Kinda Funny's Game of the Year 2020 - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 56 -

Kinda Funny’s Game of the Year 2020 – Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 56

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THINGS GET SPICY. From Hades, The Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Animal Crossing New Horizons all the way to Astro’s Playroom and Spider-Man Miles Morales, 2020 was a fantastic year for video games.

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Every day Greg Miller, Blessing Adeoye Jr., and Tim Gettys talk about the biggest stories in Video Games.

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  1. Didn't anyone play Children Of Morta? I haven't played Hades yet, waiting for that sweet playstation release, but the things people keep saying about it seems pretty same. A story inbetween deaths, contextualized deaths, constant progression and so on.

    Am I right or have I missed something about Hades? Question to those who've played both.

  2. No cyberpunk nor ori. But fortnite made it…. This is silly.

  3. My GOTY was Genshin Impact so I fucked off 6 minutes in when Greg started bashing it. Whatever.

  4. I don’t care who you replace, let’s get Andy into the mix for GOTY 2021 please and thank you. He’s such a god gamer and I’d love to see what he brings to the table next year

  5. kick out Imron for last of us. Its a joke love Imron.

  6. I much prefer this ranked voting type of game of the year for KF. Its cool to see them suprised at their own number one and I think it actually shows what the overall number one is

  7. Love the point system for the vote guys! Bus usually when you do this kind of thing it goes more like :
    Great show and keep up the good work!
    Love your top 3 !!

  8. I enjoyed watching the top 10 Games Of 2020 between the adverts

  9. FF7R, as I get further from it, just doesn't hold up to GOTY standards IMO. I like the combat a lot, the music is great and there are some great moments. I think the way they translated the FF7 battle system into a more action RPG style is phenomenal. Its the first RPG that I think straddles the line between traditional, turn-based JRPG and action RPG in a great way and I hope that other RPGs take inspiration from it. I am also incredibly excited that they are diverging from the original FF7's story because FF7 exists, its great and if you want to experience that story you still can.


    However, the way it diverges just falls apart for me because it is, essentially, Tetsuya Nomura/Kingdom Hearts style nonsensical garbage. The game is almost dependent on your knowledge of the original game in order for the final chapter to actually make sense. The final chapter of the game, everything dealing with the threads of fate, characters that died coming back to life, the Whispers, the awkward moment when you play as Aeris rescuing Marlene are all just not very good (not in the final chapter but still an example of added content not adding to the original story in a great way.) The Aeris moment in particular breaks the pacing for a moment in the original game that was really well done. Aeris going to rescue Marlene but getting captured and giving herself up in the process was an awesome twist, I don't think we needed to see how it played out at all and its just those little details that the remake fleshed out in some way that makes it not work for me. I would have liked it if one of the Avalanche members survived, but I don't like them essentially coming back from the dead.

    I also think just doing timeline shenanigans in general doesn't fit the world FF7 takes place in. For all the craziness with JENOVA and Sephiroth and clones and such the actual lore of the world is fairly grounded. Pretty much everything is based on the science of that world in the original FF7 and its spinoffs. JENOVA is essentially a parasite that landed on FF7's world and some scientists were using the cells to make super soldiers but the super soldiers were being taken over by JENOVA. Really interesting stuff. But now we have timeline shenanigans where Sephiroth/JENOVA is a part of the lifestream, which allowed him to travel back in time in order to undo the things that led to his defeat, but there are these ghost whispers that aren't allowing him to do that so he essentially tricks Cloud and the others to destroy the Whispers which creates the new timeline that we are now on, but somehow that has led to Zack and the Avalanche members to be alive?? Pretty much that whole sequence is Kingdom Hearts style nonsense. KH3 did something similar, in fact. I just don't think that sorta thing has a place in this world, and while I do want to see where they take the story I don't really like how they got here.

    The final criticism I have about FF7R is the way some encounters work and I'll take Hell House as an example, a fight I did not enjoy simply because you have to have very specific tools equipped in order to make the fight manageable, otherwise you're stuck hitting a big sack of HP over and over again for a half hour to an hour until it dies. And that was the experience I had. There was no warning going into the fight and there's no way to change your loadout in the middle of the fight so by the time I realize whats happening I've already been fighting it for like 10 minutes. Pretty much every boss fight has a similar thing to it and I think the game would have been much better with the ability to change loadouts on the fly.

  10. If someone says to me that Citizen Kane is one of the best movies of all-time, my eyes glaze over. I never made it far enough to discover Rosebud. If someone says to you that Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the best movies of all-time, you watch 15 minutes of it and you begin to understand why. Watch the darn movie. You won't be sorry.

  11. Oof.

    I like the game, but the changes are for the worse and I would put money that the sequels will not be well received at all. It's really good and also respectable in what it's trying to do, but the actual execution of its theme is just too contrived and anime tropey and I'm afraid it will show in the future titles as they move further away from the original.

  12. Game of the Year aside, how has anyone not seen Indiana Jones?! Absolutely incredible trilogy, and definitely needs to be seen. Maybe it’s because I’m more a movie guy but Blessings comment on it being so old and should we try and watch every movie ever was met with me straight faced going ‘yes’.

  13. Greg putting on glasses at the end to disguise the tears 🙁

  14. I actually appreciate how the votes went with The Last of Us. It’s such a divisive game that it can pull it down a notch or even lower. Can’t deny it’s a great game, but did not do it for everyone, including me. Props to Imran!

  15. Streets of Rage 4 was number 3 my game of the year.

  16. I'm so glad that Greg enjoyed Miles Morales as much as he did, but for me it was my most disappointing game of the year. The story was super rushed and the characters were so underveloped that it nearly ruined the whole experience for me… BUT I really enjoyed everything else! Great gameplay, a fantastic score and soundtrack, and beautiful visuals really saved the day and kept me playing until I got that sweet platinum.

  17. Imran places TLOU at number 9 lol? What's the point doing this when he deliberately put it there to try stop it winning

  18. I can’t agree with Imran any more! FFVIIR number 1, TLOU2 at 9 or 10.

  19. Imran's face as everyone else praises TLOU2 is pretty good

  20. great job on updating the background, andy. looks fuckin sick.

  21. Thank fucking God someone didn't put TLOU at no.1

  22. For me TLOU II was easily GOTY, but I can't get mad at Imran, because you like what you like, and his gaming sensibilities have always been the polar opposite of mine, even when he discussed Death Stranding, which was my 2019 GOTY. Though because he's a Hades fan, I think he should try out Children of Morta, my 4th favorite game of 2019. My only qualm is that I personally don't think Final Fantasy 7 remake is a good game without the nostalgia. It doesn't start to get interesting until chapter 9. Those reactor bombings, up through picking flowers and moving those hand switches were all super boring, mix that with a bunch of walking and talking that doesn't move the plot or reveal anything about the characters. It was just Barret, Tiffa, and Aerith annoying Cloud in some way. At least with TLOU II if you were walking and talking, it was either revealing character or plot, (like walking through the town with Jesse, or in the Aquarium with Owen) and it was usually followed by some great action set pieces, while the 1st half of Final Fantasy 7 remake for me was actually lacking combat. But again, that's just how I felt playing it. I actually wanted some more combat to grind and level during the 1st 8 chapters. And I couldn't put Persona 5 Royal as a top game of 2020, because it's built on the bones of what was already one of the best JRPGs of all time. I wouldn't give Dragon quest 11 S a game of the year nod either (and it's my 2nd favorite JRPG of this gen), though to be fair, it doesn't have as much story changing content as Royal.

  23. So basically this is just a wash because Imran just chucked LoU2 at 9 and threw it all out of whack because it doesn't just change what was number 1 but all the games on the list due to the points. Regardless which is number 1, LoU2 is not number 9. Come on.

  24. Unpopular opinion: FF7 Remake was pure trash. I'm saying this as a giant fan of the original.

  25. Where is #1 Games Journalist Andy Cortez? I think for the official GOTY episode it should be ok to break the 4 panel rule.

  26. As someone who never played a FF game before Remake, I can't believe how quickly it's become one of my favourite games ever. Just an incredible game all around.

  27. Glad Doom Eternal at least got a mention. It is definitely my personal Game of the Year and exactly what I wanted from a sequel to Doom (2016).

    Also, really enjoyed the new GotY format and how Bless ends all of his opinions with "and so, shout out to (game title)."

  28. Nice to see so many different answers, for me Cyberpunk 2077 is still my game of the year for all the reasons blessing mentions but I played it on pc. Last of Us part 2 is a masterpiece though, a very close second

  29. Congrats to FFVII, Well deserved 👏🏼🏆

    After the game awards and now Kinda Funny, I hope this is the last time I hear about TLoU2. I actually forgot about it up until the game awards. Nonetheless.
    It's a well crafted game that made me upset and didn't justified it's story decisions. And didn't give me a satisfying end. Just a let down.

  30. Dude Barret just no spoiler warning spouting offcthe end to a 100+ hour rpg that only came out this year.

  31. As long as they somehow get Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate and Grant Kirkhope for the music it's gonna be golden, aye! =P

  32. Thanks Imran for starting shit(sarcasm) damn I wanted TLOU2 to be #1

  33. Currently 10 hours into 13 sentinels.

    Really enjoying it but I can also understand why it wouldn't be some people's game

  34. Can somebody tell me the math of how they got their placements?

  35. I almost thought Imran finally was someone who agreed with me about TLOU2 but I was wrong. He’s literally the opposite of me lol. The second half is a masterpiece and what I loved about the first game but I do not like the first half at all. The first half should have been like 2 or 3 hrs at best. But, man, am I glad TLOU2 didn’t get #1!

  36. I'm sorry but yakuza is a much better game then fall guys.

  37. FF7Remake definitely deserves the #1 spot

    Ghost of Tsushima is a VERY close 2nd for me.

    While FF7R does have it's issues these are either minor or are due to technical limitations, there is no other game released in 2020 that created the insane amount of online discussions, from the ending to side quests to deep lore dives all the way to Max Dudes 4 level breakdown of the story I'm personally still following theory discussions and am still mind blown by the implications of the ending and how it frames the Remake as a continuation of the compilation and not a "remake" of it.

    Can't wait for part 2

  38. From the games in this list, I suspect that there are not a lot of PC-Gamers in this Channel which means that there is probably almost no PC-VR Gamer so I can understand why Half-Life Alyx wasn't even mentioned BUT for me, this is by a mile GOTY 2020 and probably in my personal top 10 of all time (although I am not that long into gaming so this list is also smaller than many other peoples)

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