad una realidad que es absurdo que sea puesta a competir con ese maremágnum de asociaciones y referencias espureas de la narrativa audiovisual, insumos que son recolectados para cocinar esa otra realidad psicodelica y atosigante.

  13. She could’ve easily shot the other guy too ffs.

  14. Who pushed the “play” button after he started rewinding? He couldn’t?

  15. i watched this movie with my parents and my dad went "EXCELLENT" when the guy was shot. watching him watch the scene play out after was like watching a puppy dying. sorry dad

  16. @happysexytime The movie scenario we expect is that Anne grabs the gun and kills Peter. The reality of the situation is that she wouldn't have gotten the gun off them, as they're clever, calculating killers.
    It showed us the "movie" scenario because that's what we wanted/expected to see, only to rip that away and leave us with the harsh reality of would actually happen in real life

  17. My interpretation of this movie is that Peter and Paul were fallen angels with supernatural abilities and their goal was to torture happy families in order to get revenge against God or possibly gain satan's favor.

  18. @YouSmellLikeACat Lmao…you're way off.

  19. @AgrivatedKillah Well you didn't write or direct this movie and I'm entitled to interpret it any way I please.

  20. @YouSmellLikeACat
    its already been proving that this movie plays on americans lust for violence.. thats the interpretation.. with him breaking the fourth wall.

    No offense, but your reply was way off.
    This movie has nothing to do with "going against god"
    Also if they were, when she made them pray, he would have made her look at the ground.

  21. @AgrivatedKillah That's fascinating that Michael Haneke had that vision when he made this film but what fascinates me more is that you can't spell the words aggrivated or killer correctly.

  22. @YouSmellLikeACat ….

    My name was never meant to be spelled correctly, it was a joke rap name.

  23. this part makes me laugh out loud because he's like "where the fuck is the remote"? like this has happened before. it probably has.

  24. i love the worried look on peters face before he gets shot. it's really funny. lol

  25. @nansarama i actually love this interpretation thanks !

  26. The thing is, he didn't even press the rewind button, he pressed the left arrow key. Pretty stupid flub, considering they got it right in the original version of the film.

  27. At first a great film – but thios stupid rewind bit turned it into Sesame Street – ridculous effort to make an original film

  28. @nansarama I think the whole films meant to be like that.

  29. It's funny to read the comments on this scene and see how completely people have failed to understand this film.

  30. I like the original version because Paul is hotter there

  31. Never really understood this scene but what the hell. I like this movie.

  32. Why didn't Anne also kill the other guy? I mean, she had the shotgun, she could have killed them both.

  33. This scene was MEAN! For a minute I thought there was a bit of hope then they made it completely hopeless when we realized that he was just thinking ahead >.< CRAP!!!

  34. Yeah, when you all could juat leave out religion in your interpretations because this movie has nothing to do with god or religion… That'd be great.

  35. even if that guys interpretation was cool, the movie still sucked

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