Is This The Biggest Year Ever for The Last of Us? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.04.23 -

Is This The Biggest Year Ever for The Last of Us? – Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.04.23

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Blessing and Tim talk Last of Us news, PS VR 2 appearing at CES today, and Cyberpunk 2077 winning an award from Steam’s audience!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:06:00 – Who would win in a fight: Miles Morales or Atreus? – Best Friends Q:Mr. Mitch George
00:09:55 – Housekeeping
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The GOTY festivities don’t stop there though. The Blessing Show is back next week with a brand new episode wrapping up 2022 with my Non-Game of The Year awards; the only awards show with a category dedicated to Sonic The Hedgehog. That’ll be up on Tuesday (the day after Kinda Funny’s Game of the year) on at 9am pacific as a youtube premier.
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The Roper Report –
00:18:00 – Naughty Dog has some Last of Us news for us – Blog Post by Neil Druckmann
00:26:11 – Neil speaks on Last of Us 3 – Tom Ivan @ VGC
00:30:10 – PSVR 2 Will Be Showcased at Sony’s CES 2023 Press Conference – Zarmena Khan @ PlayStation Lifestyle
00:35:30 – Ad
00:36:20 – Steam Users Give Cyberpunk 2077 the Labor of Love award – Ryan Dinsdale @ IGN
00:40:00 – Wizards of the Coast has reportedly canceled several game projects – Jordan Middler @ IGN
00:45:35 – Gearbox acquires Captured Dimensions – Press Release
00:48:50 – Out today
Reader mail –
00:49:42 – Between Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Final Fantasy XVI, which are you more excited for? Why? – Christian Buckley (Chun2D2)
00:52:45 – How important is a game’s soundtrack to your overall experience? – Edu
00:58:50 – What’s the 2022 game/game opinion you’re willing to die on the hill for? – Shiv Nanda
01:00:30 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Blessing and Tim

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  1. Here’s the thing with TV and video games. We see a lot of television providers, going to the streaming model of Netflix, where they offered their own content to be streamed to consumers. That implies that they have content ready to be offered. Well, this is where the rubber meets the road not all of these companies have a lots and I do mean lots of content ready to go. Now you could spend billions of dollars developing a series from the ground up or you can look for a reliable foundations were you know people have already been entertained elsewhere. This is where video games and books come in to play. The funny thing about books is, we’ve seen how books can create empires, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones. Those are the major examples of books but they have others. Right now I can assure you many of these streaming companies are searching for authors who’ve written some gyms that they can turn into a series. Well, we hope to do the same thing for video games. Some great stories have been told on consoles and they would love to bring that to the big screen or the small screen. The big screen has had issues in the past man we’ve had video game movie issues, but we just need better writers who understand the content they are working with. The small screen is new actually. Yes we had our Saturday morning cartoons back in the day but now we’re talking serious money millions perhaps billions of dollars these companies need stuff to give consumers to watch and perhaps equally as important the creators of these video games are looking for opportunities to introduce new fans to their material plus it doesn’t help when someone pays you to create a series based on your license while Sony is very successful trust me they are looking to get cash from wherever they came. They’ve made a lot of acquisitions. They’ve committed to spend a lot of money on some very expensive AAA titles they need money wherever they can get it from they can generate revenue by producing a series on television they will, if they can hopefully bring more gamers to a series by putting it on television, they will I do worry to some extent, though what happens win the creative entities that make the games have to go off and make the television show can they do both at once.TLoU is the perfect example of this problem. Thank about it now season one drops in a few days. If that’s season is successful which it likely will be consumers will expect season 2 next year. What a minute we only have two games in the series. Do you see the problem? We face with the idea that the show will follow the game for the most part. Well, what happens when we get to season 3 which we should be seeing in theoretically 2026. Will the game be out by then? Will you have to introduce the new season before the new game. Will people play the new game? Haven’t seen it already on television. Or will you have to develop all new Contant not related to a future video game. Suppose you have to do the content that’s not related then that means time is taken away to develop this all new story while you could be making a game. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good problem to have but it is a problem.

  2. tlou died years ago. only the first game/remaster matters.

  3. I’ll die on a hill that Pokémon Legends Arceus was an absolute banger. Got way too much hate from Tim!!

  4. My father in law (60 yo) was talking about TLOU HBO and how it looked cool. This will be a big deal.

  5. I'm personally really excited for The last of us franchise. I'm really looking forward to The last of us multiplayer game. Was a huge fan of Factions.

  6. Blessing and Tim are stuck in the gaming sphere. Craig comments were the correct comments

  7. Why is everybody reuploading their videos, is the gaming industry that dead?

  8. I finally played TLOU 2. It was such an exhausting experience that literally had no pay off in the end. Nothing was learned between both characters, the last fight was too much for me after the 30 hour hate filled experience. Yes, it’s getting me to talk about it with my friends, but I only paid $9 for it, I can’t imagine being forced to pay $60. I am so done with the series and have no intention to watch the HBO series or play another game. In fact, while playing it, I literally wanted Drukman fired for putting through that experience…

  9. Im sick of TLOU franchise the borIng and repetitive game play

  10. Why is this even a question? The Spiderman can easily lift like ten tons… I don't think Atreus has any feats like that

  11. I didn't expect to see my art on here! Love KF!

  12. Love Naughty Dog, but does anyone look at their output in comparison to Insomniac? I mean I'm certainly willing to wait for stunning games, but Naughty Dog seems so incredibly slow within the Sony studio groups. Again, just an observation and not criticizing.

  13. Put some spect on FF16’s name 😤

  14. The Last of Us Part 2, at least to me, had a disconnect both metaphorically and gameplay wise. I suppose that's why the studio took their chance with The Last of Us Part 1 remake, which was completely an overhaul improving on the game's gameplay, new mechanic features featured in Part 2, and graphically. As for Factions, it's easily one of their best MP experiences and I am nothing short of excited for more to come regarding it.

  15. Atreus would tear Miles into little pieces. Kratos fought against Atreus in his bear form and he even didn't have it easy.

  16. Despite the stupid and awful opening 15-20 minutes, I was genuinely surprised that the Monster Hunter movie is pretty good. I'm convinced that the Borderlands movie (also written by Craig Mazin, btw) is a complete disaster, which is why we've heard literally nothing about it since July 2021.

  17. Yo I feel you about about not being part of ff14

  18. Definitely need to do a Kinda Funny Games Top Video Game Soundtracks of all time

  19. Those timecodes are TRASH!!!! Get Guud SON!!!!

  20. Ultimate Spider-man and Batman Arkham City go hand in hand with some of the best(or at least coolest) video game music that will forever be in my heart.

  21. I've been saying for some time that when the borderline millenial/genz nostalgia wave kicks in…the real videogame generation that grew up as videogames and the internet/let's plays/youtube as their main form of entertainment….the movies and adaptations are going to be cbm level. Thats when we will finally get the Metal Gear movies and the Kingdom Hearts movies, etc. There will definitely be a Fortnite movie….a Call of Duty movie, probably a Call of Duty zombies movie…..its gonna be wild.

  22. Factions 2 🔥🔥 hbo max show gone be lit 🔥

  23. I thought they said Sasha Grey in the opening 😅

  24. Something about seeing Joel pull the 'Youtube face' in the thumbnail upsets me so much lol

  25. Why does your first story start not even halfway through the "Housekeeping" timestamp?!

  26. TLOU HBO is gonna be the first game adaptation to win an Emmy. It's almost a guarantee.

  27. Third TLOU game should be the last. Continue the story in the show

  28. Lmao. Tlou is not that special. In fact I couldn't bring myself to finish the second game it slogged on for way too long.

  29. Please get rid of that God awful chain, Tim. Damn.

  30. Why does everyone just try and imitate Greg, be yourself Blessing, such a crap show host!

  31. There was nothing wrong with anything Craig Mazin said in that interview.

  32. Duuuuude I'm so hyped for TLOU factions! I hope it's got a few robust modes and hopefully even a battle royale type mode.

    I think ND could do something really unique and special in the BR space.

  33. Blessing the Sifu soundtrack slaps man, you're off on that one. Finally played the Museum level last night though and it is incredible like y'all said!

  34. Why is this even a discussion. Atreus would win 100%

  35. I’m so surprised that it took Kenny this long to do a Sephiroth entrance. This is the dude that used to use Wiley’s theme from Mega Man 2 as his entrance music. Dude is the best wrestler of all time, and he’s always brought gaming into it with him.

  36. "Is This The Biggest Year Ever for Gaming?"

    That's what my first thought was as I read the title, since 2023 is going to be a big year for gaming. But no, lets contribute to the continuous riding of Naughty Dawg dick. Ugh.

  37. Naughty dog needs to start dropping WAY more info on factions. I’m tired of getting teased so much and just getting concept art, outbreak days have been the biggest teases of all😂

  38. I never beat The last of Us on PS3 I got a little ways in and got bored moved on to other things but I bought part one on PS5 and old man am I glad I waited the Fidelity and motion capture enhancements elevated everything in that game if that's what naughty dog built off the back of a PS3 game I can't wait to see what they eventually do with the full power of the 5!

  39. Avatar is such a bad movie franchise.
    From the world creation, to the characters and then to the story, everything is so bad and overhyped. (imho of course)

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