PlayStation State of Play Summer Game Fest 2022 Kinda Funny Live Reactions -

PlayStation State of Play Summer Game Fest 2022 Kinda Funny Live Reactions

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Greg, Tim, Blessing, Andy, and Janet react to the biggest PlayStation State of Play we have ever had, including Resident Evil 4 Remake, PSVR2, Horizon Call of the Mountain, Spider-Man coming to PC, Stray, Callisto Proticol, Street Fighter 6, and Final Fantasy XVI.

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  1. Love seeing Janet on reaction content, nice to see the whole PSILY crew together! This was a banger State of Play.

  2. Is it just me or does it seem like Sony and PlayStation have been busy?

  3. street fighter 6 made this a 10 out of 10. Cant wait to play it on xbox lol

  4. street fighter 6 made this a 10 out of 10. Cant wait to play it on xbox lol

  5. Horizon looks awesome. Not too excited about anything else personally

  6. Andy: Pleasure to be here everybody
    Blessing: Pleasure to be here everybody
    Greg: It is my pleasure to be here everybody
    Janet…. FFS

  7. Looks like I'm finally going to get into Street Fighter 🤣

  8. I know this is probably just me but damn Janet just kills the vibe for me

  9. Didn't know there was a State Of Play today.

  10. I cannot believe Spider-Man is coming to PC?! That is gonna sell gangbusters. Also, Greg was right on the money with Callisto Protocol in his prediction from Gamescast. Love the bespoke SGF layout btw guys!

  11. I wonder how many of these games that have been announced for PS4 as well as ps5 will get cancelled for PS4 at some point as that seems to be what's happening a bit at moment

  12. Kinda Funny is so fake they literally look like a tube of smarties and that's 100% selected that way, there is nothing more fake than people presenting themselves as perfect.

  13. I see peeople are excited for Final Fantasy XVI, but I'm still sus over that after Square Enix's own president said, "they were focusing on NFT/Blockchain in their games." Did the world suddenly forget about that? Square didn't give up their western developers for nothing.

  14. Sony finally brought some quality to their showcase, nice.

  15. I enjoyed the 8 ads instead of the final fantasy trailer

  16. Hearing them make wrong predictions as soon as a trailer starts gives me life. They’re so bad at it.

  17. So I bet all the summons are tied to warriors from each family/house/clan. Like jinchuriki in naruto and the character you play as is probably ifrit’s champion.

  18. Yo am I buying a VR2 now? Damn that horizon game looked amazing

  19. Callisto is looking absolutely amazing.

  20. Great state of play, was almost showcase level, guess the rest will be next week and in the showcase in September
    What's so surprising about spiderman? Freaking god of War and uncharted are on pc, so of course spiderman would fully and you can bet your ass tlou will too, don't need no overhyped jeff bullshit sayer grub for that.

    And just a ok for Tunic? One of the highest rated indie games on Xbox currently? And ya wonder why playstation dosent care about indies with such reactions….

    My God I can't stand her, I Tought imran was annoying but she is even worse. I would Rahter have parris, Mike or Gary on the show lol.

  21. Haha thay all got clowned with the RE4 reveal.😂

  22. The general hate for VR from most gaming channels is frustrating.

  23. Happy I’m not the only one who thought last of us lol

  24. I didn’t see a single second of any new trailers / gameplay

    because I was watching Tim’s stache for 34 minutes

  25. Stray us my highlight here 🥹Can’t wait!

  26. The silence when RE4 came up……
    They had NOTHING to say about a remake of one of the best games of all time? Fuck off

  27. i don't give a shit about final fantasy at all but the end of that song had me more hyped than i've ever been in my entire life

  28. The guy that said that he expects crap and shall keep his expectations low to save himself from disappointment, I bet he pissed himself in his underwear by the start of FF16 director dude appeared.
    Because, at least half of the stuff before,was EPIC.

  29. I don't know if it's true or not but I did hear that resident evil 4 and resident evil 8 has a connection to his stories. If that is so imagine how dope that will be.

  30. Bless' and Tim's reactions during the FFXVI trailer were glorious. I was smiling and laughing along with them as I recognized the summons' names from playing FFXIV.

  31. My dad’s excited for FF16 and he’s never played any of the other games. Though he’s a big fan of Middle Ages/Medieval like fantasy and considering 16 is dripping in that makes sense he’d be interested in it.

  32. It's okay Greg I didn't like RE8 either. I think 7 was the better of the two. 1-4 Is obviously the best ones in the series.

  33. didn't like village ? what ??? first person i've ever heard say that it's def in my top 3 res evil games

  34. Just a quick reminder that almost 80% of the games will be also on PC.

    Sony Loosers.

  35. This was the best state of play yet!!!!!

  36. I DIDNT KNOW BLESSING WAS A DARK SKINNED BLACK MAN! I LOVE YOU INFINITELY MORE THAN I ALREADY DID DUDE! no weird vibes just legit platonic appreciation for you my guy. Stay blessed bro.

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