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Hitman VR is the funniest game I’ve ever played

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I played Hitman in VR and it was hilarious
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  1. I wonder if he’s ever gonna play Hitman: Blood Money 🤔

  2. Jack yelling at a dead body and nobody says anything but him WALKING MKAES PEOPLE KILL HIM

  3. 1:13
    Me when I get questioned for taking pictures of abandoned houses😅

    They look nice, especially the ones that are all overgrown.

  4. “Doh. This is what almost killed me?! This tiny little pea schooter??!😡” gets me every time 😅😂🤣

  5. This has been in my watch later for forever

  6. 🕺💃
    🎵Don't be suspicious🎶
    🎵Don't be suspicious🎶
    🎵Don't be suspicious🎶
    🎵Don't be suspicious🎶

  7. Jack- assassins creed vr would be cool
    4 months later…

  8. I havent laughed this hard at a video in a long time

  9. Someone please make an animation of this shis

  10. Only true hitman player will know that hes messing up so badly and its funni

  11. the objective is to kill the target your a hitman

  12. His singing in the video was beautiful no cap ❤

  13. This was made a day before my birthday

  14. the game so cool perfect phone you should download the game

  15. Jackcepticeye loves murder games. He should be on a watchlist

  16. Jack putting the intro smack noise over a crisp spankin is always a nice touch

  17. He’s doing a better job at solving the murder then the actual Gardi do

  18. speeder: speed limit enforced by clocker?

    clocker: speeding are we

  19. we got a new sherlock in town interesting xD

  20. I bursted out laughing at the guy smashing though the window at 7:00😭😭😭😭

  21. To better aim in VR, hold the gun with two hands to stabilize your wrist

  22. Haha the preview was too funny so here I am 😂😂

  23. It’s so buggy hahaha your aim wasn’t that far off the majority of the time

  24. Watching this made me think this is what you get if you made a Hitman movie but a comedy like "Naked Gun."

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