Greg's Gone, The Kids Rank PS5's Top 50 Games - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 120 -

Greg’s Gone, The Kids Rank PS5’s Top 50 Games – PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 120

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Blessing gave Greg the week off for saying that The Medium was better than Resident Evil Village. Now that he’s gone, it’s our time to strike. Blessing and Janet rank PlayStation 5’s Best 50 Games.

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  1. Metro Exodus is a really cool game and the next gen upgrade was substantial, Bless. Check out the Digital Foundry vid.

  2. Great episode guys. Loved the chemistry between you three

  3. I usually love these pods, but the negative energy brought me down this week.

    Felt like Janet steamrolled over Bless's opinions until he relented. It's ok to tease each other, but it seemed personal. The dynamic was off without Greg. Maybe I am just looking way too into it…

  4. Man, this confirms to me that neither of these two align with my taste at all. Sure there are games I like near the top but a lot that I never would have considered.

  5. Taking off Tony Hawk 1+ 2 which added 120 fps on ps5 just because Janet is bad at the game and thinks people only like it for nostalgia reasons is just stupid in a top 50 list.

  6. Some very entertaining and frustrating inconsistencies on this list. Throwing away some acclaimed remasters and then putting other remasters in the top 15 immediately. Janet conceding to Blessing’s experience with certain games for the sake of the runtime and then Blessing dismissing Janet‘s experience with others. The pair of them not having enough experience with supposed tent poles of the PlayStation catalogue. Barrett– I mean Roger should’ve spoke up more!

  7. This episode screams “Greg isn’t here and we need to release an episode- let’s put forth as little effort as possible.”

    Been consuming KF content for probably close to 4 years now, but took a break for the last few weeks as I’ve noticed that the content is mostly the same opinions and recycled talking points that every other gaming channel has, but with less creativity and innovation. Decided to come back and try this episode, but couldn’t even finish it. The negative energy that Janet brings to just about everything is on is too much for me. I tend to skip all of the episodes of KFGD and the Gamescast if she’s on. I also stopped watching this show (any know of plenty others that have as well) once she became a permanent fixture. And before ya’ll scream “sexist!”, (since that seems to be her response to most valid criticism) it’s not that. Some of my favorite creators in this space are women. It’s the negative energy that she brings to just about everything. Plus, the constant talking over each other is just a poor experience for the listener. There’s obviously a solid group that are still KFBF’s, and that’s awesome. Just feel like it’s not for me anymore.

    Thanks for the 4 years of good times, but I’m out. Wish ya’ll the best.

  8. This episode made me realize Greg was right… Blessing hates Miles Morales

  9. Really loved this episode. I could listen to Bless and Janet all day

  10. Blessing needs to watch the Digital Foundry video on Metro Exodus. It's an extremely ambitious AND well performing new-gen upgrade. I don't think there's another game on console that pushes ray tracing as far as Metro Exodus. Plus I hear it's a pretty good game on top of all the impressive tech. Also on sale for $10 right now on PS5.

  11. No Nioh collection or at least Nioh 2? It’s a fantastic game and we need a Nioh 3 but I’m sure it won’t happen

  12. I loved Guardian of the Galaxy was my GotY last year :/

  13. metro exodus has raytracing on ps5. and that game was one of the first raytracing games that released on pc. it was a BIG deal.

  14. Janet doesn’t like anything!! How are you bad mouthing games you haven’t played then putting down bless opinions when you haven’t even experienced the game yourself 🤦🏽‍♂️ Its called ps I love you and there’s barely any experience with most of the main PlayStation games like gran turismo or any of the directors cut😔😔 Where’s Greg 😓😓😓

  15. I wish the list was in the notes or something, but did they put genshin impact but not destiny 2?

  16. Deathloop has absolutely no place being in the top 50!!

  17. Going to throw Tales Of Arise into the ring since they probably won't haha

  18. WHERE IS YOUR TIMESTAMP dawn it! On most of your podcast, there are subjects your talk about that BORE ME TO DEATH! Please don't forget a timestamp in your podcasts!!!

  19. Gran Turismo ☹️ FTR Vanguard and Far Cry 6 both have really good PS5 versions imo….can't remember if Greg played Far Cry on PS5 or not but it looked great.

  20. Might be the most useless top 50 list on the internet. Astro over both Spider-man games. Get a grip.

  21. I almost can’t get through these episodes that almost scream needing all hands on deck for as many opinions as possible. Janet plays tentpole games late just to be part of the conversation, but more often than not, she rags on them for being overhyped. She obviously has a niche opinion that would fit better as a fixture on the Gamescast for a varied conversation. On here though, these episodes particularly just don’t work if the only hosts available don’t have a closer Venn diagram on the games they’ve played. Or at the very least played the majority of PlayStation games you’d expect a PLAYSTATION podcast host to have played. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I think these are valid criticisms. I think it would help both shows if Janet appeared more often on Gamescast and either got replaced with someone with more PS experience or have a fourth host come in to PSILU. At the very least, don’t have these definitive ranking episodes without the most synonymous PS personality on the roster.

  22. Metro Exodus probably has the best Ray Tracing implementation in a next gen consola so far. It has RT Global Ilumination for god sake xD

  23. Psychonauts 2 is amazing. shame to see it ignored

  24. I would like to talk to people who consider Metro Exodus the best in the series…

  25. Janet ranks "what are my favorite games" not the "Top 50 games"

  26. "Greg's Gone". I was really hoping to see Greg's face photoshoped into a Day's Gone picture lol.

  27. GTAV should be 1. It’s easily the best game on this list. Time continues to treat that game kindly.

    Also, shout out to the fight for indie games while ranking triple AAA titles as the best PS5 games, lol.

  28. Man I listen to everything y’all do and love pretty much all the content you do but this episode was not it. Janet talking over blessing the entire episode was really hard to listen to. Maybe next time Greg is gone, we don’t rank stuff lol

  29. just terrible takes from janet again. remind me again why shes on a playstation podcast when she barely plays or even came from a playstation background.

  30. Metro Exodus is absolutely deserving. Sooooo good

  31. Sacred symbols: a PlayStation podcast has a solid top 25 ps4 games list voted on by 3 cast members and the audience!
    This list of 50 ps5 games of which there are much fewer than ps4 voted on by only 2 people🤔.
    Sacred symbols is winning the PlayStation podcast war

  32. This Jak X slander CAN NOT stand!!!

  33. No offence to Janet but she’s overiding everything. I usually love these episodes but feels like she’s bringing a lot negativity. Feels like I’m arguing with my wife constantly 🤣

  34. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition should not have been brushed off that easy off the list, especially since Sifu and other similar action games are on the list.

  35. I've been REALLY trying to warm up to Janet over the last year, but man… I find her so hard to stomach so much of the time. She comes off like an insufferable contrarian/hater soooo often, and I can count on her to belittle the opinions of others, and die on hills while plugging her ears to counter-points at least once in EVERY episode she's on. Really hope this changes as she gets more experience/maturity, but damn is it hard to take in the meantime.

  36. Where can I apply for PS I love you? This show needs some help 😬

  37. Elden Ring? Don’t have a strong opinion on it. Returnal? Who cares. Sifu? Too hard 🙁 THPS? Yeah that’s too hard too… Overcooked? Game of tha year baybeee classic classic greatest of all time mastapeece

  38. Honestly Janet needs to go. Her takes are literally so bad. How did she actually into video game journalism

  39. I honestly used to love this podcast until Janet came in. Her takes on video games are literally so bad. This is a top 50, not a “I didn’t play it” or “I’m not good enough to finish it”. Smfh. how some people end up in video game journalism is BEYOND me.

    If it’s your personal list then fine. But to suggest that not only psychonauts 2 is bad but also it takes two needs to be as far down as possible is ridiculous.

    I get you love TLOU2 and that’s the hallmark of games for you (I love it too) but to not be objective about video games in a top 50 is absurd.

    I could do a better job than this. Step up your game Janet

  40. You guys might as well stop with the negative feedback on Janet. The negative feedback just makes kind of funny double down more on Janet so you can expect to see even more of her in the future kind of funny has proven this over and over you give them negative constructive criticism and they will just Ram it down your throats more

  41. I completely forgotten about 'the forgotten city'

  42. Guys…this episode….🤦🏿‍♂️I love you both but stop, please host anything but a PlayStation podcast.

  43. Toem is a really cool indie game and I abdolutely love it but there’s no way in hell it’s deserved to be THAT high on the list. I can name so many indies that are better or at least on par and those don’t even get a mention

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