New Last of Us Content This Weekend - Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.24.21 -

New Last of Us Content This Weekend – Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.24.21

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Naughty Dog says we’re getting new The Last of Us content this weekend, but what does that mean? Greg and Bless discuss!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:12:00 – Housekeeping
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[This needs to be in every day this week] Thursday, we’re playing World War Z: Aftermath for a sponsored stream. You can swing by at 11 am PT right after Kinda Funny Games Daily to see Greg, Mike, Andy, and Blessing blast some zombies. If you miss it live, it’ll be on our newest youtube channel after!
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The Roper Report –
00:17:50 – New The Last of Us Content This Weekend, Tom Ivan @ VGC
00:23:18 – Perfect Dark = Initiative + Crystal Dynamics
00:35:18 – Is this as big of a deal as people are making it out to be? – Best Friends Q:The Nano Biologist
00:42:00 – Ad
00:45:20 – Nintendo Direct Wrap-Up
00:57:20 – Machine Games Has a Secret Project, Otto Kratky @ GameSpot
00:58:30 – No Ray Tracing for PS5/Xbox Series X Versioins of Far Cry 6, Jamel Smith @ TechRadar
00:59:50 – This is for you, Kevin — Venom is in Fortnite!/ MCU suing for right to character
01:02:40 – Out today
01:04:10 – You‘re Wrong
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FRI: Greg and Blessing

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  1. Wtf is Last of Us day? 2 good games in 8 years and it needs a whole event thing?

  2. Its funny when they"re talking about the job being alot of work, but they have more freedom to get up and get food and go to the bathroom, its much different when you're working somewhere, they have it way easier, and i hear them complain sometimes, like why?

  3. The only TLOU2 content I'd be intrested in would be DLC where you play as Tommy, as he was the only character in the entire game that I could stand (and even he became kind of annoying by the end due to his contradictory actions).

  4. Nintendo Direct should be the main story. This isn't PS I Love You.

  5. A Nintendo Direct last night and you pick a LOU concert as the headline?

  6. This Mario movie is going to be the hottest garbage

  7. As an Italian, if Chris Pratt doesn't do an Italian accent I will be furious.

  8. Hey! There is a whole other video up about the Nintendo Direct. Go check that out before you leave your complaints

  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Pratt spoke with a Brookyln style accent, but aside from that, it'll still be Chris Pratt's voice.

  10. Detective Pikachu sounded like Deadpool and everything turned out fine.

  11. This is a Sony channel like I’ve been saying.

  12. Please let this new content be TLOU2 factions mode

  13. how many 1st person shooters does xbox need? halo, Wolfenstein, doom, deathloop (sometime soon)..prey… dishonored..hell add in fallout and elderscrolls cuz everyone plays those games in 1st person. outerworlds… god dam man. Minecraft most ppl play in 1st person. same with sea of theives….grounded….

    god dam man if sony is doing 3rd person. xbox is all in on 1st person. LMAO

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