Kinda Funny's Game of the Year 2022 -

Kinda Funny’s Game of the Year 2022

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The votes are in! It’s time to reveal Kinda Funny’s Top 10 Games List for 2022!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:05:14 – Housekeeping
00:08:51 – Number 10
00:17:58 – Number 9
00:25:00 – Number 8
00:40:59 – Number 7
00:48:49 – Number 6
01:02:15 – Number 5
01:19:29 – Number 4
01:30:25 – Number 3
01:39:28 – Number 2
01:54:00 – Number 1
02:10:10 – Honorable Mentions, Stats, and more!

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  1. I loved this episode, opened my eyes to so many great games and convinced me that I need to give Elden Ring another try…

  2. I think Janet’s humor is elite status. I can’t tell you how many times I cracked up watching this video and she slipped in a jab or slick joke and was completely missed. Also, that instrumental for #9, cult of the lamb, is that from the game? It’s sick!!!!

  3. Mike out here with that Fox News posture and vibe lmao

  4. Parris saying Garlic is a crutch in Vampire Survivors really hurt my soul…

  5. As a regular listener to the XCast, my favorite gaming moment of 2023 so far is finding out Parris played and loved Elden Ring. Such a great moment.

  6. Dang, no love for High on Life. Didn't even get a mention.

  7. I want to know what Mikes list was. 😅

  8. are expansions like Destiny 2: Witch Queen not eligible?

  9. Great list, GoWR was my personal GOTY, it was a good time listening to everyone and the new set and production is 👌🔥

  10. No Mario and rabbits sparks of hope love ? 🙁

  11. Mike is out here lookin like a year one greg miller.


  13. 29:20 this group’s bias is showing. This is exactly how Genshin Impact is. Sure you can pay to fast forward character leveling, but you don’t have to spend a single penny to have fun. It’s a completely free full open world that’s bigger than BotW now and by the time they release the entirety of Teyvat it’s gonna be one of the biggest open world maps in gaming; a fun combat system that’s simple to get into but complex enough if you’re a nerd about experimenting with party and equipment building to get the results you want; and one of the top best soundtracks ever put in a video game, just YouTube a boss battle and you’ll see countless music composers and producers reacting to it and being blown away by what they hear. Oh but it’s got loot boxes so “ChInA gAmE bAd.” Oh wait a Marvel mobile game? That you can also give money to if you choose and not because there’s a paywall? “McU gAmE gOdD!”

  14. My favorite episode of every year did not disappoint! Killer job with the graphics, and it was so fun seeing seven people at the desk (plus Barrett on mic)!

  15. You guys are really missing out on A Plague Tale Requiem. it had by far one of the best stories in not just of the year, but past decade. Plus gamplay wise it is a much bigger than the first which was already a fun game.

  16. Kinda Funny slowly becoming a From Software company is perfect. As someone who turned into a FromSoft person in 2022 I need to say this: TIM GETTYS. PLAY SEKIRO. YOU'LL LOVE IT. IT'S LITERALLY SIFU.

  17. KF doesn’t understand the nature of a tie…marvel snap and vampire survivors would be tied for 7th, not 8th. If they refuse to acknowledge this, then they have to eliminate Pokémon. What is so difficult about this?

  18. Great Video, especially since the Ratchet and Clank debacle from last year. Elden Ring is easily #1 for mine but great to hear everyone's views.

  19. lol they complained that Horizon 2 was just an iterative sequel but gave GoW2 number #1 which is just an iterative sequel just like Horizon 2. Whack ass opinions from this group but whatever I guess they gotta cozy up to Cory Barlog's company for more free codes in the future.

  20. Kinda obvious GOTY. It was already clear at the start of the year it was going to be a battle between ER en GOW R. ER is gonna win pretty much everywhere because of its industry impact and the masterpiece it is. The impact GOW 2018 had. GOW R is going to be just behind it because it has the 'more of the same' sentiment. On the other hand GOW R is going to clean up at Kinda Funny, just because a few people dont even play From games AT ALL. Im actually surprised ER was able to beat Sifu.

    Anyway, amazing show and congratz on the production value. This was truly awesome

  21. I'm not sure how Pokémon can even be considered for any Game of The Year considering all the issues it had.
    It's funny how Pokémon can get a pass with all the game breaking bugs but games like Cyberpunk are shamed and thrown under the bus, and rightfully so. But Pokémon gets awarded? Nah, that's not right.

  22. I'm sorry but Marvel Snap is a paid advert inclusion.

  23. I'm not sure Dying Light 2 would make my top ten, but it would be close with the hundred plus hours I spent in there. Weak ending aside, it's mind-blowing there was no mention of it. It makes me think they should've delayed it further after they moved away from their 2021 release target. That team deserves their flowers for a great gameplay loop, interesting world, and best implementation of optimized RT in 2022.

  24. never admitted this anywhere on the internet till now, but gowr is just not that impressive to me like 2018. haven’t found any real desire to pick it up where i left off, which is kratos and atreus taking down the hell wolf.

  25. Kinda Funny has been crossing the line between their opinions of games with PR with actors and devs of games. Why is the lead of the game ready on queue to walk out on set for a bit? First Callisto, now this. You really need to think about your actions and how they look to people watching.

  26. Great job and another great year everyone! Love that so many games that flew under a lot of people's radars were so high on this list. Bless, keep absolutely killing it! Janet, you've improved a lot, and it feels like you've started to really carve out your space here. Mike and Andy- keep being amazing! Parris is always great! Greg and Tim are OKAY I guess.

    Just have to throw in my thoughts on the top spot. While I knew it was going to get 2nd before starting this video, Elden Ring not winning GOTY is so hard for me to accept. GOW was absolutely incredible, and a game I'll think about for a long time, but Elden Ring was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. It made me feel like a little kid discovering the magic of video games again. I will remember that initial playthrough for the rest of my life. I genuinely think it's the greatest video game ever made.

    I really wish more of the KF crew would give it a real chance! Feels like that's always met with the "it's not for me" line, but that if they really came at it with an open mind and some time, they'd fall in love with it too.

    Keep being awesome everyone!

  27. KF, I have been pretty tough on you guys this last year. As a professional video editor and producer; this is definitely one of your best formatted podcasts you've done nice the last GOTY cast but your other podcasts quality don't nearly match this ones. You have the studio, now in 2023 you need to use it. All your shows need to be really reformatted to use this space and technology. Every podcast you do has remained unchanged regardless that it's in this awesome new space. I think a good goal for this year is to see how you can get every podcast to be on the level of this one.

    I hope you take this compliment and critique seriously.
    Also sad to see Pentiment & Plague Tale not one the list.

  28. Thank god for Janet. Both here and on MinnMax she represented Horizon with a ferocity I can be proud of. This game just did not get the praise it deserves. Everyone is so obsessed with "did it reinvent the wheel? No?" *cue Andy Toy Story meme*. Why does Horizon have to be the most groundbreaking game to be praised? Forbidden West is just the best version of Horizon we have gotten. If you like Horizon and what that game is, then I cannot understand why you would not love every second of this game. Horizon Forbidden West is a better game in every conceivable way, (except maybe the story because of the colossal revelation) and its a goddamn travesty the disrespect this game got in 2022.

  29. I hope some day they have someone that likes and plays JRPGs, 2022 was a great year for JRPGs

  30. I know everyone has touched on how special it is that everyone is in the same room together, and it is very special. Though, there’s one addition to this episode people have left under appreciated… and it’s the fact that daddy Parris was serving us the gun show this whole episode! God damn!!!

  31. Great vid guys 👍minor nitpick but I wish they showed some gameplay/b-roll while they discussed each game. Again- minor nitpick, still enjoyed everything.

  32. Glad to see HFW in top 5 (but sad to see it was the most negatively discussed of any other game in the top 10).

    I do not hear many people talk about HFW arena challenges. I thought it was a very interesting idea but worldwide leaderboards are not usually my thing and those times felt impossible to beat. I do not know how people set those records.
    Vegas was a stand out moment with stand out characters, but that was not the only moment. Flying for the first time and being able to pick up EMP bombs to drop on enemies just because. All the moments with Kotallo but especially in the beginning when he brings all that tension. The singing land gods. Regalla. I can go on.
    HFW also started an interesting question about what is love and what does love look like. There are questions about if Elizabeth's lover really love her.

    However, this conversation around GoWR really challenge me on what my GotY. I thought it was HFW, but this conversation reminded how GoWR has some really good lines and moments that will stick with me. I will never forget the scene where Aloy realizes it is Rost still pushing her forward, but those lines will not stick with me as much as Brock talking about the nature of a thing being more important than the form. Thank you. I appreciate how this discussion made me reevaluate my own opinions.

  33. Elden Ring is the worst SoulsBourne game. "We made the map 10 times bigger! Oh, and we filled it with the same amount of high quality content as our first Souls game, Demon's Souls!" The open world includes nothing but low quality mini-dungeons with the same enemies and mini-bosses repeated throughout the game. Elden Ring is a fantastic example of developers making an open world game and having absolutely no idea how to make the exploration of every nook and cranny worthwhile. Ooooh, I got a Rowa fruit! Oooh, a rare Trina's Lily! Items for crafting I don't need to use for anything in the game. Yay!

  34. is that a chain that Tim is wearing?

  35. Snowbike Mike has such a shit taste in gaming, he only had 2 of the Top 10 on his list.. he has Elden Ring as his number 1 while Andy beat the game for him.. fml…

  36. Horizon is the most underrated franchise of all time

  37. How the hell did the Callisto Protocol get snubbed? Everyone on the review said it would be on their top 10 at the end of the year yet it never pops up. This math ain't mathin' right

  38. How does SBM's sweater not say Mike instead of…

  39. This might be one of the worst top 10 lists I have ever seen.

  40. Wooooooowww!!!! The Spare Bedroom set is so inspiring and motivating!!! It really shows off its value in this episode. As a creative, and soon to be business owner, I truly appreciate what having this studio has done for Kinda Funny. Again, congrats on the new home and keep brining the amazing content!!

  41. F***!

    Still yet to play Horizon b/c of PS5 shortage, and spent all this timing avoiding location spoilers. Then this random ass girl shows up and just yells it out loud. Thanks!

  42. Really wish you guys didn’t flippantly spoil things. Listening to this list is a great way for us to learn games we should play but when you just hurl out spoilers it kinda ruins it for the audience.

  43. Horizon forbidden west is my favorite game

  44. Totally amazing setup and crew. Love the way you do GotY. Great job 🙌🤩🎉

  45. How come Elder Ring is number 2? too difficult for them? I know it was for Janet, but what about the rest?

  46. That dipshit said Texas would be blue hahahahaha

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