New PS Plus Revealed, Zelda Breath of The Wild 2 Delayed - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.29.22 -

New PS Plus Revealed, Zelda Breath of The Wild 2 Delayed – Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.29.22

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Snowbike Mike and Gary Whitta have a HUGE news day to cover. Let’s talk about Project Spartacus FINALLY being revealed, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s sequel being delayed, and more!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:03:00 – Housekeeping
PSILY is recording later this week due to BIG Playstation news possibly happening
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Gordon McGuire, FargoBrady, & Pranksy
The Roper Report –
00:04:02 – The First Details On The New Playstation Plus Tiers Are Here!
From the Playstation Blog
00:34:50 – Is It A Kick In The Nads For PS Fans – Best Friends Q:Frank Furtter
00:34:50 – Old Games on Top of New – Best Friends Q: Grezick
00:44:15 – Timing of first party titles and third party competition – Best Friends Q:BJ Bernardo
00:33:50 – Ad
00:52:15 – Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Delayed
00:56:45 – Fortnite No Build Mode Is Now Permanent!!
01:04:00 – Out today
01:06:12 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Bless & Tam

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  1. No normie is reading ps blog lol those who saw it get it because they seek these stuff
    Not easiest to read but most of us get it lol

  2. Did The Show launching in game pass day 1 affect quality or nah? Did GT7's issues come from being in a service day 1 because Forza turned out fine lol.

  3. japanese developed games are always getting delayed because Japanese cant still cope with the work from home setup

  4. Fuck any of y'all thinking or demanding day and date as they never will or was going to do it. Stop trying to make these companies the same

  5. They keep saying “what are the games?“
    All will be revealed in time. Game pass for me only has about 30 ish games that peak my interests. I only care about Xbox exclusives, that why I have game pass period. In reality, game pass is ok, not the end all be all of the gaming world. People say “its not comparable“ other than no day 1 releases, (as of now) it is the same. That, and the whole streaming PS3 BS. PS just has more games in its catalog. So I’m sure the games included be be great.

  6. We still had a proper PlayStation XOXO almost a full hour so yeahhhh

  7. People can only have so many subscription services for the movie/tv,music and gaming needs. Its a very competitive space and therea no way im subbing to sonys PS+ tiers, not only are they either the same price or higher then gamepass, but they are serverly lacking in relevance, the majority of people dont want access to a bunch of games they have either played before or are very small or poor quality.

  8. Also it is a gamepass competitor this is just a fact. Gamepass is a subscription service which allows acess to a selection of games. This same definition defines sonys PS+ sub service. 5 guys and wendys are pretty different but they are still competitors.

  9. Insane how the Sony ponies can defend this it’s literally just the same shit they have now except for more money lol just ps plus and ps now combined ps now failed so will this until they do day and date like game pass it will fail and Sony ponies will keep shelling out 70 a game and Sony knows it and that’s what they want this is just a pr move .

  10. Whitta says its unfair to compare to ganepass? This does not make sense to me, using that logic its not fair to compare xbox 1st party to sonys? Im pretty sure whitta has… This is business, it aint fair lol. What a rediculous opinion.

  11. 3rd party games are on xbox game pass because they know that they cant earn much from just selling xbox copies so they might as well collect a large premium to put them on game pass and sell them on PS as there are more PS users.
    With PS Plus subscription, it might prevent 3rd party game from putting them onto game pass because Sony would then ask them to put them on their subscription too….which in the end could hurt their potential earnings/profits.

  12. I would rather have the legacy PlayStation titles I love on my PS5 than new games I would've bought day one anyway.

  13. Bless always mentions MGS4 when he talks about PS3 bangers but that game was terrible! I am pretty sure it's not well regarded generally.

  14. Can we buy ps1 and ps2 classics on the ps5 now or what?

  15. “Selling very similar games”?! I am sorry Gary but they are not similar. You know this.

  16. “A game delayed once comes out one day and it’s not bad” – Shigeru Miyamoto

  17. If Persona 3 FES, and Final Fantasy Tactics aren't included count me out coach! Now I can run those games with Parasite Eve, Legend of Dragoon, Brave Fencer Mushashi I am down, but it all goes down to the titles.

  18. Is Greg just in the discord channel lurking the entire time?

  19. A feel like a few things they didn't get. Firstly monthly is less commitment so you cna cancel after a month or so hence the higher price. Also its not complicated. Middle tier is ps4 and ps5 and if you want retro you get the premium which also offers ps3, ps2 and ps1. Simples.

  20. Gary was spot on. It’s good but we need to wait to see more.

  21. forbes thirty under thorty – sorry I had to

  22. How dumb are people if u can't understand 3 different tiers.

  23. You YouTube wankers

    So many Xbox first party games? Less than 10 in 5 years

    Why do Sony have to compete with gamepass that's in last place?

    Last place every other streaming subscription service including Nintendo online have way bigger numbers than gamepass.

    Stop lying to the people saying gamepass is getting games all the time lol

    Ps plus gets more games including a curreny gen game every month – just plus as it is.

  24. Where's xbox's quality ? Halo is dead and FH5 was the worse one yet ?

    Let's champion a kick started indie MS brought at the last second and say look at this Xbox quality 🤣🤣🤣 what a joke

  25. I can see me upgrading to Extra, but Premium is pretty expensive so it'll depend on the library.
    It's definitely not going to knock Game Pass off the "best deal in gaming" perch

  26. If PS5 can now play PS1 and PS2 games, let me put the disc in. There's 100s of games that they won't be able to licence so let us use our discs

  27. 1st party wont be and doesnt need to be. It's a business to make money. If xbox had the exclusives of PS then you likely would not see theirs on day 1. Wait until Xbox have all these big exclusives coming next year and see what they do with price increase and tiers. I like gamepass, i like what's being offered with PS+ and Now. Options, get what you want, dont spend on what you dont.

  28. How is 3 tiers confusing? So many subscription services offer multiple tiers. More options isn’t ever really something that I feel should be a negative. Maybe someone wants to play the ps4/ps5 library but doesn’t care about classic games. Should they be locked into the highest price plan just to simplify it further?

  29. the extra tier is a great value, but if they cant do ps3 emulation on ps5 i cant see myself doing the premium tier

  30. There is only one thing I really wanted from this outside of a big library, and that is mobile cloud gaming. I like to play what I want, where I want, and I can do that with GamePass.

  31. Playstation could do day and date releases and quality wouldn't suffer. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just buying into the marketing speak.

    And not every game Playstation puts out is God of War tier quality. I mean Horizon Forbidden West is the first massive Playatation release since Ghost of Tsushima?

    Demon's Souls, Miles Morales, Returnal and Rift Apart were much smaller titles. Not every PS Studios game is this gigantic production.

    Edit: I didn't include GT7 but whatevs

  32. One of the best breakdowns of the PlayStation thing. Because I did not understand and I still own most of my PS1 games!!

  33. So are we most likely getting new Switch hardware with the launch of Breath of The Wild 2? 🤔

  34. The new Ps plus was never billed as a Gamepass competitor. That's just what the king of the clivkbait headline Jason Schrier called it.

  35. Theres an enormous amount of daylight between the games Sony release an the ones MS release. Like night and day. Xbox fans get half assed flagship games like Halo missing core features that die 2 months after they launch.

  36. If Joe Schmo lacks basic reading comprehension that's on him. It's very easy to see what you get with each tier.

  37. Aren't the 10 hour trials already available on ps plus? Or is that not available for the big titles?

  38. PS plus is already more expensive for the monthly subscription compared to a yearly but it's not quite that extreme iirc. I just hope I can still get cheap ps plus through a reseller, I never pay full price.

  39. I have absolutely zero interest in any plan above my PS plus one I have at the moment. Spartacus just seems like a way to charge people more for the services the already have or just restructure the the service for the same price. PS now has ps3 streaming but now you need to get the highest tier to access that. the premium tier is 120 per year, 1 year of plus + 1 year of now is literally the same value. Furthermore if you payed plus monthly at 10 bucks in a year It drains you for 120 but now they get that customer to up that sub to premium or extra and max get you for 216 a year instead. and that's compared to $240 yearly for Plus and now with a monthly sub for 12months. so they did all this to shave off 24 bucks but barely add the value and still no ps3 native downloads. Tbh it sucks in my opinion.

  40. PS Premium yearly is cheaper then yearly gamepass. Sony can't afford to put huge 1st party games on it. Games like Dreams would be good.

  41. If it has legend of dragoon as a ps1 classic I'll buy it lol

  42. It’s funny that Gary thinks Sony absolutely needs to copy the 3rd place brand that has amassed a whopping 25 million subscribers over nearly 5 years. That’s nearly as many people that have bought the 2018 God of War… If Sony’s approach results in games like Ghost of Tsushima, the Horizon series, The Last of Us and Uncharted series, etc, I’ll stick with their approach.

  43. if i remember correctly, it's worth noting that a few months ago Mark Cerny patented a method which would, in theory, allow ps3 games to run natively on the new hardware. would have been nice if the tech was ready in time for this service but it does look like they are investing in it somewhat. i expect it WILL come to the service eventually

  44. Until (if?) a solid library is revealed, this new subsciption has no interest to me. Sony has been dropping the ball so hard for so long that I opted to get GamePass almost a year ago when buying an Xbox Series S (PS5 is close to impossible to get in the European country I live in) as I also have a PC. Microsoft is so far ahead this generation that I see no chance whatsoever for Sony to catch up. They're too late to the party and what they're bringing on the subscription front, so far – to me, is very much last generation innovation and yesterday's news.

  45. Too complicated! Just keep it simple stupid ! And I'm a long time PS fan boy!

  46. Snowbichael Michael's evolution and growth since being with KF is incredible. From being a guy I didn't really vibe with to someone that I actively look out for to see if he's on a show or stream. Love you Mike and KF. Keep being the best.

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