PlayStation Showcase 2021 Kinda Funny Live Reactions -

PlayStation Showcase 2021 Kinda Funny Live Reactions

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Tim, Greg, Blessing, Andy, Mike, and Parris react to the insanity that was PS5 Showcase 2021, including Wolverine, Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok, Forspoken, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, and more!

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  1. seems weird to put Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy on PC when they haven't (to my knowledge) ever done the Nathan Drake Collection of 1-3 on PC yet… I'll never understand the decisions PS makes sometimes.

  2. Sony: Presenting, MARVEL WOLVERINE! Parris: we have indiana jones! #CLOWN

  3. Dark cloud man, sony….dark cloud, GOD please, dark cloud, pleeeeease..

    Seriously, blessings, you gained my FULL respect just by mentioning it. haha

    infamous remake is MUST too. Make it darker too

    Also, 7 freaking games, this is definitely S Tier show.
    Remake with sony studios

    and even lost legacy for me, i will play it on pc.

  4. Great reactions guys, really enjoyed that! Seeing Greg hold up the inFamous game when Spiderman 2 was being shown lol. Yes, I was a bit disappointed that there was no new inFamous game reveal, really hoping Sucker Punch is doing another one. Overall I thought the presentation was excellent, great mix of new ips, indie games and AAA titles and I felt they paced it well. We can't just have an AAA games only, I thought there was something for everyone.

  5. For all the shitting on Xbox he does I’d love just for Microsoft and Xbox to announce a ghostbusters game for the sole enjoyment of seeing Greg’s whole world flip.

  6. Poor Mike looked devastated. Cheer up Mike you own both consoles.

  7. This deserves 100,000 views.. lets do it KF fam

  8. So, where is Xbox showcase???….lol…;p
    I keep telling my brother, Xbox got no game every time he plays destiny2 all day on his Xbox series x!!! What they got??? Nothing!!!
    Forza ??? Lame!!!

  9. I wonder if any american journalists recognized they were speaking korean and it is a korean developer making project eve.

  10. I cant watch kf reactions without having traumatic flashbacks to their dead eyed soulless dead fish reaction to the yuffie dlc announcment for ff7R

  11. Andy, great with the comment of taking a pic of the PS and Xbox together! We need more love!

  12. That game at 35:00 legit took the last of us part 2 guitar chord wheel asset

  13. I'm totally with Blessing. It wasn't the best showcase… and remember how we all expected E3 quality of showcase, since this was basically Sony's E3 presentation? I personally felt this was way more fitting for a State of Play. And also… where are the release dates? A lot of the things we saw were just CG trailers as well…

  14. Team xbox Better Start Making Games, Or They'll End Up Like Ouya

  15. You joke, but I've been waiting for the right time to try GTA V. The time is soon.

  16. I must admit, I'm starting to be turned off by KFG. I own XB and PS, but it seems to me PS could have shown Tetris for the entire hour and KFG would call it "The best show ever" Their biased towards PS, is near on embarrassing. It was a good last 10 minutes, we already knew about GOW, Spiderman is 2023. Wolverine should be amazing, but lets all calm down, good show but not "In another league" to quote Tim. I mean this with the greatest of respect, I actually prefer watching Colin and his team, their content is mature and engaging.

  17. GT and Forza couldn't be more different at this point,for the more hardcore sim fans on console GT is so much better but Forza is the only real good open world arcadey game(The crew sucks).

  18. Okay, someone needs to timestamp whatever Greg was doing in the thumbnail, NOW! 😆

  19. LIKE ALWAYS PLAYSTATION FANS CELEBRATING AND TALKING TRASH BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME CROSS-GEN PS4/PS5 GAMES BUT… THEY HAVE TO WAIT FROM 1 TO 3 YEARS LOL……. WHILE XBOX HAS on Game Pass : 2021 – (JUN 22) Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life / (JUN 29) DOOM Eternal Free Next-Gen Update / (JUl 27) Microsoft Flight Simulator / (JUL 29) The Ascent / (AUG 13) Hades / (AUG 19) Twelve Minutes / (AUG 25) Psychonauts 2 (XBS X/S Next Gen Edition / (OCT 12) Back 4 Blood / (NOV 9) Forza Horizon 5 / (DIC 8) Halo Infinity / (DEC) SHREDDERS // (2022) A Plague Tale: Requiem //// 2022 and Beyond Exclusives (NOT in PS4/PS5) – Stalker 2 (APR 28) / Starfield (NOV 11) / Replaced / Somerville / RedFall / Hell Blade 2 / Contraband / Indiana Jones / Gears of Wars 6 / State of Decay 3 / Forza 8 / The Outer Worlds 2 / AVOWED / Elders Scrolls 6 …… and 2022 Deathloop on Game Pass ………XBOX + Bethesda = 23+ Games Studios …Ponys stop talking trash and buy a PC or XBOX Series X/S with Game Pass !

  20. My top 5 announcements from this showcase were:
    Spiderman 2
    God of War

    I can see Wolverine being similar to a Last of Us type game where its not so much Action RPG, but focusing on the story and gameplay with more linear type sandbox areas to traverse… so exciting!

  21. Can’t believe they didn’t get the ad was about playstation vs xbox, and ps dominating 😆

  22. PS event was So cool compared to all event of the year PS exclusives still the est future looks so Awesome for PS users¡¡¡

  23. i like how everyones reaction to guardians is always "meh"

  24. Good show. Could have been epic if they would have been able to pace it better. Backloading it was a real Buzzkill. If they would have lead with GOW and pepper Spiderman2, KOTOR, GT, and then end with the stinger that was Wolverine I think a lot of people would have been way more hyped.

  25. I always think it’s funny when people try to compare Forza Horizon to Gran Turismo. It’s like comparing NBA 2K to NBA Jam. The both have a basketball but couldn’t be anymore different. GT is the best simulation racing game in the biz, honestly most outlets aren’t equipped to review it correctly.

  26. PS5 Future of play was still the best, but yeah, solid showcase. I think Sony's best overall conference was E3 2016. God of War with live orchestra may never be topped.

  27. Insomniac balling like Derrick Rose in 40 points they just doing it every time. Absolute daylight robbery the price Sony got them for.

  28. Damn that hate for Tchia was very painful…

  29. Hyped for…
    Project EVE

    Opinion may change…
    SM2 (options to choose which Peter to be launch or remake) then I'll be onboard otherwise there's other games to play that look fantastic.

  30. Blessing and Devindra Hardawar are the same person. No one can convince me otherwise.

  31. @40:23 the fanboy in Greg comes out! lol I ain't mad tho, I'm still salty about MS buying publishers just to stay relevant! Weak!

  32. Sony is literally competing against itself at this point.

  33. Just came back to watch this again 😀

  34. kotor remake is not ps5 exclusive, it's for pc as well.

  35. If you look close in the Wolverine trailer there's a HULK Easter Egg

  36. It's 3 months later and I still come back to this video for Paris trying to flex back on wolverine and Spider-Man with Indiana Jones. I am sad Sony isn't getting that game but they're not in the same league. It makes me laugh every time

  37. I believe that PlayStation was holding back so much!

  38. Going back and rewatching this waiting for the next September showcase. Watching Mike’s soul leave his body when Wolverine is announced never gets old.

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