Nintendo Switch Sports, Overwatch 2 Impressions - Kinda Funny Gamescast -

Nintendo Switch Sports, Overwatch 2 Impressions – Kinda Funny Gamescast

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Bless played Nintendo Switch Sports! Andy played Overwatch 2! Greg played the sorcerer in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in, like, the fifth grade, but that’s not important now — VIDEO GAMES!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:03:14 – Housekeeping
00:07:26 – Nintendo Switch Sports Impressions
00:44:48 – Ads
00:47:57 – Overwatch 2 Beta Impressions

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  1. We have 4 family championships, Mario Sports,Party, Kart and Smash Bros. This game will fit great in our current rotation.

  2. This is KFG Vol. 2, Episode 122 (Episode 374 overall)

  3. I used to be a podcast host like you until I took a cha cha slide to the knee.

  4. So glad they mentioned XQC. That was so cool to see live! 🙂

  5. Tony Stark wore a suit under his Iron Man armor

  6. Bless, wishing you healing for your knee! Stretch your hip flexors and ankles! Two surprising areas that contribute to overall knee health.

  7. Wii Sports Resort sold 33M copies at (I believe) $40. It was definitely more successful than Blessing remembers it. I’ll be surprised if Switch Sports doesn’t pass 10M.

  8. Bless is ok with playdate at 180 but nintendo switch sports at 40 bucks is a problem. Uh

  9. I think i will have fun playing it but i will lost interest real fast, maybe online can change that, and the price is a deal breaker for me

  10. 2:15 Greg, you asked for that. You brought that on yourself haha.

  11. What I've seen of Overwatch 2 beta, it feels more like a season update (e.g. Apex Legends or Fortnite) over a release of a new title: It is very strange.

  12. I remember Sports Resort hitting as I wasn't playing my wii as much with family, as well as needing to buy motion plus for like 4 wii remotes (whilst the classic original is still on the same platform) made it a hard sell at the time, although I think it looks cool now in hindsight. But with Switch Sports I think enough time has passed, the nostalgia is strong and there's a lot of switches out there for it to do very well, I just preordered for £30 which I don't think is too bad, just hoping that they continue to support it and add other sports like baseball!

  13. Hoping for a speedy recovery for your VERY broken knee Bless, rest up! Can’t believe the cha cha slide can be so dangerous.

  14. Man, I played Overwatch for around 600 hours before finally shelving it. Not sure I’m ready to get hooked on Overwatch 2 just yet.

  15. If I’m not mistaken, there will be more heroes at launch

  16. By the way andy you weren’t crazy, Blizzard already said they are launching the PVP before the PVE campaign

  17. I am very excited for that bowling mode with those lanes with hazards and that battle royal like mode

  18. Wii Sports Resort 33 million copies. And was 39.99. Switch Sports will kill.

    I doubt it will get that high, but its not going to be low.

  19. Definitely cannot wait for OverWatch 2! Going to be screaming that on Facebook games definitely going to be a hit.! 😁🙏

  20. Over watch became shit when they forced people into choosing specific characters. Dumb AF. Sometimes your team is shit at their roles and you have to change from DPs to tank or vice versa and you cant now.

  21. Would love to know what Blessing classes a mega hit game if Wii Sports Resort sold 33 million and didn’t make his cut, pretty sure that dwarfs most (all?) Sony first party games!

  22. "How often do we talk about Wii Sports Resort?" Not enough in my book! That game was amazing.

  23. One thing that I'm not sure will discourage Nintendo Switch Sports sales from reaching the levels Andy is hoping is that it is not immediately compatible with Switch Lite and requires unattached Joy-Con controllers. That being said, given that this is a first party Nintendo game it will have legs as a party game for much the same reason as Mario Kart and Mario Party, and like all other Nintendo first party games, will not really have an issue finding players to play with. I am still surprised by how quickly I can get into a game in Arms for this reason

  24. Any person that has been in a gym class was screaming "BUMP" at their monitor today when they talked about volleyball. Sad day for sports fans, or just regular people in general. 0 for 3 on the panel.

  25. Get out of the bubble. Wii sports resorts sold 33 million. THIRTY THREE. Yes it was a big deal

  26. Bless is wild, Wii Sports Resort is WAY BETTER. By far the definitive version, and at least all my friends talk about it instead of Wii Sports. If I have the boys over, we are busting out Resort, not the original

  27. Over watch 2 200% could just be updated over times with a new game mode added. Multiple games do this all time.

  28. Love the content and great substance… great video.

  29. I feel like I played my fill of Overwatch?

  30. Greg never sounds more like a decrepit old man than when he tries to defend the snooze fest that is Monopoly.

  31. The biggest reason Wii Sports got so incredibly popular was because it was free and included with every console. Older people and so many others not into video games got the Wii just because Wii sports was included and they wanted to play bowling or tennis or any of the other offerings.
    Nintendo Switch Sports has a pretty big price tag for what looks like a lot less of a game than it’s free predecessor 15 years ago.

  32. Only orisa lost a shield. Sig still has his and doomfist basically got a shield.

  33. Can’t wait to get our hands on Switch Sports🙌 Its arriving later today and I can’t wait to hurt my elbow swing too hard again 😂😂😂

    Thanks for another great episode guys! 🤙

  34. Just feels like more wii sport resort! Oh you mean the game that caried the entire wii on its back? My friends still bring out the wii at get togethers and play wii sports. Sitting there judging Wii sports on the same basis as COD, HALO, Fortnite and other games is a mistake. I feel like so many people dont understand the spirit of wii sports…

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