Kinda Funny Day 2023 I Celebrating 8 Years Of FUN (Sub-A-Thon Marathon Stream) -

Kinda Funny Day 2023 I Celebrating 8 Years Of FUN (Sub-A-Thon Marathon Stream)

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Come celebrate eight years of fun, community, and awesome content with us here at Kinda Funny with a sub-a-thin marathon stream! We’ll go all day if you want it playing some of your favorites like Mario with Tim and VR with Mike, Nick, and Andy, and so much more.

Epic Creator Code: KindaFunny

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  1. I just realized that Roger and Andy share the same laugh

  2. Had to come back to re-watch the long night.

  3. You say you guys haven't grown and that you're still shits, I'd respectfully disagree. You guys keep growing and changing, it is a joy seeing you guys keep going – much respect.

  4. Seeing Mike and Greg on the couch made me think: Snow Bike Mike's current look = ghost of Christmas present, Greg = ghost of Christmas yet to come and Barrett = ghost of Christmas past.

  5. Best moments happen after this VOD to bad they did not get all of it.

  6. 11:00 Start/Avengers Death
    50:35 Zapper Testing
    58:58 Wheel Breakdown
    1:12:00 Mario Begins
    1:21:50 Spin / Fire House tip
    1:25:15 Landmines / Spin
    1:38:25 Landmines
    2:01:20 Plessie's Falls
    2:08:50 LANDMINES
    2:29:10 Nick's favorite dance
    2:31:00 TikTok Dance Easy
    2:40:10 Yellowstone / Next gen setup
    2:57:00 Kirby
    3:02:00 Smash Brothers
    3:33:05 Team Building Drawing
    4:00:00 Mario Kart
    4:35:00 Shock Game
    4:38:55 Wario Ware
    5:38:40 VR Golf Prep
    5:51:00 VR Golf
    7:30:10 Icarus intro
    8:54:25 Buffalo Soldiers
    9:14:30 Buffalo Sanctuary
    9:48:05 Steve Booscemy
    9:57:30 Crocodile Smile
    10:00:20 Save Me, They're Everywhere

  7. What a day watched this for 13 hours straight loved every minute

  8. Mike truly excels at being both the worst and the best at the same time. A master at it. Here's to another 8 great years Kinda Funny crew.

  9. Joey have you never been to a rock concert? It's ALL people wearing Tee's of the band they're seeing

  10. Just got off work. Watching this all night long baby

  11. I've never laughed so hard during one of these streams than the journey that Icarus took towards the end. Absolutely pure comedy Gold "Build Back Better" 🤣

  12. Dear God. Chris Anka left the servers and the Animal Kingdom thought it was finally their time to shine lol

  13. thank you guys for all the laughs and the positivity. This has been a great way to spend my weekend. heres to many more years of KF.

  14. That last hour was probably the funniest Kinda Funny content ever.

  15. I’ve gotten a fountain drink cola that came out clear and it tasted better than LaCroix

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