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Jon Jones Funny Games

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  1. This guys a fucking cheat man hes not the same now USADA!!

  2. Яссэр Абухарба

    Why post a comment and then disable your comments on Google+ and YT? Was it done in hope that no one can dispute your nonsense post?

    John was able to walk out of that octagon on his own and was the one raising his arm by the end of the last round while Gus looked like he was ready to pass out. if that round went longer Gus wouldve been KOed.

  3. jon jones is the definition of OP in the real world

  4. his opponents should be allowed to wear glasses

  5. I wanna play a game Player 2 has left the game

  6. Best highlight video I've ever seen so far good stuff man it was well put together 👍🏻😉

  7. Lol where was Ovince st. preux???…
    Guess he wasn't good enough to be in this video lol

  8. if u take a lot of things from other people they wouldn't be so great either

  9. Bones is the man! DC has no chance… Not a fuckin chance! As Jones said, Cormier better enjoy this last month as a champion because that belt is immaginary around his waist!
    Jones defeated him in his own game… and btw not to be an hater, becuse I respect most of the fighters, but Cormier is a wrestler who can't wrestle… and jones worked his ass like a cat against a mostly dead mouse.
    Cormier shouldn't even try… he just have to spontaneously give the belt to the real owner and go to fuck himself… he's an immature 37 years old who lives in his own fairy world… to me it looks that Cormier's mind is still stucked in high school

    the fairy tale is ove boy, sorry

  10. Damn……..After 3 nights ago, this video value should go up lol

    He returned and took what was his in dominate fashion

  11. regardless of how many mountains he snorts, people he hits with his car or dick pills he pops dude will still go down in history next to emelienko, velasquez , silva etc.

  12. that cut to chael drinking a coke was one hell of a highlight.

  13. I’ll go as far as to say he’s the P4P BEST but the P4P greatest is Mighty Mouse even though Jon beat like 6 HOFs he still got stripped 3 times with 2 steroids incidents. The first one I definitely gave him the benefit of the doubt but after UFC 215 it was over. He has earned a 3 year suspension in my eyes

  14. Jon might have done some bad shit but sorry he’s the 🐐… someone argue one human being on the planet who could take him out. And no Brock would lose too

  15. Jones jone est un barbare you barbare Jones

  16. This is what happens when you never even touched a video game before and put UFC on the hardest difficulty

  17. Honestly silva cant beat Jones, neither can any of the heavyweights

  18. He wrecked the souls of Shogun and Cormier so bad they quit fighting soon after

  19. Kkkkk cara atropelou todo mundo

  20. It's from an ancient fighting warrior puts fear in the heart like mind games crawling man I wish I remember what video had him explaining but anyways these bones don't break

  21. Wooooowwwwww 👏 the games have just begun!

  22. Got a feeling Adesanya has watched this video before…

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