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Halo is Starting From Scratch – Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.01.23

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is getting delayed, Rumbleverse and a bunch of games are shutting down, and Halo is resetting. Blessing and Greg talk about all this and more.

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:08:28 – Housekeeping
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– The Roper Report –
00:10:32 – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been delayed
00:16:43 – “Is the Horizon franchise cursed?” – KBABZ
00:23:29 – EA is shutting down Apex Mobile and Battlefield mobile
00:26:46 – Amazon has reportedly bought the rights to the Tomb Raider franchise for “600 million”
00:33:31 – Rumbleverse is shutting down
00:42:53 – Halo Infinite Won’t Get Story DLC
00:58:31 – The PlayStation Plus Collection is Going Away
01:01:15 – God of War Ragnarok Hits Big Sales Numbers
01:03:03 – Out today
01:04:21 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Bless & Tim

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  1. The state of halo makes me sad. Halo infinite is what got my wife into gaming. We play every weekend together, just wish it had new content and direction.

  2. Bless, your story about the coconut distraction sold me on that Hitman game

  3. How would a Halo Battle Royale save halo ? Chasing trends is what got halo in trouble in the first place.

  4. With all the Halo drama and other issues (see: Perfect Dark reboot), I think it's past time to ask if Microsoft is just a bad first-party publisher.

  5. It is so depressing to think that Halo Infinite, one of the most satisfying feeling FPSs of the last several years, is considered a total failure because the f*cking Battle Pass of all things is subpar.

    FPSs are now 50% FPS, and 50% those browser games where you dress up Elsa from Frozen in different outfits.

  6. I prefer Horizon over anything Star Wars.. It’s all hype

  7. Millions of people play Halo for its stories and lore. Thousands stick around for its multiplayer.

    It's as simple as that, Greg.

  8. Hope someone said it in your wrong, but yes, you can get the ps+ collection games if u don't have a PS5 yet. Log into the website and you can add them to library through there. You just won't be able to play them till u get a ps5

  9. The Horizon series isn't talked about in the same way, simply because the news cycle wasn't able to build around it and settle, with media not having time to discuss it properly as the next massive game was there to steal the headlines.

    Forbidden West is a bigger upgrade from it's predecessor than Ragnarok or TLOU 2 was to theirs. But because those had 4 weeks of open road after release, conversations were building; playing those games at a more reasonable/enjoyable pace means you will remember a lot more of the experience.

  10. For me, the Insomniac games are better than the Horizons or Ghost of Tsushima but they definitely don't hit the emotional highs of God of War or The Last of Us

  11. Halo DLC not coming out sucks – This whole mess sucks!

  12. I don’t ever wish for anyone to lose their jobs, but 343 has whiffed on three Halo games now. Perhaps they don’t need to be the caretakers of the IP.

  13. It seems so hard to compete with live service/gaas games I don't know why publishers insist on games being live service, people don't have time to play a bunch of different multiplayer games, they will check out the game at launch but eventually, they will just go back to the multiplayer game the rest of their friends play.

  14. Halo infinite wasn't awful. It was just a bit bland. Rinse and repeat base capturing and similar looking metallic corridors isn't terribly exciting.

  15. Man I loved hitman blood money when I was a kid. I played that game for hundreds of hours experimenting with all the ways to beat every level. And there were so many great secrets as well. I know the new games capture that same thing with bigger levels but I'm yet to really get into them I've played a bit but I'm not as invested as I was in the PS2 days.

  16. Man I'm so upset with the dust and disrespect people keep throwing horizon's way! The lackluster quality of Ragnarok with its pacing, cramped gameplay and clearly truncated story put Santa Monica in a comparable position in terms of quality to guerilla.

    I will die on the hill that forbidden west could be argued as better than Ragnarok.

  17. Halo really needs the God of War treatment. Let it rest, gather people who actually know and love Halo, really think about what you want to do, and do it without rush or interference from anyone.

  18. I don't know if Greg or anyone remembers but back in the day when he was still with IGN I'll never forget him interviewing Camilla Luddington and reminding her about a nude scene she did. I will never ever forget the awkwardness. I felt it in my bones. I'm sure he wants to forget it especially at this day and age when you're grown up but any time he talks about Tomb Raider I think about that interview and just think about the fuggin ballz on that man…

  19. Leave Halo for 10 years reboot it like God of war. Have the playable character as a new Spartan recruit who has Master Chief as his/her mentor.

  20. Man… Halo Infinite was supposed to be the chosen one.. Starting over will take years again for them to have another take on it… What a s* show…

  21. I really don't recall Jedi Fallen Order being as buggy as you guys make out every time it comes up. Did I just get lucky? 🤔

  22. IIRC 343 made a point of saying a while ago "no Battle Royale in halo" and the general response was "thank god", as everyone was chasing that trend and there was exhaustion for it. Though I agree I probably would have enjoyed that

  23. hey now….. i play ko city every night. so now u know at least 1 person who still plays that game. haha

  24. If you're one of the people who said "who cares about story, we need more maps" you're part of the problem. Im tired of multiplayer going developers an excuse for sub par story content

  25. gonna be buying a ps5 specifically for spider-man and wolverine lol

  26. Slipstream isn't that Corsairs wireless technology for sound? By the way, Check out Virtuoso XT, those are amazing! I think you guys are thinking about Slip Space.

  27. well what i really want to say is "use BLAM!"
    i think i just gave up on Halo….

  28. I'm really looking forward to the Halo battle royale coming out next year.

  29. 100 million PlayStation Gamers and they only sold 11 million copies of God of War

  30. Why the fuck only horizon needs to be revolutionary when 99% of the games on the market are same actual fucks. I am getting annoyed by Kf crew downplaying it. Horizon zero dawn did 20 million in sales for fuck sake same as the last of us, god of war, spiderman. Funny how they get hyped for jedi survivor which in itself will be nowhere near revolutionary.

  31. Forbidden West is a perfect sequel, it does everything better, deeper, smarter and the world was so much fun to explore. I dont understand the tepid responses of Forbidden West. I have 100 hours with almost everything I need to upgrade upgraded. Dying Light 2, God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring are the only games that surpassed it for 2022

  32. As much as i love Star Wars Jedi and i am hyped for Survivor, on the 28th of April if both games do release on the same day I will be playing Dead Island 2. I love both Dead Island and Riptide, I got the Platinum for both games and I've been patiently waiting for DI2, I have the Collectors Edition pre-ordered. I still feel like they will delay it to get it away from the Star Wars IP.

  33. Xbox to me right now is the living definition of "all the gear, no idea". They have so many great Studios, IPS, systems and fan. And yet they can seem to make a worthwhile AAA game. And because someone says it, no Starfield will not count as that was pretty much all done when Xbox bought them.

    All I want from Xbox is for them to make a game of the year contender Xbox game, with an Xbox IP from an Xbox studio.

  34. Me : oh this is over an hour they must be discussing stuff in detail ….
    10 minutes of blessing blathering on about hitman 🙄

  35. rock and roll rock and roll rock and roll says:

    It makes me so sad because at it’s core I freaking love infinite. I think it looks great on my pc and generally speaking it’s feels exactly like a halo game always has and always should. But clearly that is where actual development of the game stopped. Senior leadership thought they just needed to squeeze one last functioning halo shell for them to drip feed their fan base (that they are insanely out of touch with) overpriced and soulless in game store bullshit. There is absolutely still a massive halo fan base however a huge chunk of that fan base are still the people that grew up with the game and are not going to just swallow some bs game when we know what good looks like.

  36. To be honest I don’t mind if halo is being killed off and picked back up after 10 or so years. I mean 344 added god damn NAZI armor WTAF 343 fuck off raping halo…

  37. They are working on updates for Halo Infinite. They are working on Season 3 LMAO. Also, what is Slipstream, it's Slipspace. Dear lord the misinformation.

  38. Horizon is easily S-tier for me. One of the best sci-fi stories ever made.

  39. So maybe my experience with early Halo is different because I am younger but most of my memories and love for the games come from playing Co-Op Campaign or in custom lobbies with friends. I played online a bit but that was never the reason I got excited for Halo. What drew me to the franchise was the story of Chief and Cortana and custom games with my friends. As much as I love 117 the recent games with him have struggled while reach was received far better by the community. Maybe story wise it is time to step away from master chief again and tell a different story.

  40. Wait, someone creampied Greg?

    Can they show that on TV?

  41. i don't play any multiplayer. i am just a single player campaign casual gamer. I was super excited for halo and ended up buying the halo edition series x console just for halo and also starfield. The campaign for me was just a huge let down. And now this news coming in idk man. it's just a total bummer.

  42. Bless single handedly shut down knock out city by knocking on glass rather than knocking on wood.

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