PS Plus Debacle Continues & Marvel MMO Canceled - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.25.22 -

PS Plus Debacle Continues & Marvel MMO Canceled – Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.25.22

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Blessing and Janet talk about this weird PS Plus discount situation, Marvel MMO from the DC Universe Online folks breaking Greg’s heart, and more.

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:06:52 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:07:26 – The PS Plus storm continues: A Sony support email reportedly confirms that players have to pay back PS Plus discounts to upgrade – Jordan Middler @ VGC
00:17:00 – We could be getting Dino Crisis in PS Plus Premium – Jordan Middler @ VGC
00:25:09 – That Marvel MMO Has Been Canceled – Ryan Dinsdale @ IGN
00:31:25 – Ad
00:32:36 – Forspoken has been rated in Europe – Jordan Middler @ VGC
00:40:53 – Bloober Team turned down making a Saw game – Joe Skrebels @ IGN
00:49:00 – Vampire survival game V-Rising has become a surprise hit
00:56:00 – People are playing older games so far this year – Amelia Zollner @ IGN
01:06:25 – Out today
01:08:15 – Squad Up:Frankfurtter(Life)
01:08:50 – You‘re Wrong
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  1. Relevant update to the top story, @AskPlaystation tweeted out the following:

    "Due to a technical error, players in Asia who have previously purchased a PlayStation Plus membership at a discount have been incorrectly charged for their upgrade pricing. This error has been fixed and impacted players will receive a credit. We thank you for your patience."

  2. Fuck the ps + bs. I been with playstation from the jump on the ps one. This is shady af imo.

    When I save on ps+, I put the difference, 9 times out of 10, back into the ps economy. Like, I get ps+ for $30 or so, and now I can comfortably spend another $30 or so on games. That's crazy crazy!

    I was expecting to spend another $40 to upgrade to the extra tier when it drops, but now I'm not sure how all this works anymore. My ps+ redemption was through a code. Not only is it confusing, it's just a gross feeling for a multi trillion dollar company.

  3. Lemon is the main ingredient in a hot toddy

  4. Jim Ryan will be the worst thing to happen to PS fans. They went from for the players to give me everything you got.

  5. Bless when you talk about the effort Xbox puts in, you are kinda comparing apples to oranges. Microsofts gaming life starts with the Xbox. Sonys generational counterpart is the PS2. Microsoft has no counterpart to ps1, so they don't have to go an extra gen back like Sony does. That said, it confuses me why they use the PAL version, maybe it's a lowest come denominator thing? I dunno. But I feel like PAL version or not, it's still a ps1 game. It's not going to look good.

  6. Debacle is such an overreaction. The middle tier is a 100 service. If you already paid $60 you pay the difference. The idea of you paid less than 60 making you pay the total difference is some wrong doing seems childish.

  7. I’m switching to Xbox for 3rd party releases. PlayStation has been so anti consumer and this is a new low.

  8. They’ve already confirmed it was an error and are correcting it. Take a beat.

  9. I don’t see a problem making the people who tried to game them system pay what everyone else does. Why do people feel so entitled?? You thought you were pulling one over on Sony? Trying to game your way into the new system by essentially cheating? Good. Pay it like everyone else.

  10. the new tiered ps+ is really setting itself up to fail. she's right, sony is very petty when it comes to the playstation brand.

  11. No coverage on the Xbox series S/X and PS5 pro being leaked via TCL

  12. They’ve given us great hosts/co-hosts in the past such as Andrea Rene, Stella Chung & Erin Ashley Simon, so why do they frequently give us the unenthusiastic Janet Garcia

  13. I remember when ps plus came around for ps3 Playstation gave away a lot.

  14. Gee, no matter how you got it, you could convert Xbox Gold to GamePass Ultimate for up to 3 years for $1. I'm still riding that bundle. But $ony will $ony. And the ponies will lap it up. I may cancel when my ps+ is up in July. Won't be long until the monthly games turn to crap like Gold anyway.

  15. They should’ve waited longer until these things got ironed out because all this bad press will kill the product before it’s out

  16. It’s MAJORLY OVERPRICED especially when they don’t have cloud gaming with PS5 games on PS4 or being able to access it and play it on your phone. They had to come in at least at a par to Game Pass or this was always going to fail! – so disappointing coming from a big PlayStation fan

  17. Just because they’re killing it already doesn’t mean they can give us an half arsed service!

  18. Just January last year there was headlines with Microsoft and the transition from Gold to Gamepass. These are all growing pains of these companies adopting various subscription models.

    Besides this being an error (apparently from some things I’ve seen online)…some of these comments are baseless when all these companies are all pro business not anti consumer.

  19. here in Michigan we drink Vernors as the cure all

  20. The first story is a non-story it was a technical problem that was fixed by the time this came out.

  21. Apparently Sony has walked back the discount thing saying it was a technical error. I don't understand at all what discount they were talking about if you bought a ps plus card somewhere and activated it.

  22. Messed up because it was Playstation that sold it at a discounted price to start with

  23. playstaion reminds me of a fancy restaurant where the food is incredible but it's expensive, the service is terrible and the staff are uppity.

  24. The Marvel MMO was canceled cause Avengers didn't do as well as they expected, that's the only reason why. If it was a runaway success, this would be a runaway production. Marvel only dominates the movies/shows, they don't dominate in games (outside of Sony's), comics, merchandise/toys, etc. They're not this braindead IP you can go for, you still have to be strategic and reserved.

  25. This aged well…sometimes it’s best to wait on official news on something before we all freak out. All this off a technical error. Hope you guys cover the error tomo

  26. Layers of Fear was ok, but Observer was their best game, that one's actually good if not great. That's where they got their reputation from but yea, they've been downhill since then. If they're doing a SH2 remake I really hope the core story/design is untouched.

  27. I know you guys want to make as such content as possible. Sometimes it’s better to wait on things and report later. New launch will always have some sort of issues. So better to wait in those cases than incorrectly reporting on it.

  28. These comments are toxic af. What the heck people?

  29. Wow 5 minutes of millennial babies crying about getting sick. Bravo.

  30. Xbox still allows the "buy 3 years of live, then convert to Game Pass Ultimate for $1" deal, and has for the last 2 years. PS can and should do the same.

  31. Sony just doesn't get it when it comes to backwards compatibility. They're not competing with Microsoft or Nintendo – they're competing with the hobbyist community that is running circles around them. If Sony expects people to get on board with their legacy efforts, then they need to actually put in some effort.

  32. All this vampire talk on this ep and no mention of Morbius. SMH

  33. I think all you had to do with ps plus story was think about it for a couple of minutes and you'd realise this has to be a mistake!

  34. @ 37:15
    "Ahhh This is SO cool!!!"
    LoL I feel like I can perfectly picture Blesing back when he was early teens and playing Red Dead with his buddy… And when he showed Bless the Bar Scene where your chracter gets drunk. Bless's face in this clip honestly really sells a young nerdy bless and just how hped he was to have his character in a video game get drunk LoL.
    LoLBless was probably the coolest nerdiest kid ever as a young teenager. He probably could have been like a gen X Steve Errckle or something.
    N hey I am not hating, Dude is a Forbes Top 30 under 30!!

  35. I love my PlayStation but maaaaan Sony are getting so money hungry this gen.

  36. Vernor's ginger ale is the cure all elixer if you grew up in Michigan

  37. No Janet Garcia I don’t know how to say this don’t get mad but you’re wrong none of us did anything wrong here. Sony somehow someway offered PS plus to consumers we as consumers purchased it it’s not our fault we bought it at a discount it’s not our fault that their system allowed us to stack memberships. Sony knew all of this for years did nothing said nothing. Sony knew they were going to change their service their subscription model they could’ve said something to consumers then hey guys if you’re going to upgrade you’re going to have to pay back all those discounts you got before the discounts we let you have we want that money back before you upgrade they could’ve said that there is a reason they didn’t say that it’s because they knew people would respond like you’re responding now like I am responding now how dare you I didn’t do anything wrong I worked with in the system you allowed to exist. I don’t even think it’s because it taken advantage of a loophole because guess what Sony knew about this. They had no problem with it when it worked to their advantage and kept their PS plus memberships up.

  38. Where's Gran Turismo? Not 1,2,3,4,5 or 6. I can't believe Sony Playstation released this crap without one of thier BEST game that pretty much made Playstation what it is today. Super Bum about this. I hope they add it in the future or at US release.

  39. That V Rising reminds me of the very first Legacy of Kain.

  40. Idk how sony went from amazing PR during the ps4 to now they screw up every single release then back track it a day or two later wtf is happening

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