Immortality’s Sam Barlow Joins Us, Reveals 2 New Games - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.23.24 -

Immortality’s Sam Barlow Joins Us, Reveals 2 New Games – Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.23.24

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We’re here to talk about video game news!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:11:14 – Housekeeping
– We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with the indie exchange for the ULTIMATE spring game showcase! The game submission deadline for the MIX/KF Spring Showcase is Feb 2nd. Head to to get your game submitted.
– 2 new reviews are up right now! Tekken 8 Review is up on Kinda Funny Gamescast and Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Review is up on Xcast.
A new Kinda Funny podcast is up where the crew ranks the days of the week.
– The Roper Report –
00:12:36 – Half Mermaid Productions teases two new titles – ‘Project C’ and ‘Project D’
00:31:11 – Riot lays off 530 staff and Riot Forge shutting down
00:47:43 – Games industry leader predicts 2024 will be ‘the year of closures’
00:58:56 – We may have Death Stranding 2’s full title
01:00:55 – A Pastel Pink Joy-Con set will launch alongside Princess Peach Showtime
01:08:12 – Wee News!
01:14:56 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Tim

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  1. I am surprised no one is saying that the cost of running offices in Cali and other expensive areas is probably getting out of control and responsible for these layoffs

  2. Outside of the 80s bubble burst (and there is a strong argument to be made this has superseded it) this is probably the worst couple years the industry has ever had

  3. The bad game that inspired Sam must have been The Medium given his past with Silent Hill and Bloober now being in charge of the Silent Hill 2 remake XD

  4. This should've been a one on one gamescast…

  5. There’s an idea of shrink-flation where the price will remain the same and the item you purchase will get smaller. I think the same could apply to video games, making them a leaner more focused content and charging for the same price to focus on profit without the need to close or let people go.

  6. Every game can’t be a life service game but what a company hopes is that their live service game is the one everyone picks up. That’s the whole point of taking a risk. Nobody says well everybody else they’re going to hang gliding I’m not going to go no you get in line with everyone else, hoping to have just as much fun.

    What happened? Here is money got expensive and loans that people thought they would borrow money to pay off. You don’t wanna borrow money now because of the higher interest rates and some debt is due and you have to pay that money back now or borrow more money at a higher interest rate . It’s not cheap to make games anymore. You can’t borrow money for nothing.

  7. Great to get the perspective of a developer on these stories.

  8. I still don’t understand why riot games aren’t multi platform.

    Bummed about Legends of Runeterra, great card game.

  9. Loved the perspective from someone inside the industry. I agree we need to scale down to make the industry more sustainable. We will never know what games we missed out due to the talent leaving the gaming industry

  10. Yo Nintendo let Sam Barlow make an Eternal Darkness!!

  11. Quite a few of studios and publishers were really caught with their pants down with how they reacted to the pandemic highs. Markets go up and down. We have recessions and crashes. It’s just insane that there doesn’t seem to have been proper contingencies to deal with that situation.

  12. Finally someone rhat knows what they're talking about. Instead of Tim and Greg making up their own facts.

  13. Anytime KF gets a Dev on GD and they give their perspective is great, but Sam Barlow? Massive W, team.

  14. Best guest in a while. Great insight from a dev in the industry

  15. Sam is awesome! Would love to see him join more KF shows and talk so much more gaming.

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