PlayStation VR 2 Launch Lineup Revealed - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.19.23 -

PlayStation VR 2 Launch Lineup Revealed – Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.19.23

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Blessing and Tim tackles PlayStation VR 2’s launch lineup, Xbox layoffs, and a confirmeed Ubisoft game cancellation.

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:05:08 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:08:49 – PlayStation has revealed the PS VR 2 full launch lineup with 13 new titles
00:22:54 – Xbox has officially been hit by Layoffs
00:25:50 – Ubisoft CEO Apologizes to Employees Over ‘Ball in Your Court’ Comments
00:29:18 – Ad
00:30:13 – Ubisoft’s Mysterious Project Q Has Been Canceled
00:36:18 – After a year delay, EA’s PGA Tour has a release date
00:44:08 – Out today
Reader mail –
00:48:62 – “Today I just discovered a game called Wanted: Dead…” – ThePortlandKevin
00:51:28 – “WB is copyright striking the leaked Suicide Squad image…” – Nano
00:55:28 – You‘re Wrong
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  1. “That started out Babe and ended up Pig in the City” – Tim the Motherfucking Poet

  2. 2 is a great number! Derek Jeter and Xander Bogaerts’ number!

  3. There's a lot of great stuff in that 30 game list. Horizon, GT, No Man's Sky are all AAA experiences and then there's a lot of games on there that were not on PSVR that will be available. Ya'll act like it has to be brand brand new in order to justify the purchase. NFL Pro Era is exciting, Kayak sounds fun, and there's a lot of cool shooters and stylized games. Not to mention Moss 2. I'm really excited about the list. I feel like ya'lls expectations are almost unattainable.

    I don't think it's smart to have Horizon, AstroBot, and Alyx all within the first 3 months. You will cannibalize your games when you know the install base will be small to begin with.

  4. I genuinely think the PSVR2 launch lineup looks killer. Can't wait till 2/22!

  5. Why is Tim always looking away from Blessing?

  6. I am kinda done watching Games Daily tbh. the amount of info they get wrong is really starting to annoy me. like they have their laptops and they cant take 20 secs to google something? instead they rely on the community to correct them, which is ridiculous. the comment about Sony not handling upgrades for Vr games is completely false: they give the devs the opportunity to do it. so you pissed Tetris effect is $10 to upgrade? bitch at the devs who made that decision.

  7. For me psvr2 is worth just for the GT7 news alone. Been waiting since CES for the confirmation of the level of gameplay on psvr2 the whole game (barring 2 player split screen) is madness.
    Plus horizon and Pavlov chefs kiss

  8. my favorite number is 12 if we’re asking lol

  9. recently I hear card based anything and I’m in lol

  10. I really wish firewall ultra was available at launch. I feel the conversation around PSVR2 would be different if that was the case. Still getting it though

  11. Barrett responding to Yves Guillemot's dumb comments makes me want a Barrett Courtney "You Know What's Pissing Me Off Lately?" short-form type of show so bad! Get 'em Barrett! Tell em! You tell em!

  12. 2 additional factors when it comes to the PSVR game lineup. First they have to support PSVR 2 across its lifespan and reserving some of their greatest hits to fill out the calendar release schedule between new titles they are developing is a smart move. (Just look at how Nintendo releases their classic retro games on Switch).

    Second, it takes time/effort/money to port certain titles to the new hardware in addition to some companies barely or not yet having access to the hardware to develop the ports. So it will come with time.

    I am hopefully optimistic. I think one thing that would alleviate some of the worries would be a timeline/roadmap of planned launches post launch window on the horizon.

  13. Waleed is now a GAMECAT specifically a white tiger says:

    The PSVR2 launch lineup, is imo the best launch lineup for any gaming device to date!!! We are getting re8, Horizon, Switchback, and GT7!!! These 4 games are each a killer app for the VR industry !! The way you are downplaying this is very unfortunate. On top of that PSVR2 owners are getting kayakVR, walking dwad 1 and 2 which are gameofthe year material games, moss 1 and 2, Firewall Ultra (the best VR shooter). These are amazing games and will be night and day improvement over other VR platforms. Now there is something for everyone is these 37 games. What you guys are complaining about is why the hundreds of PSVR1 games are not here and why half life alyx is not here. Those are not valid critique. Like who says they wont come? One big issue with psvr1 was that the games died out after initial burst. Sony can release half life alyx during holiday 2023. Just for launch period and first year these are amazing VR games and any VR gamer will be super hyped. Like just re8 is a dream come true !!!!

  14. Barrett, with peace and love, your interjections can really stall conversation. Before adding in your two cents, think to yourself if it is adding any value to the conversation.

  15. Man you guys are so fucking full of shit.

    This is a CRAZY launch lineup!

    You said it bodes poorly for the platform but there are literally 110 games in development!!

  16. Barrett going off on Guillemot reminds me why I love Barrett.

  17. I don't ever want to hear the name Michael Cera ever again….🤣

  18. I don't Get your negativity for the PSVR2 Launch Lineup.
    I think a lot comes from a place from not knowing All the Titles. Song in the Smoke is one of the Best VR Games of the past few Years which hopefully will Get the spotlight now it deserves. Pavlov is the biggest shooter on PC-VR which was just announced today to come to PSVR2!
    Walking Dead Chapter II was really Bad on Quest II and will Only Show it's true Form on PSVR2.
    Not to mention All the other Games which we now of:
    Horizon (will propably one of the most VR VR Games there is)
    Resident Evil Village (some say it looks better and more detailed then Alyx)
    Gran Turismo (we will get the full Game of one of Sonys biggest IPs)
    Not to forget that a lot of These will be free Upgrades and totally change the Gameplay.
    I think this Line Up is better then the PS5 Launch which most hold high as the Best of All Time. Sure there is no Astro Bot, but it will come. It's Sonys biggest VR Mascott! All we have seen up to now is just the First month of VR which is crazy! With PS5 we had to wait over half a year for an other "Launch Window Game" with Ratchet. Why does everything has to be at launch?
    Hope you will be excited when you finaly try it out (like most Where when they tried it at CES).

  19. I've never tried VR, had opportunities but passed on them.. I think psvr2 is goin to be my entry point, the hardware is what's selling me

  20. I didn't get burned by the first psvr but it didn't exactly changed how i view vr games. So the excitement for psvr2 just isn't there. Esp since the lineup is mostly rehash games already available on other systems.

  21. These guys really don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to VR 😂. This is a very impressive list for the first month. Nevermind the inevitable half lyf coming down the road and Sony’s most anticipated game coming down the road in 2023, Firewall Ultra. They didn’t even mention Firewall 😂. They’re talking about Horizon like it’s going to be the best game, it’s a gateway game into PSVR for new adopters of the platform, which will look pretty no doubt but won’t be one of the games you will keep going back to. Do your homework please

  22. i need you to make me look fresh. buy me that target wutang shirt being sold in the kids section. thatll do it.

  23. This might be even worse than IGNs take on PSVR2 lol

  24. What kind of logic is this? Complaining that a lot of the games are already out and then saying where is Alyx? Nope nope

  25. When Greg & Mike brought the box out my mind went to that they cut of Po's head and put it into the box like some NWO + Seven bit for their next season of wrestling streams. I'm like that.

  26. Horizon, GT7, Village, Switchback, Sinners and Saints and you’re asking for another triple A title next quarter? The hell has Xbox released lol

  27. I don't believe the Mario and Rabbids game didn't do well . That's a long term seller . The first one went on sale quickly and has sold consistently well since . Same will happen with the second one

  28. If your gonna talk vr get someone who knows what there talking about not these two generic toy boys

  29. On the subject of Blessing never having played a sim golf game. You guys need to hunt down the old EA game from the PS3 that supported swinging with the Move controllers. Alternatively the Wii version with Motion Plus support. The swinging was better with the Move, but the Wii version had exclusive frisbee golf mode. This would make a great stream game.

  30. If it's not too late would love for Jess from giant bomb to come on the show for tomorrow

  31. I think Tim is a bit uninformed here. As a video game host I think you should be more invested in vr and vr2. He is unsure of what the name of the Horizon game is and it's the biggest VR game since half-life Alyx and it might even surpass it. Pro Era has been rumoured for VR2 for ages and it's on the Quest. So it's not exactly new. I get it that you can't keep up with every game but it's like Tim doesn't know what the PSVR2 even is. The launch lineup is huge, back in the day we got like 3-4 games to choose from. VR2 got almost 40 games . Sure there are a few on older platforms but it seems like Tim hasn't played those so I don't get why he is complaining about it, especially when most of them are heavily updated for the PSVR2. The VR2 launch lineup might be the best launch lineup in gaming history. Tell me a lineup more impressive than this? I can't remember one and I've been a gamer since before the NES days. You don't get one game Half life alyx, another old game btw and the whole lineup then becomes unimpressive? Can we be a little nuanced here? Maybe Tim should talk about flatscreen games instead if he is so uninterested in it. VR is the future, not flatscreen gaming. Can we be a little excited? Don't get me wrong I like the show but Tim talks like a dinosaur here. He sound like my old man when you talk about VR.

  32. All these complaints about games that are available on other platforms…nearly every AAA PS5 game is available on PS4, but it looks and runs better on PS5. Same thing here.

  33. Also, a previous flat game now on VR is definitely a whole new experience, if not a whole new game. We’re all gushing over The Last of Us tv series, even though we’ve played through it before, because it’s a new way to consume one of our favorite games.

    No Man’s Sky and RE8 are headliners even if you’ve played them flat before.

  34. And please stop including the PS5 cost when talking about PSVR 2 cost unless your going to include the PS4 ($400), PS4 camera ($60) and Move controller ($80-100) costs when comparing it to last gen. Quick math PSVR = ~$940 / PSVR 2 = $1050; about $100 more. Which no one was complaining when PS5 was $100 more than PS4.

  35. Ask a PCVR Sim Racer what they think of Gran Turismo 7 coming to PSVR2. If Sony would just push the marketing for it out more so the right people would see it, It would blow up.

  36. PSVR 2 allegedly needs more than 3 triple A games at launch to be exciting.

    Quest 2’s launch lineup was

    Blast on
    WD:Saints & Sinners
    Little Witch Academia
    Rez Infinite
    Space Channel 5
    Beat Saber
    Kizuna Ai: Touch the Beat

    None were Quest 2 exclusive and they’ve been gushing over that headset for the past 2 years.

    Quest is heavier on your face than PSVR, but PSVR gets called heavy in retrospect.

    I just don’t understand.

  37. 2MD football is likely going be a better football game than NFL Pro Era

  38. Can't wait for PSVR 2 launch line up is fucking Awesome no matter how much you guys try shit on it. Sold my quest and psvr ready for PSVR 2 day one

  39. "it's missing Half Life Alyx" is the standard go to comment for people to disparage PSVR2 since it's everything they claim they wanted from PSVR1 and more (eye tracking, etc). Just say I'm not into VR instead as it's more honest with your audience. No need to disparage the device out of your own inexperience with VR.

  40. Yves Guillemot's such a corpo pos. of course he offers a non-apology. he did nothing to remove abusers at the top of Ubisoft, worse, he shuffled them about and protected them – not too dissimilar to how the church does things. the people making the games aren't why Ubisoft is failing – it's his leadership, and the fact they put almost all their eggs in the live service basket, making far too many games in competition with each other, chasing trends in an already flooded market space, investing in the NFT grift & mismanaging IP's like Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Rayman, Ghost Recon, etc. so-called "leaders" like Yves don't own their mistakes while taking the credit for everyone else's hard work.

  41. Is there any mainstream outlet that doesnt suck. Do these people even play games. So gt7,re8,switchback,pavlov,kyak etc is not exciting ?

  42. 30 launch games with many of them available previously on other VR headsets. Few actual exclusives. That’s a big problem for them. What can I get only on this headset only that makes me have to buy this headset and PS5. Do you need an exclusive or multiple exclusive to sell someone on spending over $1000 to play the game? What are you really have? I hate to say it that way but it’s the truth.

  43. Dear HYPOCRITE Greg, are you going to stop taking money from WWE and working for Vince McMahon? The same person who has paid almost 20 million the past year in lawsuits for sexual abusing multiple women??????

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