Is Xbox's 2022 Looking Bleak? - Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 91 -

Is Xbox’s 2022 Looking Bleak? – Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 91

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Mike and Parris were joined by Danny Peña of G4 to talk about the big delays of Starfield and Redfall.

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Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:06:59 – Housekeeping
00:08:05 – Bethesda & Xbox Announce Redfall and Starfield Delays
00:44:41 – Xbox & Bethesda Summer Showcase Predictions
00:51:23 – Halo TV Series Impressions
01:00:39 – Danny’s Future

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  1. Has it ever looked good for Xbox. It's always been empty promises, delays and cancelations.

  2. I wish Xbox showcases focused on games coming out in the next year, through next June. Just show gameplay for first party and third party gamepass games. Even though first party is sparse at the moment I believe starfield, redfall, hopefully if rumors are true smaller first party games, DLC, and third party GP deals can still carry the show.

  3. Sorry Parris, it's not "perception" is reality. Reality is Reality when it comes to Phil and delivering games. He's a great guy, he brought forth great features with BC and Gamepass. Him actually shipping complete and good games from the 1st party MS owned studios has just not happened at all during his entire tenure so far. He's been there since 2014 nearly a decade. He's been lapped time and time and time again by Sony and Nintendo in 1st party titles.

  4. I agree with Mike. We can want Bethesda to take their time and make a good game and also be upset or disappointed. To say that you’re “happy” about this delay just seems whole heartedly disingenuous. That doesn’t mean you’re being toxic or a console warrior… it’s just sucks. Period.

  5. Starfield and Redfall delay isn't a surprise and if we don't want studios to go through crunch and ship a flawed game, this is what is going to happen. It's not a bad thing at all, but the business side is interesting. Loved the points Danny brought up. Great episode!

  6. Unsure now if getting the Series X over a PC upgrade was worth it if I'm just going to wait past the warranty period for Xbox Studio games.

  7. These delays just make me feel better about not being able to get a next gen Xbox yet. I can keep waiting until it's actually purchasable.

  8. If they announce something like brutal legend 2, I'd be fine.

  9. Microsoft said they would add Activision games upon close… maybe that kinda carries Game Pass at the end of the year with old Cod games and (I know it’s a big stretch) with MW2 coming day one to the service

  10. How hands on is Phil with starfield?does he over see it or just let Todd do his thing?

  11. Microsoft is lucky in a way to have as much money as they have. I don't think most companies would be able to survive as long without having a huge wallet.

  12. I should be worried about lack of games but a full time job and elden ring will probably keep me busy throughout the year.

  13. I disagree with everything that was said about not showing Starfield gameplay. It would be a mistake and look like the game was never in a good state and look like they truly had nothing.So what you're telling me is that when you announced the June 12th event, it didn't look like it needed another year but just a week later you realized, oh shit, the game needs more time. I don't buy that, what i believe the problem might be is that Phil is not managing the studios like he should. Forget all this "hands off approach" get your hands dirty Uncle Phil, stop making deals and spending all your time with just that when you have yet to produce games at a steady pace. I love Xbox but dann it's getting hard to have enthusiasm when it keeps getting deflated. 😕

  14. I honestly do not think Phil would pull the trigger to Delay these games if they didn't have anything else for the rest of the year, like pulling a emergency button on a 3rd party deal on gamepass or something else.

  15. Don't worry xbox fans you have the "amazing game pass" 🤣🤣 yh right time like these prove gamepass has no quality xbox has nooooooo games !!!!

  16. It will be an awful decision if they dont show starfield gameplay on june 12.

  17. Shout out to Mike for introducing the guest first. That’s the hospitality I love to see!

  18. Starfield is going to get delayed again to Holiday 2023.

  19. Looking to see what 3rd parties are pulled to make up. Still waiting for scorn and bright memory infinite

  20. THANK YOU PARRIS for expressing in detail and thorough why this Bethesda delay hurts so much, and why its another black eye for xbox/Phil. The new guy basically said "Yeah, its fine" lol

    We've been getting the "wait till next year" statement since 2015, 2 years in to the xbox one life cycle. Its sucks!!

  21. remember only a week ago when Paris was like, there's no way Starfield gets delayed… we're five months away and have have seen zero gameplay… yeah okay Paris

  22. The 🦫 dam dam won't break…..but it will….the passion an frustration is a testament on how excited we are for all these new IPs from the studios we love all under Xbox belt now….dam you dam ! Break ! 🦫

  23. i’m sorry but still don’t understand how some people “aren’t surprised” when there was no sign of an incoming delay. They’ve been having round tables and dev diaries talking about how groundbreaking this game is paired with the fact the event in june is less than a month away. Despite them showing basically NOTHING, the way they TALKED about the game sounded like they were extremely confident about the 11/11/22 drop they unveiled damn near a YEAR ago. smh same ol xbox story.

  24. What’s with Americans clapping and screaming in cinemas?
    I really don’t understand that mentality

  25. Duuuude Wtf. Audio only listener here. Who are these people. XD I was expecting snow bike mike to be about 100 lbs heavier with shoulder length black hair and a bushy mid length beard and Paris looks like the Allstate guy with no hair. Still never once seen Gary but I’ve always pictured him as a tan white guy with blond combed hair hopefully my mind isn’t blown when I finally see him. XD

  26. You have to show Starfield, even if it’s a 2-3 minute trailer showing the world in game and gameplay of the most polished parts of the game.
    The Xbox/Bethesda showcase image is literally Starfield, people will be pissed if they don’t see at least something from it.

  27. Xbox and game pass are dogshit. Xbox has no games but they have DRM 😊👍

  28. Halo Inf launched unfinished and it's a mediocre game

  29. Bad news hits and Gary no where to be seen, hahahahahah

  30. I get the frustration, but I also don’t at the same time if that makes sense. With the state of the world the last few years we still should expect trickle down effects from that. Delays are going to be the norm for a bit as things try to get back to normal.
    I am disappointed, but I understand so I’m not furious. If Gamepass wasn’t a thing I think this stings a lot more, but I’m good catching up on games I wanted to play on there and let these games delay so devs can make it the best they can.

  31. It’s gotta be crazy to be an Xbox fan right now. All three guys on the panel are no longer getting hyped for new games, but instead getting hyped for which third party games Xbox might offer a gamepass deal to. This is a very sad state of affairs for the console.

  32. Honestly 2021 didn’t really excite me either with XBox games, but I haven’t been excited about forza or halo in a long time. I did enjoy Returnal, Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man: Mile Morales, Ghost of Tsushima expansion and deathloop. Hoping to enjoy an Xbox with tons of great games in the coming years.

  33. Danny's be like "stop showing stuff that's not ready" and then goes "surprise us, show us some new IPs"🙄

  34. It's funny to see how everyone so quickly turned to doom and gloom just from a couple delays. A week ago Xbox was on top of the world having the best console generation ever. Then two games are delayed and suddenly it's all "oh no 2022 has no games it's all over!" It's for the best and just another reason 2023 could be a history making year for Xbox gamers.

  35. This show needs to be fire and Parris goes: "I think you're going to see a bunch of indie titles…"

    I think the fuck not.

  36. Where can i find gamertag radio tried searching on youtube but couldn't find anything recent

  37. 10:10 Danny is absolutely right. I love Xbox to death but something I can't stand is that they announce their games way too god damn early. If we're likely not getting Fable until 2024 or 2025, why is it being announced in 2020?

  38. This does make me wonder why game developers are this poor at being able to forecast their projects. I mean the weatherman is more accurate at predicting the weather 3 weeks out than developers are at hitting their initial dates. These companies have been out awhile now too, so I just don't get why normal 'problem' windows are built into their time projections. Really disappointing. Just stop saying when it's going to release until you have an actual firm date.

  39. 27:27 No you wouldn’t have done that Pharris. If you were the decision maker you would’ve done the same thing that was done. Because at the end of the day MS is a business, and businesses need to make choices based on money and the decision that was made to release HALO at the time was made after long and hard conversations about what was the best for the business. You only say dumb stuff like that because you’re thinking of yourself as what you would if you were the decision maker but from a consumer standpoint. If you were a decision maker but from the standpoint of someone running a company that’s worth billions of dollars you wouldn’t make decisions that you would want as a consumer. I hate whenever people say stuff like “iF iT wErE uP tO mE” like they know what it’s like to put themselves in the shoes of the leaders of billion dollar companies. You make up dream scenarios just because you have the mindset of “me wanna play gaemz NOW” but are not based on any logic. So annoying.

  40. I was waiting for you guys to review the Halo series! Agree with everything you guys said!

  41. wow Danny & Parris bringing Gamertag Radio to Xcast, you love to see it! – and much love to Danny & Riana – congrats! ^.^

  42. I use my Xbox 2:1 vs my PS5 or switch.

  43. Xbox is dead now. Everyone has to return their Xbox console or get into a plane and kamikaze into a PS owners home.

  44. is there any reason why it is being called the Cbox Bethesda showcase for a second year ? With all of the studios that Xbox owns, that title screams pride and neglect. Plenty of legacy studios that have never been in the title showcase for Xbox.

  45. people are way too sensitive about the Halo show. its fun. people being too precious about a damn video game series lol. also Parris is 100% off on who its for–I know plenty of fans (myself included) who love it. y'all gotta get out of the internet echo chamber.

  46. oh God Parris's e3 idea sound awful and honestly im just going to cancel gamepass and sell my series s I haven't touched it in months

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