Nintendo Direct Recap: Predicting Switch’s Next 2 Years - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.09.23 -

Nintendo Direct Recap: Predicting Switch’s Next 2 Years – Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.09.23

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Blessing and Tim breakdown the Nintendo Direct, predict teh future of Nintendo, and all in all have a grand ol’ time.

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:02:30 – Tim’s Metroid Prime Thoughts
00:09:33 – Housekeeping
Our reactions to yesterday’s Direct is up right now with a Gamescast post show.
A new Kinda Funny Xcast is up, Mike and Gary talk to the Game and Marketing Directors from Velan Studios about shutting down Knockout City.
The Roper Report –
00:11:05 – A quick Nintendo Direct Recap
00:36:01 – Ads
00:38:09 – Andrew McLean’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Story
00:43:50 – PlayStation is doing their own indie round-up!
00:51:16 – PUBG owner Krafton is opening its first Canadian AAA studio
00:54:20 – Earthworm Jim 4 Has Reportedly Been Canceled
00:58:36 – Sonic Frontiers sells 2.9m worldwide
01:01:30 – Out today
01:03:55 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tim & Bless

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  1. Hopefully we get the Switch successor sooner than later. The Switch is really starting to show its age now. Hoping Prime 4 is a launch title for it

  2. I want to know so badly, all the drama of that intellivision dude yelling at Greg

  3. I'm glad Tim defended this Direct a bit. I know not everyone is into or even knows about these smaller cult games and franchises, but there were so many great games and reveals in that Direct. The Level 5 revival alone, to me, was HUGE. One of my favorite Directs of all time, especially with the Metroid Prime and GB/GBA game shadow drops!

  4. Can someone link or tell me the title of the roblox video tim mentioned please?

  5. the game that im look forward to playing is the wolverine game

  6. Someone tell Tim that “chefs kiss” isn’t a thing anymore. That’s like 2019

  7. I am a FE, Layton, Bayo guy and that Direct was so bad. Ports, remasters,, DLC, updates galore. Yayyyy

  8. Tim Gettys? I don't think he's ever seen a Fast and Furious movie.

  9. Playstation spotlight 4 upcoming indie games – Blessing then turns the conversation into how Playstation isn't supporting indies? Weird take imo but whatever…

  10. Rumors of this being a "slow year" for Nintendo after Tears of the Kingdom are probably accurate. Kinda similar to 2020 after Animal Crossing. We got things like Mario 3D Allstars after Animal Crossing, and the equivalent this year could be Pikmin 4.

    I could see a few "smaller tier" games similar to Advanced Wars and Bayonetta Origins populating the rest of the year. The rumored Kid Icarus Uprising remaster, Detective Pikachu 2, etc. Maybe some more remasters or remakes like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess

    And then DLC. Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, and Mario Kart will get continued support, but I could see Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Tears of the Kingdom getting DLC announced.

  11. Link between worlds is the spiritual remake of Link to the past. If they going to do a remake it has to be something from gameboy again.

  12. "RogersBase was Tim Gettys breaking laptop levels for Professor Layton."
    YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT! Thanks for the shout-out you guys! Much love!

  13. Hbomb’s Roblox video is probably the best video on YouTube

  14. I find it hysterical how many people tommy has ran afoul with. I listen to the pat the nes punks podcast and thought it was just in a lil bubble. Over the past few weeks a few podcasts have mentioned tommy in passing from yelling at them for something or other. I never realized how big of a joke this man is.

  15. Tim has three things I recognise him for.

    His love for the FF franchise
    His love for 4K and screen resolution
    And his recollection for soundtracks.

  16. The only style a remake of Link to the past has to be is HD-2D thank you very much!

  17. Who the heck is Andrew McLean ? And why is he so hot!

  18. Any link to the video with Greg and Andrea talking about the Amico?

  19. Just came back after watching Roblox_oof and holy shit Tim was right. Go watch that video

  20. 29:56 "It's Nintendo, so who the f**k knows."

    This is probably the most accurate way to describe Nintendo.

  21. I think the switch will remain in place so long as player engagement remains high. As far as i know, big money is not made selling systems but rather games so why would they "start over" if players are still loving, using, and most importantly buying games at high rates.

  22. Going to admit when I'm wrong. Tim has been very down to earth about the nintendo direct. He understood its purpose and noticed people like Rogers base weeping over announcements. Blessing seems to get it so I'm unsure how he thought it was "bad"

  23. The Star Wars Desert story reminds me so much of the Netflix Doc 'Pepsi, Where's My Jet' 😅

  24. Put some respect on captain toads name

  25. That hbomberguy video was incredible. I watched it twice. Thanks for the reco, Tim.

  26. We are going to D!ck ride a game that looks 3 generation old and cost £70 while shitt!ng on state of the art VR. No wonder everyone hates this channel.

  27. "If you like this, let me tell you about Catholicism" was hilarious.

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