KINDA FUNNY MARATHON LAUNCH PARTY STREAM!!! - The NEW Kinda Funny Studios: The Spare Bedroom -

KINDA FUNNY MARATHON LAUNCH PARTY STREAM!!! – The NEW Kinda Funny Studios: The Spare Bedroom

Kinda Funny Games
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The Launch Party Marathon Livestream that will reveal the FUTURE of Kinda Funny Games!

Featuring ALL of Kinda Funny TOGETHER for the first time in almost three years!

With special guests Karl Jacobs, SisQo, Alfredo Diaz, James & Elyse Willems, Saige Ryan, Anthony Carboni, Bruce Greene, Gary Whitta, Janet Garcia, Parris Lilly, & MANY more surprises!

Epic Creator Code: KindaFunny

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  1. Haven't watched in a while, it's nice to see that they finally got the new studio up and running

  2. Haven't watched in a while, it's nice to see that they finally got the new studio up and running

  3. so fn amazing im a lil misty eyed congrats guys it has been a hell of a journey

  4. so fn amazing im a lil misty eyed congrats guys it has been a hell of a journey

  5. Lessons from Greggy is a crime against children everywhere

  6. Lessons from Greggy is a crime against children everywhere

  7. Stella to much like the Greg being a bitch stuff but read the room everything doesn't need to be big swear statements

  8. 1:42:55 they both landed on the same frame. But Nintendo gave the win to Whitta lol

  9. Who is Stella, her energy is kinda… weird with everybody else.

  10. A perfect time for fleeting Rooster Teeth fans to join the dump truck on fire. Now with steam machines

  11. So happy these are here to view what I missed

  12. Still catching up on all of this. So happy for you all!!!

  13. So happy for KF Fam. This studio experince is amazing. Can't wait for what's still to come. Now going to enjoy this 11 +hour joyride.

  14. I can’t wrap my head over Kojima, amazing stuff KF! Congratulations!!!

  15. How is Snowbike Mike so perfect for this hosting. His energy is brilliant non stop.

  16. Bless Who was tight – well done Blessing!

  17. I bought a ps vita again this year, modded it, its beautiful. Really makes me wish sony would make another one with new games

  18. The intros were fireeee. Tim dude thank you for everything you and the rest of the team do. Love you guys

  19. Is there a place where I can watch the second half of the stream? I went to sleep and watched a bit more of the second half but I'd love to catch up if possible. Thanks!

  20. This was great! And always, a shoutout from this Baltimore boy to Jared reppin' the Orioles.

  21. Nick saying "never played this game before, is it fun?" before Bless Who really cracked me up lol

  22. What's the guy Michael's name? He mentioned something about heart surgery and I just had the same at age 39 .Curious to know his story

  23. One mad mans love of Oreo cookies inspires him to build an empire. Go get’em Greggy

  24. You gotta give it up to snowbikemike for wearing pants for this event

  25. Timmy lookin good!! 💯 And ofc the studio is INSANE 😵

  26. What an insane reveal. Even having Kojima on board? Wthell. Tim wasn't lying when he was building up to this moment.
    His emotion perfectly resembles what has been accomplished here. Its not weird mate. Its fantastic.
    Well done KDF. Truly well done.

  27. looks amazing for sure. I am just so used to you all being comfortable in your own homes and I think that probably did created a vibe that I now associate with KF.. I really hope the new space doesn't hinder that vibe at all.. I don't necessarily want the "in a studio" vibe from KF even though obviously you have all been in a studio space before.

  28. I know I'm supposed to comment on how awesome this launch was, which its incredible. But instead, I'm going to say that Anthony Carboni is consistently the funniest KF extended family host. Love you all and congrats.

  29. Love everything in general. But if I had to share something constructive, the floating cam feels way over used. I feel like that camera is only needed when the show ends. The other angels are great.

  30. Why do y’all pay for things that they need to do for their company to keep growing?

  31. Absolutely beautiful editing! I was in awe throughout the studio tour and introduction in the beginning! Phenomenal job everyone!

  32. I knew Greg's kid show would get dark and deranged.

  33. Learning from greggy are one of those videos that people said lured their children and then showed them scary shit… just horrifying in all the best ways

  34. Greg ranting at about 7:07:00 while Nick pours shots of apple cider in the background. Cannonball!

  35. you guys must have inherited a small fortune something isnt adding up

  36. James vs. Bruce is the classic non-improv focused Inside Gaming/sorta Funhaus content I've missed for so many years. Like when they first played Gang Beasts. They just naturally make fun non -serious-competitiveness instantly funny. But just because I miss it doesn't mean I want it all the time. It's great when it's special, like a rich dessert.

  37. Really enjoyed this!! Thanks KF! Snowbike is a natural. Love the KFW comentary with Mike and greg.

  38. Nick's "back at it" when he gets called to the stand for Greg in KF Court absolutely kills me

  39. I love you guys. This is my 4th time watching the launch of the Spare Bedroom and I guess it really hit me this time. A few years ago, and now from time to time, I have severe bouts of depression. I discovered you guys at one of the lowest points in my life and you helped me make it thru. When I had no one, you were and still are my Kinda Funny Best Friends and I thank you. Here's to another 7 years, something I couldn't imagine saying 2 years ago

  40. Been a fan for a long time! So happy for you guys the place is amazing! Dreams come true

  41. Does anyone know Andy’s walk out song. shits dope

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