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Michael Haneke & Funny Games – Interview (ENG Subs)

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  1. It is a well made film, it has stunning visuals, it is tense and well crafted — however not since news reels of the Holocaust have a seen a work so disturbing. There are many other ways to relate a tale that is a metaphor for nihilistic view of our capitalist bourgeois and our "systems of power") in a way that invoke — in my mind — writings of Foucault) ; the unstoppable unraveling of trust or safety or human agency in a world increasingly out of our control — there are some disturbing elements to CODE ICONNU, bur in Funny Games Henecke lets the full perversion of sadism take over yet the auteur oddly makes the viewer feel that he roots for the two sadistic anti-Christs of his own imagination. There is much to say positive about his film=making — and the specifics with which he chooses to craft his disturbing story=line. situations of his fictional metaphor in which there is no atonement possible. A film that is — a work of art — paradoxically beautiful and terrible at the same time, as is, often, life.

  2. Sure enough, the film's message is something that's entirely up to the viewer yo decide if it's worthwhile or not. But one thing is clear: Michael Haneke clearly got a pretty interesting vision to share.

  3. this is really interesting, generally directors will not be so transparent about their intentions. It's pretty cool to hear it from the horse's mouth, though.

  4. Always great to explain your own art… not

  5. It's always pleasant to hear his explanation but still can't get it.

  6. i think that this movie , has nested some features of the 1940 war .

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