New Last of Us Content This Weekend - Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.24.21 -

New Last of Us Content This Weekend – Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.24.21

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Naughty Dog says we’re getting new The Last of Us content this weekend, but what does that mean? Greg and Bless discuss!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:12:00 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:17:50 – New The Last of Us Content This Weekend, Tom Ivan @ VGC
00:23:18 – Perfect Dark = Initiative + Crystal Dynamics
00:35:18 – Is this as big of a deal as people are making it out to be? – Best Friends Q:The Nano Biologist
00:42:00 – Ad
00:45:20 – Nintendo Direct Wrap-Up
00:57:20 – Machine Games Has a Secret Project, Otto Kratky @ GameSpot
00:58:30 – No Ray Tracing for PS5/Xbox Series X Versioins of Far Cry 6, Jamel Smith @ TechRadar
00:59:50 – This is for you, Kevin — Venom is in Fortnite!/ MCU suing for right to character
01:02:40 – Out today
01:04:10 – You‘re Wrong
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FRI: Greg and Blessing

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  1. I've missed the double pound when he says
    "podcasts services around"
    pound pound
    "The globe"

  2. I hope the update is a 4K patch for The last of Us part 2

  3. Kev yo don't have bad movie takes, you just seem to only like the critical darlings and safe, 'well thought of' films. Come swim in the muck Kev! There's so much fun out there! After all what even is 'good' Kev!? Fuck it! Watch more random, fun-ass nonsense! 😛

  4. Detective Pikachu was visually appealing but it wasn't written better than Sonic. The only reason why we give it clout is because Pokemon. If a movie was written like the Sonic movie without the character Sonic it would be Okay. Detective Pikachu without Pokemon would be a trash movie.

  5. Blessing’s out of his mind for comparing the Sonic and Detective Pikachu movies. Sonic wishes it was anywhere NEAR as fun or good as Detective Pikachu.

  6. I feel like Perfect Dark is gonna be one of those games that's gonna be in development for a loooong time.

  7. They have a team of 70 people. It's in a pandemic so hiring hundreds of people is almost impossible now. This is a very normal thing in the industry. The only difference is that Xbox is telling you that they're doing it. Would you rather have this be done like Sony when you only know when the credits roll? I don't think this matters at all. Also we gotta drop this AAAA garbage. Microsoft never called the studio that a hiring agency that Microsoft was paying, called it that to pull talent. And everyone in the media has been misreporting that as something Xbox themselves said.

  8. Im sure the Mario movie can at least be fine.

    Rotten tomatoes scores –
    Sonic the hedgehog movie: 63
    Detective Pikachu: 68

    I'd say both movies qualify as passably "good" or maybe just "fine".

    10/10 masterpiece
    9/10 amazing
    8/10 great
    7/10 good
    6/10 fine

  9. It’s my bday on Sunday so I’m reaaaaaaally hoping for some Factions/DLC stuff lol

  10. Yes! I would love for those classic WCW wrestling games to come back. So many memories with those

  11. I second blessings take on the Mario movie and I hope he proves everyone wrong. Kevin can only play the devil's advocate on all his movie takes

  12. Sonic was definitely better movie and better kid movie and funnier than Detective Pikachu.

  13. Can never trust Kevin's takes after watching his takes during What If.

  14. Perfect Dark was announced as first person immediately after the announcement trailer. It was either the same day or the day after.

  15. 13:31 Kevin sounded like he was powering up a kamehameha before letting out that bakers dozen

  16. Charlie Day is literally real life Luigi I'm ready for it

  17. the following is about the Mario movie.

    Blessings theory is wild theres no shot its gonna be that. Kevin is saying its gonna be terrible because its not a marvel property. Greg seems like hes the only one that knows & understands what to expect.
    Its gonna be a fun family movie.

  18. The Ditko Estate has every right to pursue that with Marvel. Same with Kirby, etc. Any fan should be in support of that. At the end of the day this wouldn't remove access of these characters and ideas from Marvel/ Disney, however they would have to pay the appropriate parties for the people who actually built these stories, characters, and worlds. It can be pointed out and called "work for hire" all anyone wants. It's still a bad look for so many brilliant minds/ talents to have been pillaged and exploited, only for many of them to still have struggled, been forced to work until their death rather than retire while other people banked on their creativity. Jack Kirby had to fight for years upon years just to be able to own or have the ability to sell even the smallest fraction of his original art pages. Marvel held them hostage like an investment. They knew the value. These artists are the people that literally crafted everything about what millions of people obsess over now. They were asked to develop the characters, the worlds, the stories. Stan Lee put his unique tongue and alliteration over the top of many of these stories, but very little of the creative credit is truly owed to him. He became a great mascot and image for the company. A smart individual who was very articulate with words. There are other real legends though, like Steve Ditko. It just makes me fucking sad.

  19. My opinion but whenever you get a job doing something your passionate about you tend to put 100% more effort and work into it everyday you show up. So I can see why you guys are exhausted at the end of the day. Keep up the great work guys

  20. Can't wait for new content from ND

  21. The last of us content is just the golf club on a trophy stand

  22. I’m just gonna say it. We were robbed of a Danny devito and Charlie day mario bros dynamic.

  23. Hey I think the timestamps and video sections are a bit off, at least Housekeeping/New The Last of Us Content is

  24. I don’t think I’ve played a game with ray tracing turned ON. Every game I’ve been interested in since these consoles launch has been “4K”/60fps or “4K”/30fps w/ ray tracing. Obviously I’m gonna choose 60fps. So maybe when the upgraded consoled come out in a few years I’d possible give a f*ck about ray tracing. But until then it’s whatever lolol

  25. Chris Pratt as Mario sounds weird but i won't dismiss it until we hear it. Im sorry but i do like Pratt. Mainly because im a huge Parks and Rec fan.

  26. Out of all the headlines for this episode the last one I expected was something about the last of us but I guess I have to remember what channel this is on

  27. Police officers, teachers, doctors, construction workers: What a long day. I'm tired.
    Blessing: I played a zombie game, talked, and watched a Nintendo Direct. I'm so exhausted.

  28. Mario will probably be ok but I'm not at all excited by that casting. Intrigued a bit, but but skeptical af

  29. I would really worry about ND and Sony being unable to read the room if this ends up being a bunch of merch and then promoting a tv series that practically none of the actual fans of the game really care about. When we want a PS5 upgrade, we want Factions and I would like to know that TLOU3 is at least going to be a thing even if it's far off in the future. Hell I'd love a Left Behind sized piece of DLC, just telling a small individual story. I genuinely don't care about a tv series.

  30. I think Greg is wrong on this one . He was wrong when he said PlayStation is done with showcases like last year. I feel like the rumored PSX event makes a lot of sense even if it is digital. When I saw this year’s showcase I felt it was really lackluster. In a sense it felt like they were holding back even though we got two insomniac projects (for beyond 2023). I see the next showcase being more focused for the fans. We still have the rumored last of us projects, final fantasy stuff that is exclusive, the rumored silent hill projects, hogwarts legacy, sly cooper, infamous, maybe some resident evil stuff, bluepoint’s acquisition with metal gear remake. I think we all think a metal gear remake will break through the mainstream but that saga is really only for the fans of PlayStation, as big and exciting as that sounds. All of these examples would make sense for them show up in a showcase made for the fans.

  31. Kevin is right that Sonic movie was trash. Sonic isn't about interacting in a real world with humans. Bless and Greg don't know a damn thing about Sonic

  32. Complaining about how hard you're jobs are, really, gimme a break not saying you don't work hard, but you are all beyond privileged.

  33. Why is Chris Pratt doing an Italian stereotype considered potentially taboo when Charles Martinet has been doing it for over 20 years.

  34. Why would Chris Pratt use an Italian accent? Mario is from Brooklyn.

  35. If we could have a WWF No Mercy that didn't crash every couple days on this service, sign me up Nintendo.

  36. I had both versions of the genesis controller. My older brother got a genesis for Christmas and it came with the 3 button. We kept fighting over it so the next christmas mu parents bought me mine and it came with the 6 button controller.

  37. I'm Italian American and I'll be extremely offended if Chris Pratt doesn't do an Italian accent or at the very least a thick Brooklyn accent

  38. Please stop referring to State of Play’s voice girl as the “disembodied voice”, that’s so unnecessarily degenerating for a presentation that has better formatting than Directs. Like if slow cringey dubs were any better.

  39. Holy smokes!! Greg miller the last time I saw you was on IGN like 8-10 years ago bro. You were bald and no beard. Good to see you brother

  40. Chris Pratt in Onward and Lego movies feels like 2 very different characters so I think he may surprise us in Mario. Have no idea what to expect…

  41. Mario is only Italian the same way as half of Americans claim to be Italian. If there's any accent, it'll be Brooklyn

  42. Charles Martinet will be Mario's dad, Dr. Mario

  43. greg being surprised that a nintendo direct was geared toward nintendo fans is just… lol.

    maybe don't do reactions to nintendo directs if you're not interested in nintendo stuff, greg? everyone could tell you were miserable and uninterested.

    but also, like … what do you even like? they showed an rpg, a platformer, an action game and a number of other genres

  44. Blessing, there is another Deus Ex out there. You need JC in your life!

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