Keanu Reeves is Shadow the Hedgehog - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.16.24 -

Keanu Reeves is Shadow the Hedgehog – Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.16.24

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We’re here to talk about video game news!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:01:04 – Housekeeping
– Mad Max in Review is up right now on
– The Roper Report –
00:09:18 – Keanu Reeves Joins ‘Sonic 3’ as Shadow
00:14:40 – Nintendo Indie World Showcase Announced for Tomorrow, With 20 Minutes of Indie Games Heading to Switch
00:23:33 – Sony wants 60fps PS5 Pro ‘Enhanced’ games, but it’s happy to settle for less
00:38:28 – Blessing Loves Wicked
00:39:35 – It Takes Two studio Hazelight says it will announce ‘new stuff’ later this year
00:43:10 – SuperChats
00:48:10 – Wee News!
00:53:24 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Bless & Andy

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  1. Was listening to this without watching the screen and realized way too late into the video that Hollow Knight is not Shovel Knight like I pictured it in my mind

  2. Ben Schwartz – Sonic the Hedgehog
    Colleen O'Shaughnessey – Miles Prower
    Idris Elba – Knuckles the Echidna
    Keanu Reeves – Shadow the Hedgehog

    All that’s left is Rouge & Amy.
    My choices would be;
    Aubrey Plaza – Rouge the Bat
    Mandy Moore – Amy Rose

  3. I'm a fan of this news but that thumbnail is cursed lol

  4. 34:40 "Using advanced artificial intelligence, we're able to make your shit look dope as fuck!"

    Sony needs to adopt this as their marketing approach to PS5 Pro 😄

  5. When people are gonna understand this? "PS5 pro have to be 60 fps" does not make any sense. PS5 is already capable of 60fps output. The problem is devs. PS5 specs are not secret. Or Sony is not cutting PS5 resources half in the middle of development. It is up to developers to make the game 60 fps. So when sony put PS5 pro 60 fps won't be guaranteed. They can mandate 60 fps for "PS5 pro enhanced" badge. But not having that badge won't stop them releasing a game to PS5 Pro.

  6. Happy taco Tuesday! Thank you bless and Tim for being so awesome!

  7. I think it’s funny how Tim says he is the tech guy but hates having options…

  8. Been listening/watching since 2017. KFGD every workday morning is how to do it. Thanks for the show!

  9. Cool….so instead of compelling games we get more PS4 games "enhanced" ….thanks for continually saving me money ! Sony !

  10. even more reason this mid console refresh is lame

  11. PS5 pro and you still can’t guarantee me 60 FPS. What’s the point of buying this if you can’t guarantee me a certain standard of gaming this generation? Let’s be real we were told at the beginning of the generation 60 FPS that’s what they were yelling at us. Now you’re telling us we’re going to do it again most of the time but maybe not. Buy our platform

  12. I’m really sick of the next gen-mid gen- next gen consoles and we still can’t get as constant 1080/60. They’re trying to fluff these things up with DLSS to get 4K and it’s likely going to work 20% of the time.

  13. Bless, I LOVE you…and also I can't believe you just said thay Elden Ring is the best looking game you have ever seen AND said that you dont remember it having framerate iasues. It had massive framerate issues at launch across all platforms and it took a very long time for it to get better. It was very poorly optimized. Even the hughest end PCs were getting drops below 60

  14. FF16 sold 3M on 38m PS5s VS FF7 Rebirth sold 2.2M on 50m PS5s, so being only on PS5 is not an the main reason !!!

    also been a sequel is not why Rebirth Underperforming, WHAT ABOUT : God of War – Mass Effect – The Witcher – Spiderman – Dragon age – Baldur's Gate – Dark Souls …

    it could be that FF7 is not that popular as you think, is that simple !!

  15. Bless elden ring is not the best looking game. It had serious fps issues on launch

  16. Ps5 pro with my Sony A95L oled 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I want it now

  17. I'd be happy with 40fps for more games since it's right in the middle between 30 and 60 on frame times. Plus on a 120Hz OLED TV, I'm in, just wish more companies targeted that besides just Insomniac

  18. As someone who is PS5-less, the Pro news has been interesting to follow. Sony can have all the buzzwords they want, but price will be a factor. To keep the price down I think it'll be discless (but will be compatible with the removable disc drive from the slim). I'm not super excited about the Pro but the news & discourse has been fascinating.

  19. I assume Blessing meant Elden Ring is the best looking game from an art direction standpoint, because Horizon Forbidden West exists on consoles, and Cyberpunk 2077 exists on PC (and those are the first that come to mind, there are probably better looking games at this point). I thought Elden RIng artistically was… fine. The tree was pretty to look at and added a beautiful golden glow to a lot of things. Once you go underground it looks more interesting to me. It all kind of falls in line as being a sort of open world Dark Souls artistically otherwise though. I think Bloodborne is still a more artistically interesting looking game though, but that's because I like the more Gothic style.

  20. I’d say to Blessing that Dunkirk is def worth checking out. Very underlooked but it is one of Nolan’s best

  21. If in sonic 3 I see shadow either use a gun, or say “chaos control”… I’ll freak out lol

  22. The infinity saga equivalent of sonic would definitly be sonic battle 2. It had a large cast, and stories that focused on obtaining each emerald.

  23. Im with tim on being exhausted with all the options coming into console gaming. Consoles are marketed as the no fuss relatively low cost option to play games and they're very good at it, PC's are for the hardcore tech nerds who enjoy paying over the top prices and playing broken games 😜 (sorry not sorry)

  24. Elden Ring is definitely not the best-looking game and definitely had performance problems at launch. That's why people were playing the PS4 version on their PS5s instead of the PS5 version.

  25. The reason FF Rebirth is struggling with sales is PS5 Exclusivity lol

  26. I'm still on my day 1 PS4. The PS5 pro is for me. I was waiting for my PS4 to die or a mid gen refresh. Somehow the PS4 lasted longer.

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