Name a Crazy Video Game Crossover - Game Showdown -

Name a Crazy Video Game Crossover – Game Showdown

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Kinda Feudy is back and we’re naming crazy crossovers!

Season 2 Ep .2

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:01:26 – Housekeeping & Warm Up Round
00:03:51 – Round 1
00:08:55 – Round 2
00:17:05 – Round 3
00:19:56 – Round 4
00:24:39 – Round 5

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  1. The ad-break segue was so good that I renewed my KF membership, my god!

  2. Was it Battletoads 2 on snes? I know i owned a battletoads back then.

  3. So for the team names. I feel like colors are a bit basic. Maybe do something like Legends of the Hidden temple? The Purple Trogs or something like that.

  4. When Tim didn’t get Kingdom Hearts I audibly gasped. 😢

  5. The mash-up example always bothers me because its not Earth (its Sera) and the Locust came from the ground. So, technically not aliens (at least not to the planet). 😅

  6. I liked the old team names based on their names, was more fun

  7. Given what made top 5, I'm way more amazed Fall Guys wasn't on the list for crossovers.

  8. I said lost odyssey immediately, people forget that one all the time

  9. Yeah I dunno how they missed the difficult games on SNES stuff. Super Ghouls N Ghosts and Battletoads both immediately came to my mind. Good on Andy for calling on Contra though.

  10. I'm gonna keep bringing up. Season 2, perfect chance to put a Family feud board on the green screen

  11. Time to ditch the betterhelp sponsorship guys. Its a bad look for you promoting a company that sells patients private health information to advertisers.

  12. I really thought GTA IV The Lost and Damned would be on that list xD

  13. Team Nintendo Weird Decisions. Team XCast. Team PS I Love You.

    I trust Kinda Funny to determine the winner of the console wars this fiscal season. Not pesky things like critical reception or financial figures.

  14. The episodes are getting shorter and shorter. Bless get it together.

  15. Lebron: “Here go 2 more for y’all”

  16. Look I enjoy everyone here but i always find myself rooting for Greg, idk why.

  17. That's not a cheat code, that's a micro transaction

  18. Blessing twice in a row you have forgotten to mention that Tim is repping team blue! It might be obvious to us KFBF’s but just a little note lol. I’m glad to see this show getting better every week! :]

  19. Surprised Dead By Daylight wasn’t on the crossover list! That game has more crossovers than anything else lol

  20. I low key want kinda funny merch that just says "Not. On. The List."

  21. Lost crown is only through the Ubisoft launcher on PC

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