PS5 DualSense Edge Unboxing - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 152 -

PS5 DualSense Edge Unboxing – PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 152

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We have the DualSense Edge, Greg’s played Monster Hunter Rise on PS5, and we have the PSVR 2 launch lineup! Let’s do a banger of a show!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:00:40 – Welcomes & Housekeeping
00:02:51 – “Create the top 10 rules for a great trophy list” – Jack Martin
00:14:27 – The DualSense Edge
00:28:26 – Ads
This Week in PlayStation –
00:29:19 – PlayStation has revealed the PS VR 2 full launch lineup with 13 new titles
01:01:51 – Last of Us HBO is a hit
01:05:05 – Returnal Comes to PC Next Month
01:05:23 – Sackboy is the next PlayStation series coming to mobile
01:08:53 – PlayStation Picks

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  1. That trophy from Jedi fallen order haunts me to this day…

  2. £210 for the DuelSense Edge is insane. I save all my boxes for tech gear. Holds value if you ever decide to sell it.

  3. too expensive I wish I got one for free too

  4. That was a hate crime committed by Greg against that box

  5. Fifa 22 has the absolut worst trophy list, u actually need to be a high rank in ultimate team, a mode that is pay to win, horrendous

  6. Only if media outlets took VR more seriously, uninformed coverage is why the mainstream isn't excited about VR.

  7. My wife a year after the PS5 came out: Why do we still have this box?

  8. Always need paddles.. regardless of the game.
    Anything that allows you to not take your thumb of the sticks is critical to me.

  9. Blessings allegiance to Sony is so strong, that he thinks tearing a controller box will send him to the shadowrealm

  10. My box routine is to treat it with love, gently opening it being careful not to rip anything, giving it the reverence it deserves. Keep it for a few weeks, or maybe even months lovingly looking at it remembering the joy of that first unboxing. Eventually the magic wears off, and I'm all ef that before getting a proper, mauling toss in the trash.

    A few decades of not tossing things would lead to a hoarder home I just don't have the space for.

  11. Don't sleep on Synth Riders! It didn't get the POP that Beat Saber got but I think pound for pound it's a better game, and has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better music imo.

  12. LoL as someone who has most games on my Oculus Quest 2, which really bothers me about the new PSVR2, way too many of these "launch games" are games already out on the Quest 2 right now.

    Also… Greg n Bless really need to put 20 minutes into Demeo… it sounds like it would be boring AF describing it as a 3D board game dungeon crawler….
    That is exactly what it is, but that VR perspective truly makes Demeo special. If you have a couple friends to play with… it is AMAZING!!
    Solo… it can lose its luster

  13. Guys you have a PS I Love You segment but you basically have no idea about an entire part of the PlayStation community. VR could be called niche but PlayStation is and has been making a push for it because they know some version will be mainstream eventually. I hope you guys give psvr 2 more of a shot than 1 although I doubt it.

  14. I keep my boxes too Bless, though the only controller box I have is for the GoW one, all others are console/collector's edition boxes.

  15. They may not say it but it's obvious the game that doesn't have a Platinum that they're talking about is Season: A Letter to the Future. That list posted weeks ago and I was surprised to not see one.

  16. At least it doesn’t seem to have rubber materials that will peel off in a couple of years. That’s the worst part of the Elite controller 🙁

  17. I can understand people wanting to keep retro console boxes, but I couldn’t care less about a controller box. Rip that trash up and never think about it again

  18. If you love to hoard boxes go to Home Depot and buy some. Or you can just be an adult and learn how to prioritize things in life like throwing away useless shit.

  19. Seeing Blessing's anxiety over not wanting to the tear the box gives me a panic attack. Not because I care about the box, but because he is actively doing something the hard way, causing himself undue stress. Yes Greg is correct, its a fucking box. This is how hoarders are born. Lets the box go, Bless.

  20. Greg go watch the Creed films. They're good, you'll enjoy and hold it down man cmon

  21. the camera movement in this episode is really jarring lol

  22. Greg with that box reminds me of why i didnt like to share my action figures when i was a kid.

  23. in australia/new zealand region the dualsense edge is a cheaper option than scuf these days. for a comparable scuf it would be $500 Aud, whereas the edge is $340 but on amazon its $300 right now. i paid $320 for a scuf impact in 2018.

  24. Greg is a menace, I like keeping the boxes too lmao

  25. Regarding trophies, being a completionist myself:

    1 – A game should never had a trophy that requires you to do something not possible to do via regular gameplay. Example: Dying Light 2, a trophy that requires you to walk 960Km, after you have done every quest, every side quest and activity, you are still not close to walking 960Km, the soluton is rubberbanding over night, it took me 3 nights to get it after finishing everything else;

    2 – Trophies that require you knowledge from outside the game to get. Example: Yakuza, I am not learning how to play Majhong to get a trophy;

    3 – Trophies that require another player to do something for you to earn, goes along with what Greg said about online trophies but specifically, "Kill a player after he does X". Many examples: Battlefield, Fallout 76, etc;

    4 – Luck based trophies, and I dont mean simple RNG, I mean stuff that is not up to you to do. Example: Fallguys, win 5 episodes in a row, regardless of skill level luck is required on many many maps;

    5 – Games that have trophies tied to seasons, meaning you have to keep playing for X amount of time, months or years to earn. Example: For Honor.

    I could list more, but that is enough for now.

  26. It's interesting how quickly GT7 was skipped over on your PSVR2 roundup (you're not alone, other outlets have done the same). This title being full fat VR is huge. It's a game changer. I'm casual racing but the GT7 enthusiast community will prop up PSVR2 all by themselves.

  27. Thank you blessing for taking your time showing both controllers!

  28. Greg destroying the box deeply hurt me as I have console, headset, and controller boxes on my shelf 😂😂😂

  29. The camera work was sublime! Enjoyed this thoroughly. The video quality was so crispy and colourful. Good work camera peeps!!

  30. Oh hey Greg. P.S. I hate you. You didn’t speak up. You could have been a voice for a group that doesn’t have a voice. Can you tell me the difference between a Chevy Silverado and a GMC Sierra. Also can you tell me the differences and similarities from the fromsoft games since 2009. Can you tell what game is the GMC Sierra? . Also why didn’t they just go with one lore series like the elder scrolls. I bet you and your friends can find great jobs selling used cars..

  31. this is the first episode of PSILO ive watched since greg miller and co. cancelled colin moriarty

  32. Funny how Greg hey the difficulty trophies r being phased out, then here comes dead space remake nah bitch we staying

  33. Again, how about you look up game trailers for the psvr games before u decide if your interested or not?

  34. Why do people care so much about the weight of the controller. It makes no difference really at the end of the day.

  35. Two very very legit use cases for back paddles – ANY souls game, map the Circle button to a paddle, no more claw fingers for running and turning the camera at the same time. Also if you're an ESO player, bar swap on a back paddle can improve your game significantly. There are others that come up all the time for me, i love them.

  36. No difficulty trophies is a horrible idea, imo. A good platinum trophy should involve mastery and completion of all aspects of the game. Also I enjoy having an additional reason to play the game on hard.

  37. Blessing didn't even make the controller switch hands lmao 22:34

  38. nothing beats the trophies from the metal gear solid games on ps3

  39. I’m with Bless on the box issue, too much PTSD remembering ripping through NES, SNES, and Gameboy boxes 😂.

  40. Team box keeper here, wish I could add a photo to the comments but one wall of my garage shelving is dedicated to boxes for electronics, Blessing is correct, what if I move one day or I need to send it off for repairs?

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