Joseph Staten Joins Us to Talk Halo Infinite Season 2 - Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 90 -

Joseph Staten Joins Us to Talk Halo Infinite Season 2 – Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 90

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Joseph Staten joined the Xcast crew this week to talk about the launch of Halo Infinite Season 2!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:02:39 – An Interview Joseph Staten
00:27:38 – Gary’s Tesla
00:34:18 – Xbox & Epic Partnership
00:39:28 – Jeff Grubb and Streaming Stick
00:40:49 – May Update For Xbox
00:46:06 – Crystal Dynamics and Perfect Dark
00:53:46 – A New Controller for Gary’s Collection
00:58:42 – “What Games Have Truly MOVED You?” – Kelso

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  1. I still says another team needs to take over halo.343 has never done,halo,justice

  2. Gary is totally right, my kid is 21 now and it's quick as a finger snap. Seems like yesterday I was playing original HALO couch co-op with him.

  3. Halo Infinite is good but frustrating at the same time. The content offered is so bland and the challenge system is super annoying.

  4. Happy Birthday Mike. Also awesome podcast as always.

  5. They’ve had many at-bats and have struck out on almost all of them. Surprised they still have the franchise tbh.

  6. Also got a day 1 elite v2 and play long sessions.. still rollin good for me. Think I maybe one of the lucky ones.

  7. ive been saying they should have a map pack since the first week of launch

  8. Just beat elden ring so it's time to dive into halo season 2,lego star wars and try trek to yomi

  9. Love how xcast has had alot of faces from xbox come on the show and this conversation was 👍 Just makes it a shame playstation does not do this anymore for ps I love you xoxo and hides away since Jim Ryan took over

  10. Change the management of the studio. Kick out all those who gave a green signal to all the anti-consumer decisions made by 343. They have shown incompetence for far too long.

  11. Joe contradicts himself every time he talks about "employee health" like COVID is over, most mandates are over, he says they're working hard and non stop but then says theyre focusing on their health and basically making an excuse for them not knowing how to make a game, Joe is there for PR so 343 can escape some of the backlash, when he says "most of the team is still in apartments" and what not he's talking about all the contractors they hired.

  12. imo in future they need to include a 2 week period where players are able to test the new seasons content and check for bugs similar to siege technical test servers

  13. Renewable & sustainable energy & providing internet all across the globe. Yeah what a jerk.🙄

  14. God I loved this, Seeing Joesph Staten talk to the community this often since S2 dropped is awesome

  15. I feel like he ignored the questions

  16. Did we get any info about additional campaign content/DLC

  17. Figured it would mostly be blamed on "Covid" and not that their actual rollout plan is completely flawed. Covid is why there was so little content in S2? How come this doesn't seem to affect other service games with team sizes comparable to 343. I think they are just completely mismanaged at this point and the game should have been delayed a year. Wasn't like Infinite was going to move consoles last holiday anyway, there wasn't stock.

  18. Mike really went hard to Try fingers in elden ring

  19. Love love love big Joe! I have faith as long as he's captain of the ship. So unfortunate he came on the project so late. Seems like they had a complete trash fire development with no content figured out before he got there. That's why everything is taking so long because it seems like they restarted making the game just a couple years ago. I have game pass so I can be patient for Joe's Halo content.

  20. I think it'd be fine if 343 switched to 4 month seasons after this one. It doesn't need to be 3 months, but 6 months is too long

  21. Awesome episode as always Mike! Best podcast from KF!!

  22. There’s very few people who eat, sleep and breathe halo, and one of those people is Joe Staten. Glad he’s at the helm now. Infinite has lots of potential but not sure if a 10 year plan is a good idea. 7 years could work, but we learned with gta5 that people will keep asking for the next biggest thing. We’ll see how they work this out.

  23. Damn cool you got a Staten interview, Kinda Funny just keeps growing its really awesome you can get anyone on your podcasts now. Edit: Also very interesting how Staten isn't really sugar coating the situation and knows that it needs to be better, but their is just a lot that needs to be fixed and employees need time to fix it and he doesn't want them to have to crunch and overwork which is commendable. Do think they just need to hire more employees though, know that they acquired Certain Affinity, possibly for a BR mode, but I think with microsoft acquiring Activision it might be helpful to try to recruit some members of their team to work on Halo. Also if any of you watched the Halo KC tournament it was fucking amazing and shows how good this game can be, I really think Halo can get to a good spot it just needs a bit more work, which obviously it would have been ideal for it to be great at launch, and hopefully by the launch of season 2 the issues would have been ironed out, but I do think this game can be truly great. They have a really good gameplay base, just need to fix some netcode issues, fix how challenges and mode selection works, and add more content(gamemodes, and maps) and this ame can be in a great state. I feel adding more content can be easily solved simply by just introducing old maps from past Halos, I know they said they don't want to do that, but we are starving for it and it can be done in a much faster time than creating new maps.

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊

  25. Un-Nerf the mangler/Mauler!. And 2 maps one for me not a BTB fan is NOT enough. If starved for content bring back old Halo 2-3 maps as stop gaps.

    Use those old maps and I'd play almost every day for sure.

  26. Also I've been getting full health one hit meleed lately.
    At first I thought it was PC cheaters but then it also happened vs fellow console players so it must be lag based and yes it from the front as I stepped in front of an ally and enemy shooting each other to smack kill the guy.

  27. "Feel sorry for us" instead of "we're sorry". Typical 343. You've had the privilege of running Halo for over a decade and you still haven't learned anything.

  28. I trust Joseph Staten.

    It's because of that and how MCC became what it is today that makes me so sure that Infinite will absolutely recover and grow to be the best Halo to date. It already has the seed and seedling of that "best Halo" growing today, and one day I look forward to saying it finally beat out ODST and Reach for me (my 2 favorites).

  29. why isnt this guy the head of 343? he seems to actually care and if he was in charge from day 1 maybe halo infinite wouldnt be the meh it is now

  30. There is no franchise I've played more than Halo. It's a bit sad to see how quickly the shine and fun for everyone went from Halo Infinites launch but I do believe in the team there to get on that steady live service pace and have some gamers happily return to Halo.

  31. No matter what I appreciate Joe’s sincerity. It’s clear how invested he is in this franchise and the responsibility he feels for its state and future goals. You’re the real MVP Joe.

  32. Damn mike ive only had one elite 2 for over a year 😅

  33. Way to hold his feet to the coals guys. (sarcasm)

  34. Great interview Xcast! Joe. I really do appreciate his candor and genuine nature X but I’m kind of over being strung along. At this rate it will have been nearly a year since the game is out and we still have still yet to receive an appropriate amount of content to this game. All of my friends have moved on from this game and whenever I play, I’m always alone. That’s not what I associate Halo with. No lobbies to find new people to play with. Removal of jumps and campaign speed running functions. I just think there’s a massive disconnect between 343 and the community still: that needs to be mended before the game can be realized in its full potential.

  35. Joe should be the head of 343 not bonnie ross.,That being said he have been patient, 7 years worth. It was time to show the Halo community what 343 could do and the ball was dropped… a cliff.

  36. I love Joe Staten. As much as I enjoy Infinite even through the bumps and rough edges, it has so much room to be great. As Parris said, it needs to be great. I do wish it got delayed another year and launched with everything it should have, but you can’t change the past. I believe once they get everything polished and in that should be, Infinite with seasons and being live service can present so much cool and fun events within the game

  37. I recently bought a model 3 and enjoy it. I don't think you'll be disappointed, Paris.

    If I started to have glitches like Gary I would be furious though.

  38. Im positive on the future of Halo because there has NEVER been a Halo game I didnt enjoy playing regardless of state, and Im positive in the future for both Halo and 343.

  39. IF forge is good and that new big mode by certain affinity is good AND if all the issues with the base game are improved and or fixed. i think this game could come back but itd be up to 343 and this community carrying this game and spreading the word of halo. its free so word of my could help the game immensely in the future if there is genuinely good shit to talk about surrounding the game cause then newer players would have no other choice but to try the game

  40. U guys should have asked them if there going to add team doubles ranked or even team trays ranked since not everyone wants to keep playing with randoms that throw games or are just not being a team player or for people that just don’t know 3 other people that are willing to play halo all the time so that’s why I think they should add a team doubles ranked and team 3s ranked

  41. I’m not the biggest fan of the latest Halo but I absolutely LOVE how frank and honest Joseph is here . 👏
    Keep you’re heads up devs.

  42. I should have stopped watching after the interview. Hypocrites like this guy who most likely bragged and got as high on his horse as he could about owning a Tesla and now because Elon doesn’t hang on every word of the mainstream media and the extreme left, this dude has a change of heart about his Tesla. This guy is a clown 🤡

  43. Ah man games that moved you… how long have you got? Lol
    With you guys on Journey and The Walking Dead S1, but also Celeste, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy IX (Vivi & the black mages), FFX (Tidus and Yuna), Brothers: a tale of two sons, Life is Strange 1 & 2, the ending of Zelda Skyward Sword, and many more. Truly wonderful that art can move us in this way.

  44. I feel I should preface this by admitting my bias. I ADORE Halo and am mainly a single player campaign gamer, so for ME, Halo Infinite is an absolute masterpiece of open world story telling.
    Also I have to say I'm a huge fan of Joe Staten. He has for a long time being the God Father of the Halo franchise and anything in his hands turn to gold imo.
    That being said, the way 343 as a team have handled Multiplayer has felt positively amateur. I know by season 4 or maybe 5 Halo Infinite will be in a place it should have been in from the start. But will that be too little too late? We'll see. Regardless, I'm glad Joe and team appreciate the criticism because some people are LOVING the attention they are getting by posting hate filled tweets or youtube videos. I don't agree with such vitriol personally and feel there should be a modicum of respect when talkimg about what can be improved but this isn't going to change so whatever.

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