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I am a Horrible Daddy | SlayyPop

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Baap banne ki khushi mujhe abhi nahi chahiye.

Instagram – @Abhyudaya_Mohan & @GautamiKawale

In this video Abhyudaya tries becoming a father / dad for a day. Let’s see if he succeeds in being a good dad to his son.


  1. Their future child:
    My mom and dad are practicing for me❤😂

  2. hi im doing writing with foot challenge

  3. They both looked like disappointed parents

  4. Abuhadaya was my daddy.🤤🤤🤤🤤

  5. Yee bhai uhhjhuuustàmereko Rona aa raha hai😭😭😭😭

  6. very nice vid although at one point abhyudaya bhaiya was funnier than gautami didi

  7. Abhyudaddy and Gautamum never fail to make us laugh.

  8. oK every thing is fine but the daddy thing-💀

  9. Please please play my dream school 🏫 🙏🏻

  10. I was eating something during the tatti sequence ☠️💀 btw abhudhabi ki shakal bilkul same thi

  11. Now is my birthday no one is saying me happy birthday 😢😟😩

  12. Bhaii peth drd de Diya hass hass ke😂😂😂😂

  13. Meri ek sal ki bahan hai treebo kaam Karti rahti hai aapki shaadi

  14. Gautami is so lucky that she have a father like abhyudaya 😂😊😅

  15. Gaaliya your father's smile is so cute 😊😮

  16. Jara se number Liya Karo meri mummy ka naam hai😢❤

  17. And I am seeing this video after 9 months 💀

  18. Bro who is rashmiiiiiiiiii😅😅😅😅😅😅 bhabiiiii ahahahahahahahahahaha hmmmmhmm aaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaa

  19. "bacche payeda karke kya karte hain???"
    _Abla Nari(2023)

  20. baby: dad what is a toilet
    Abhyudaya: a place where you poop
    baby: oh okay
    baby: poops in the kitchen
    RIP Abhyudaya 😂

  21. Who's watching after Abhyudaya became a father? 😊❤

  22. Apka Bacha Or Aap Same Hai Vo Microwave Me Hag Rha Hai Or Aap YouTube Pai💀💀

  23. Play yandere Simulator ⚡♥️👾👑 greatest game

  24. When goutami di say. So that is for day. My smile is going😂

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